Saturday, December 17, 2016

Snow in Lebanon!

Hey Mom!! Today the #Light the World service is to thank our mothers, so the mission president gave us all permission to send an email to our mothers!!  Woo hoo!  (Additional content edited for Mom's eyes only... 😏)

Today is going to be a service day, we woke up to about 4 inches of snow on the ground! Then it rained, so now it's all hard ice. We are going to go out today and shovel people's walks. 

Here's a video that my companion took of me this morning shoveling our walk outside our house. 

Anyways, thank you so much for all you've done for me! I love you!! 


(This video makes me laugh out loud for several reasons: First, that shovel is pathetic and clearly not up to the job. Second, he's not going to last an hour in those shoes; vans were not made for snow. And third, I love how when he finally gets a big scoop of snow, he throws it onto the neighbor's walkway without even realizing it! Hahaha!!!) 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Email from President Johnson

I got an early Christmas present today! We received this email from President and Sister Johnson of the Pennsylvania Pittsburgh mission:

Dear Brother and Sister Nelson - 

We had the opportunity this week to attend your missionary's District Meeting. Elder Nelson prepared an outstanding District Meeting! He did a wonderful job of conducting a discussion on helping people make and keep commitments and learn the promised blessings that come with those commitments. He is leading his district in a wonderful way. He is an outstanding missionary. 

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

President and Sister Johnson 

Week 18 - Elder Angulo joins the ranks

Hey guys! Okay here's my week🙆 nothing crazy, just some cool stuff!! 

Monday- Okay so on Sunday night we took the Sister's car because Elder Ibarra needed to pack his stuff in it so we had the car. Then on Monday we woke up and packed up the car and drove to crossfit💪 at Sister Boyds and got shredded out of our minds. Then we studied while the sisters made us breakfast again(gosh I love that) then we had to do some shopping and then we drove to Harrisburg. In Harrisburg we did the usual (basketball, food, email etc.) Then we all went out to eat one last time before everybody left. After that we got in the car and headed out to Pittsburgh. While we were on our way I looked at the phone which had been in my bag all day and it said 3 missed calls from President so we were freaking out because that's never something you want to see. But it turns out it was for Elder Ibarra and President said that he was actually being transferred to Pittsburgh instead of Erie so Elder Ibarra was pretty pumped about that. So it was actually a good thing💁 Well the drive to Pittsburgh was actually super fun. It was me and Elder Ibarra and two sisters who were going home. Elder Ibarra has less than 3 months left and the other 2 sisters had just finished and were heading to Pittsburgh to catch the plane home the next day so they had all kicked the can at that point😂 We call it being "trunky" but they were all super funny and kept talking about how they couldn't wait to date again and watch movies and then I'm over here like "shut up guys I still have a while to go" 😂😂 but they said that the year between month 5 to month 17 goes insanely fast so that made me feel good. The rest of the time was spent jamming to Christmas music and playing "I'm thinking of an Animal" Anyways, then we got to Pittsburgh that night and stayed in the AP's apartment so that was fun to hang out with them. 

Serving by Hershey certainly has it's perks!
Carter says several men who work there frequently give them
chocolates to "sample" before they are officially sold in stores.
He loves to share his opinion on which chocolates are the best! 
Tuesday- Okay sooo Tuesday morning we woke up and drove to the green tree chapel(just outside of Downtown). And I had to drive and it was terrible. Pittsburgh roads are the worst thing ever. The turning lanes are all jacked up and there's a million hills and it's awful. But we got there safely, well kinda. Then we had a meeting with President about being a trainer and how to help the trainees and whatnot. Then we had lunch and met all the trainees and introduced ourselves and then we found out who our new companions were gonna be! Okay so back story, the night before, I was talking to the APs who had already met all the trainees and they were telling me how one of the ones that's supposed to go to Portugal doesn't really speak English and part of me wanted him so that I would have no choice but to become fluent and the other part of me didn't want that at all. Well guess what, my new companion is that missionary! His name is Elder Angulo and he barely speaks any English!!!😂😂 Its actually awesome, my ability to speak Spanish has probably doubled in the last 5 days. We don't speak any English to each other. He understands a lot of English but he can't really speak it. When he does, his accent is so thick that you can barely understand what he's saying hahahaha but it sounds cool. So yeah! Anyways, after we got our new companions, we said goodbye to everybody and then headed back to Lebanon. I got to know Elder Angulo pretty well just on the long car ride home. He's originally from Mexico in the Baja California area but he moved to MexiCali ,which is legit on the boreder, right before he left. He got called to the Portugal mission but he hasn't gotten his visa so he's here! Anyways we eventually got home that night and he unpacked and we went straight to bed. 

Wednesday- Wednesday was my first District Meeting! It went good! Planning a 60-90 minute lesson is hard but everyone participated and contributed and it went really well. After that we did some grocery shopping for the new missionaries and then we got back to work. We did some finding and taught a less active lesson and then we went to Bishops house for dinner and he got to meet Elder Angulo and the new Sister. It helps that Bishop speaks Spanish hahaha😂😂 

Elder Nelson and Elder Angulo -- this is the best picture they could send me...? 
Thursday- On Thursday we woke up and went by to see Carlos and Marina. Marina has been having some health issues so we gave her a blessing and then we took their dog for a walk. After that we went and taught Modesto and then we did some puzzles as always and then we went and visited//taught Sister Bord, who obviously loved our visit. Then that night for dinner we went to the Fishers house😋 and they gave us a wonderful meal. 

Friday- On Friday we helped Brother Alva pretty much all day! But then guess what... for the first time in 8 years, he came to the church! I asked him if we could have a ride to the church for the ward Christmas party when we were done at his house and he said yes. Then when we got to the church I was like "Just come on in with us" and he said "uhhh alright I guess, I don't see my ex-wife's car"😂 so he came! He stepped foot inside the church for the first time in forever. Then some of the older members of the ward greeted him and talked to him and stuff so it was good! 

Both Elders at the Hershey factory. I don't know what day this was.
Saturday- Saturday we spent most of the day teaching less actives and then that evening we had Dinner with the Hollands. FYI...All the time I'm not accounting for was spent doing studies, planning and other training stuff. So every single one of the English lessons that we taught, were only taught by me. My companion didn't say one thing!! 😅 Every once in awhile, I'll have him read a scripture or something so he will open his mouth. I can understand that it's hard though because he gets really embarrassed when he has to speak English. Just because his accent is so dang thick and he doesn't know all the right words and stuff. He has said a couple things in English just to introduce himself and stuff and a few of the people we were with couldn't even understand what he said. So yeah I just don't ever stop talking during the lessons, it's hard. Even in one of the Spanish lessons he wasn't saying anything and the lady we were teaching asked if he spoke Spanish and I was yes he does and if he doesn't say something soon then I'm gonna smack him😂 like cmon man this is your native language. 

Sunday- Sunday was good, we just had our meetings and then church and then afterwards we decided to text this guy who doesn't go to church and who I've never even met and we asked him if we could come by and share a spiritual thought later that evening. He immediately called us back and said that he would love that and then just invited us over for dinner! So we went there for dinner and got to meet him and his wife. They are both members and both served missions too! He is from Bulgaria and has the coolest accent ever and she served her mission in Bulgaria hahaha anyways I guess they were super close with the missionaries in the past and they would feed them all the time and stuff but then the missionaries stopped calling them so they thought they did something wrong. So now they really like me because I broke the ice and decided to text them. 😂 We are actually going over to their house for Christmas and they are gonna make us a Bulgaraian meal and play games and stuff and they said that we could FaceTime our families at their house if we wanted🙆 so yeah that was Sunday! Later that night I made Elder Angulo practice giving me the lessons in Portuguese because he doesn't have any opportunities to speak it around here. It's pretty cool, it's so close to Spanish that I understood pretty much everything he said. So maybe I will become TriLingual and speak Spanish and Portuguese hahaha but my Spanish really has improved a ton this last week just because I'm forced to speak it and when I don't know a word, I have to look it up right then and there. Having an iPad helps 😂 

As far as training goes, it's not too bad. It's kinda hard to describe things in Spanish sometimes but we are figuring it out. It pretty much just comes down to setting an example. District Leader isn't too bad either, planning lessons and trainings every week is going to get tiresome but it's good. I have to plan a lesson for Wednesday and the Mission President and his wife are gonna be there😅😬 so pray for me. The district actually did really well this week as far as numbers go. I thought it would be slow because it was a transfer week but we did great! 

I extended an invitation during District Meeting to incorporate how to use the #LightTheWorld Christmas Initiative each day into everyone's Daily Planning session. Then last night during call-ins I followed up to see if they did it and they all did and they said it made a big difference! So that was sick😋  well that's the week! I hope I answered all your questions. Write me if you have any questions🙆. I will respond to your personal emails! I love and miss you guys tons❤️❤️

-Elder Nelson


This is the church's #Light the World initiative this year. It's fantastic! 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 17 - Carter is made a Trainer and District Leader!

Heyyyy guys!!❤️ This week has been crazy and not crazy at the same time😂 I'll explain... 

Monday- Monday was good! We woke up and went to crossfit as usual then the sisters made us breakfast while we studied(this is really a great system). Then we went to the Hershey Outlets and everything was on sale! So I got some new slacks and some under armor tights for really cheap. We were in the Disney store there and the Rogue One trailer came on the big TV in the store and we all just paused in our tracks for a few minutes and watched it because we are sinners hahaha jk but the trailer looks really cool so I hope the movie is good! After shopping we went to Harrisburg to hang out at the stake center and we played basketball and emailed and stuff. Then we went to dinner at a new converts house with the sister and it was really fun. The ladies husband wasn't a member but we played pool with him and I beat him😎 I was getting super lucky though cause he was really good. But that's it for Monday. 

Hanging Christmas lights at the Boyd's home
Tuesday- Tuesday was really slow. It was raining all day so we had to walk everywhere and when you're walking while holding an umbrella it's hard to talk. So the whole day was pretty much spent walking in silence but we taught 5 lessons that day💁 We taught Lloyd the less active in the morning who actually just got a calling because he has been coming to church enough! So he is excited about his new calling. Then we taught Modesto, our investigator. The only lessons we hadn't taught him yet were about Tithing and the Law of Chastity, neither of which really apply to him as an essentially immobile 65 year old un-baptized man. 😂😂 so the lesson was kind of pointless and he was familiar with those commandments anyways but at least we can check them off the list. Then we taught Sister Bord and Robert(the nursing home crew). Only this time it was a little bit different. Usually we have a good conversation with Robert and we read some scriptures and whatever but this time we sat down and started talking to them and this is what he says..."So the lady across the hall, well uhh, she's got the hots for me" and at first I thought he was joking but then he started to describe what sounded like a nursing home affair and I was like ROBERT😂😂 I was trying so hard not to just start dying of laughter but we just kinda said "okayyyy so uh yeah Nephi was a great leader" trying to change the subject but that whole visit was a mess haha the guy is just getting old. I'm not sure if he's gonna be able to make it out to church again. However, we were able to teach our lesson even though it was relatively short. After that we taught Sister Bord and showed her the light the world video which she loved. Then we went to dinner and then we taught EJ our other less active. EJ knows so much about the Book of Mormon, the dang lady just won't come to church so we are really working with her. 

At Zone Conference
Wednesday- Wednesday was soooo long. We had Zone Conference in State College and it was the longest Zone conference that Elder Ibarra said he's ever been too. We woke up at 6 and got to the chapel in State College a little after 8 and we didn't leave the chapel until 5:30 that evening. It was way too long. There were some good trainings and stuff but it was really drawn out. However, we got our #LightTheWorld pass along cards there and those have already made such a big difference in street contacting. I love the pass along cards, they are pretty effective anywhere but Utah hahaha. Anyways, after Zone conference we went to Texas Roadhouse with a bunch of missionaries which was pretty fun and then we drove home. 

Still at Zone Conference...
Thursday- December 1st!! This was the first day of the Christmas challenge so we were encouraged to do service all day. We woke up early and went to crossfit again because we were gonna be in Palmyra the rest of the day anyways! So we worked out and then made pancakes with the Boyd's and then we studied and then we went to Brother Alva's again😂 but it was good! We started by helping him clean up all of his leaves again and then once we were done with his we started doing his neighbors leaves and then we started doing his other neighbors leaves and then one of the neighbors joined us in helping! 🍃🍃🍂🍂It was cool to see these other people being willing to help their neighbors and friends. It has been especially cool to see as we serve Brother Alva you can see his whole attitude towards everything change just since I've been here. He seems to always be in a better mood and he's always willing to help those around him even though he has this rough disease. He still has the mouth of a sailor but at least he's happy when he swears😂 

Still at Zone Conference...!!
Once we were done, we barbecued some chicken with Brother Alva and he's surprisingly a good cook. He likes to cook for us so it's pretty much service💁 After that, we went to Fishers for dinner and more service. We helped the Fishers move Furniture all over their house and then we had dinner with them. They bought a bunch of different wings from a local restaurant because they knew that we liked them so we had a good meal😍 They got a flavor called the Flamethrower and you have to sign a waiver to get it because it's so hot. I dipped my finger in the sauce and tried it and it was pretty dang hot but Elder Ibarra and actually tried one and he ate the whole wing and he was like "it's not even that bad" then it actually hit him and he had to drink a half gallon of milk just to cool his mouth down😂😂 then he felt sick the rest of the night so I'm glad I didn't eat one ha. 

Friday- On Friday we woke up and went and translated for the marriage counselor again but this time the session was good haha the couple is happy and doing better. After that we taught a couple less active lessons neither of which were overly significant. Then we went and helped the blind lady in our ward move a freezer down her stairs and that was heavy😅 and then we did Puzzles with the puzzle ladies and helped them decorate their lobby with Christmas decorations🎄 After that we went to dinner with a member of the ward at a Mexican Restaurant and the member invited Brother Alva too! It was fun to go out with them and the food was really good😍 

Saturday- So we woke up and started studying and then transfer calls came in... So I picked up the phone and President said "Elder Nelson, how are you doing? Do you have a second?" And I was like crapp what's about to happen and then he told me that I'm going to train someone!!! I was like what? I just barely got trained, in fact, I'm technically not even done being trained. But he said yeah you're going to be a trainer and then he was like AND you're going to be district leader😅  he said "Yeah there's very few missionaries who go straight from being trained to training someone and there's even fewer who go from being trained straight to a district leader position, and I'm asking you to do both! but really it's an assignment from the lord." So yeah! I'm staying in Lebanon but now I'm training someone new and I'm the District Leader. Elder Ibarra is getting transferred to Erie which is going to be freezing😂❄️🌨 So I'm a District Trainer now which is a mix of the 2 assignments. Anyways, I'm nervous and excited but I'm not entirely sure what to think. Tonight I have to drive to Pittsburgh and tomorrow I pick up my new trainee. The Elders coming in are actually missionaries who were assigned to different missions but they didn't get their Visas in time so now they got reassigned to the Pittsburgh mission🙆 so that's what I'm going to be doing for the next 3 months! I'm going to be in Lebanon for awhile but it's okay because this is a good place and the ward is awesome. 

ANYWAYS, on Saturday we had Brother Boyd come out with us and we taught Modesto and it worked out perfectly because Brother Boyd speaks Spanish because he served his mission in Spain. So that was a good lesson! Then after that we did "service" for the Boyds😂😂 we spent several hours making Tamales with them. It was Elder Ibarra's last hoo-raw with them so we made his moms famous tamales. Anyone who knows anything about tamales, knows that they are pretty hard to make. We had 5 people and it still took us almost 3 hours. We made about 80 tamales and we took them to some non members in the neighborhood along with #LightTheWorld pass along cards. Then we got to eat our own batch of them and they were delicious 😍😍 I probably ate like 7 or 8 of them so now I'm fat Jk I actually lost like 5 lbs this last week and idk how or why. After the Boyd's I planned out the next week while Elder Ibarra started to pack. 

A new member gave them "wide" ties.
So they wore them to church!
Sunday- Sunday was fast Sunday and I had plenty of things to fast for. And for the first time in my life I fasted without even chewing a piece of gum! Can you believe it? Cause it was awful😂 but I did it! Anyways, we had our normal meetings and then we had church and we taught Deacon's quorum. After church, we had a meeting with Bishop about everybody that we've come in contact with and at this point we have tried everybody in the Area Book. So I pretty much get to start fresh and not have to worry about anybody from the previous which is kinda nice🙆  After our meeting with Bishop, we came back to the apartment and Elder Ibarra continued to pack while I straightened up the apartment and studied more for next week. Then we went to dinner at the Ghering's and they made the cafe rio pork again! A good way to end our fast😋 and then we came back and he finished packing while I watched the Christmas devotional and wrote draft emails💁 So that's my week! Tonight I drive to Pittsburgh and stay in the AP's apartment. Then tomorrow morning I have a meeting with president where he teaches me and whoever else is there how to train and then I meet my trainee and then we drive back to Lebanon. So I will be in Lebanon for Christmas, New Years and my Birthday and I will most likely be here until the beginning of March. So that's what's going on. Feel free to send anything now because I'm here to stay😋 I will respond to all of your other emails today when I get a chance. I love and miss you all so much!!💙

-Elder Nelson
Enjoying his last P-Day basketball with Elder Ibarra


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Week 16 - Thanksgiving

Hey guys!! Here is my week, nothing too exciting but I'll share anyways🙆 

Monday- Monday was pretty good, we woke up early again and did Crossfit with Momma Boyd then we did studies and helped the sisters fix up their car. It got pretty cold here this last week so everybody's tires needed to be filled up with air. The sisters didn't know how to do it and my companion thought it was too cold so I had to do all of that and check their oil and stuff. After that we went to a couple outlets in Hershey because they were having early sales and then we went to the Harrisburg stake center to play basketball again. After cross fit and 3 hours of basketball, my body was dead and I paid the price the rest of the week😂 Then that night we went to dinner with the members that buy us wings every week!😋 so that's always good and then we went to teach a less active and we took the members with us so that was good💁 so yeah! 

Tuesday- Tuesday wasn't the best haha I WAS SO SORE!! We walked all over the place and my legs were dead and we had to try people all over town and it was too cold to bike. We taught 3 or 4 less active lessons so that was good but it was miserable for my body. That night we didn't have a meal so we went to this little coffee house cafe next to this old fashioned style movie theatre and it was fun! We got milkshakes too even though it was freezing outside but they were good😍 

Wednesday- Wednesday was even worse for my body! My legs felt terrible haha and we had to walk all over again😅 and we didn't have much luck walking that day but we handed out a couple Book of Mormons out💁 After that a member came out with us and we taught Modesto and Anil! Lessons always go better when there is a member present. After that we walked to another less actives house and invited her to church and she came!! Then we went to dinner at the Nelson's house for dinner and they had a ton of people over so it was a lot of fun. It was like Thanksgiving Eve. They had a lot of non member friends over so we were able to show them the Light the World video as a spiritual thought thing and it went really well🎄 I got packages from Mom and Kam today so that improved my day❤️❤️ 

Thursday- Thanksgiving!! We woke up and I stretched as best as I could despite how sore I was and then we jogged over to the Turkey Bowl. It was fun but nothing great, we had a really good turn out but I didn't have cleats and I was sore so I couldn't do much. BUT I broke Bishop's finger!!😂😂 I didn't even know it! Bishop and I were passing the ball before the game(I can throw a football pretty well and I was giving him some zippy passes) and I guess one of the passes hit his finger wrong and broke it! He didn't say anything about during the game or anything but the next day he had a splint on it and told us that it was broken. We asked him what happened and he started laughing and was like you!! And pointed to me and told me what happened😂😂 it was funny, he was a super good sport about it but I still felt bad. After the Turkey Bowl we went and visited Robert and Sister Bord. They were very appreciative of our visit on Thanksgiving. After that we went to our Thanksgiving meal at the Lessings house! They have all older kids and they were all in town so it was fun to have a big group there. Their food was really good as well😍😍 so it was a good meal. After that everybody was out Black Friday Shopping so no one wanted us over😅 not to mention that it was still Thanksgiving. So we went to the church and played games to finish our holiday because no one wants us hahaha Honestly I was kinda homesick on Thanksgiving. It was just gloomy here and the city was empty and it just wasn't alive and fun. Election Day here was more of a party. 

Friday- Friday wasn't too bad, we had District Meeting and it was our last one with this district because transfers are next week! It's already been a transfer again. Anyways, after that we taught Carlos and then we had to track down some less actives for Bishop and then we had to find a referral that our mission president gave us. The referral was a man who's been in prison for several years and he started reading the Ensigns in prison and now he's interested so we went to his house and set up an appointment for this week with him! Our Mission President said "yeah he has been in prison for white collar crime" and I was like "oooo my favorite kind" 😂😂 so yeah we got in contact with him within 24 hours of getting the referral so our mission president thanked us for acting on it quickly. 

While we were walking around all day we started taking a bunch of pictures because it was a boring walk so I have a bunch that look like someone's Senior Pictures haha it's pretty funny. My companion would just say stuff like go sit on that bench over there and I'll take a pic lol. On Friday night we got invited to a private baptism. The kid getting baptized was really shy so he didn't want anybody there but his mom invited us so we went. But when we showed up and he saw us, he got stage fright and refused to get baptized. Cause that's our job, to prevent people from getting baptized😅😂😂 we are the worst haha we were all kinda bummed so we went and got dinner at Dominos to lighten our moods. 

Saturday- Saturday was service🍃 we went to Brother Alva's house and cleaned up all of his leaves and made a huge pile. I've never seen so many leaves in one spot, they almost filled up half of the street! His yard/house catches all the leaves from the neighborhood because of the way the wind blows so it was quite the pile up. After that we taught Modesto again and then we went to dinner at a Members house. Nothing significant really... 

Sunday- Sunday was pretty good. We woke up and had meetings and then we had 2 investigators and 4 less actives at church!! So that was awesome💁 One of the less actives called us during Ward council and I went out and took the call and it was a Spanish lady and I was able to have a conversation with her over the phone without even thinking about it! It's hard to talk in Spanish and comprehend what people are saying over a crappy phone so I was pretty proud of myself. After church we went to the Boyd's house and had lunch with them and one of the less actives and then we helped them put up their Christmas lights🎄 the lights look terrible😂😂 we were all laughing about it but it was still a good time. Last night we had a lesson with Skylar and her mom! It went really well. They are receptive and interested! We taught about the Restoration and Brother Boyd came with us as well and you could feel the spirit so it was great! They come in with questions and want to try going to church and everything! They live in a nice neighborhood and seem to have plenty of money so it's weird that they are listening to us hahaha usually it's only the poor people that do. 

But I'm excited to them again and we hope they continue to progress. ---I apologize that my letter is pretty lame this week. There just wasn't much that happened. Hopefully I have a better one next week🙆 Everybody should go watch the Light the World video on YouTube or !! We have been showing it to everyone. Thank you all for your emails and updates as always❤️ they make my week better. I will go respond to your individual letters!!

-Elder Nelson
They went to visit this old fashioned movie theater.
Didn't see the movie! Just visited :)

He thought the inside lighting was cool

A picture with silent film stars

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 15 - Philadelphia Temple!

Hey guys this week was awesome!!😋 Mostly because of Saturday but here ya go💁

Monday- Monday was a long day because it wasn't P-Day like it normally is but I will still able to send a few emails. We walked around a lotttt without a ton of luck but we taught one less active lesson at least. We were walking by the Library and we starting walking near this one guy with a really bad limp and he was like "Hey Elders" so we were shocked at first but then we started talking to him and it turns out that he's a member! He moved here from Florida a while back when he got in a really bad car accident and hasn't been in contact with the church since but we found him! God puts people in our paths! That night we went to Dinner at Bishop's house and they taught me how to make a grilled cheese sandwich the right way😍 it was really good so I will have to show you guys one day. That's it for Monday💁

Tuesday- On Tuesday we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders again so I stayed here with Lebanon and my companion went to Harrisburg for the day. So Elder Furniss came with me and we had a decent day. We were walking down the street that morning and this lady pulled over in the middle of traffic and yelled to us so we came over and she said she is a less active and that she's been really humbled lately and needs to come back to church. She's not from around here originally so she asked us for the address of the church so I gave it to her! She was in tears talking to us through the car window. It was a testimony builder for me just seeing again how God puts people in our paths AGAIN. We have been running into people all over. We walked a lot again and tried some people and then we got Brother Boyd to come out with us to talk to some more people so we were able to set up some later appointments. That night we had a mock chapel tour so we had some ward members come out and we all worked on that together. But when we got to the church the security alarm started going off so we went to try and shut it off but in the process of trying to turn it off, we set off every single alarm in the church hahaha fire alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, intruder alarm etc. So it was absolute madness and then the phone in the church started ringing with people calling to see if stuff was actually wrong so I answered it and it was a voice recording and I was like "Yeah we're all good here, how are you?" and they weren't listening to me so I threw the phone back up on the holder, hung it up and said "Boring Conversation anyway" (Star Wars quote) 😂😂😂 Elder Furniss caught the quote so he was dying hahaha it was really funny with all the alarms and everything going off and everything and our ward mission leader was there too and he was laughing. Anyways, eventually we got it shut off and we had our mock tour and it worked out really well! That night Elder Furniss and I got to meet with one of our recent referrals named Skylar. She is 17 and she's really cool, I explained who we are and stuff she was super interested so we said up an appointment with her for Sunday! So yeah!

Wednesday- On Wednesday we had District meeting so Elder Ibarra came back and we had our meeting with the Zone Leaders. It was good but nothing significant. After that we did puzzles and I finally finished a puzzle!! The puzzle ladies were so proud of me and one of them gave me a pop-tart 😂😋 After that we decided to go and try several former investigators on the other side of town but none of them answered! So Elder Ibarra looked at me and said "well let's see your tracting skills" haha then he said "your training isn't complete until I see you tract" 😂😂 so he started knocking on doors showing me "how it’s done" then told me it was my turn. And on my first door the girl that answered listened to me and gladly accepted a Book of Mormon! So Elder Ibarra was like "Beginner's luck" hahaha but it wasn't😏 That night the zone leader I was on exchanges with called me and told me how impressed he was! He said "you know your area super well and you make everybody feel comfortable during lessons and stuff, like you really know how to talk to people!" and then he said "if I didn't know any better I would've assumed that you've been out for like 20 months." So that was a nice compliment but that's it for Wednesday💁

Thursday- Thursday was a good day for lessons! We started off the day translating for the Marriage counselor again😂 it's really awkward. However, the marriage counselor seems fairly interested in what we do and how cool would it be if we ended up baptizing the marriage counselor that we were translating for hahaha anyways after that we taught/visited the nursing home crew! Sister Bord and Robert Reich, they are both doing alright. I think we are going to visit them on Thanksgiving because they are lonely. Then that night we taught Modesto and that went well and then we taught the Thomas's! They are a family that has been less active for 12 years and I feel like they are so close to coming back, so we are really trying with them!

Friday- Friday went by pretty quick. We started the day trying to visit a couple less actives and then we went to help Brother Alva. At Brother Alva's we picked his entire Collard Green garden and vacuumed froze them for winter. His iguanas eat them😂 so that's why. We made pancakes at his house too and they were surprisingly good. That night we had dinner with the Fishers and that was amazing😋 they always take great care of us I love them!!

Saturday- Okay Saturday was straight amazing!!! It could not have gone better!! I gotta say, Pittsburgh was cool but Philadelphia was even cooler hahaha.

Okay so they picked us up at 6 and we were early for the temple session so we went to the Rocky Steps/Statue before as well as the outside of the famous art museum(which is where the Rocky Steps are). 

The Philadelphia marathon was the same morning and it started right by the art museum so navigating our way through that was crazy, there were so many people! But we were able to see the Rocky memorial before the temple so we were ahead of schedule. 

The temple was beautiful. 😍There's lots of US history art throughout the wholetemple and the session was really good!! 

We got done with the session and taking pictures and stuff around 11 and then we went to one of the original Philly cheese steak sandwich places! (No one really knows which one is actually the original) but this one was really cool and most people think it is the original💁 

Lots of famous athletes and celebrities have been there and they had lots of their signatures and stuff on the walls so it's pretty well known. 

After that we went to Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. 🔔 

It was cool to learn more about both of those places as well as everything else around them! There’s so much history in Philadelphia. 

Oh and btw the weather was absolutely perfect! It was like 65 degrees all day so that made everything more pleasant. 

After Liberty Bell and Independence Hall we went to Redding market. This place was nuts. It's like the Diagon Alley of food for Amish people and tourists😂 you couldn't have possibly squeezed more people in there. I got some really good Amish ice cream and donuts though😋 

After that we started walking down town again and the Anti-Trump Protest came through right then!!! 😂😂 IT WAS INSANE! It was so big! 

They were screaming and their voices echoed off the sides of the buildings so it was extra loud. It was so funny cause they were so mad and their chants were even more funny. It was great. 

And then there was this guy dressed up as Jesus and he was trying to calm them all down and he was hilarious. His voice sounded like the chicken from Surfs Up😂 we walked up to him and he was like "Mormonssss my people!” So we gave him a pass along card, which was a picture of Jesus😂 Then we took a selfie with him. 

After that we walked over to Dilworth Park where there's an ice skating rink and shops and stuff. Then Jesus showed up there too and started riding the carousel and it was pretty funny with his robe flying behind him and stuff and he was yelling telling everyone that their sins were forgiven. Totally blasphemous but funny to watch.

After that we went to a few more stores and took some more pictures then we left to get back on the freeway. 

Then we stopped at King of Prussia which is one of the biggest malls in the world. We got Chick-Fil-A there because it's one of the few locations around us😂 then we drove home! 

So it was perfect, I couldn't have asked for a better day. In conclusion, Philadelphia is crazy! There’s so much going on there haha I want to go back for sure but idk if I will on my mission. 

I owe it all to the Boyd's though, they are awesome! They had the perfect day planned for us and it didn’t disappoint😍

Sunday- Nothing special on Sunday. We had all of our normal meetings and stuff and then after church we visited a couple new Less actives, both of which claimed to have health issues. After that we went to dinner at the Henson's house. It was really nice, and then we went and taught Skylar. The lesson went super good and her mom sat in and listened to us too so we have 2 new investigators! Everything going on in their lives right now seems to be pushing them to want to learn more about religion and stuff. We were able to answer all of their questions too. I chose to do our lesson was on the Plan of Salvation because she mentioned that she had been struggling with the death of some loved ones and it was perfect! They both seemed really receptive and content with what we taught and excited to learn more. I look forward to teaching them again!

That's it for my week!! I have lots of pictures to send home! I love and miss you guys tons!!

-Elder Carter Nelson





Week 14 - Presidential Election and a visit from Elder Stevenson

Hey guys! Here is my week, a few of the days are kinda slow so I apologize if this week's email isn't as good as my other ones😂

Monday- On Monday we woke up at 5:15 and took a bus at 6 to a members house to do crossfit at the Boyd's house! Sister Boyd is a crossfire instructor. It was a good workout and actually made me pretty sore💁 After that we did our studies in the sisters car outside of their apartment until 10 then we all went to Harrisburg to meet up with the rest of the zone! In Harrisburg we played basketball for a couple hours and hung out with everyone then we all went to a trampoline park called Get Air. It was fun! But it wasn't as much fun as Low's in Provo. After that we went to a mall in Harrisburg for another couple hours then we drove back to the Boyd's for dinner😋 The Boyd's are so great haha so that's how we finished our night!
Tuesday- Election Day!! Tuesday was crazy! I've never seen the city so alive. Everybody was out voting and stuff but at the same time EVERYONE answered their door! Haha so it all worked out for us. We live right across from the Town Hall building and it was packed all day with people voting. All the streets were super busy as well. We had a list of less actives and a former investigator that we visited in the morning and they all answered and we set up follow up appointments with all of them! And we got ahold of Carlos so we set up an appointment with him! ....So there was this one guy from the DR who's door we had knocked several times without any luck a few weeks ago and so we kind of stopped trying him. But then later in the day on Tuesday we were walking down the street and I instantly felt like we should go try his house again and I told my companion and he was like "okay if you want" and he answered!! We found him!!😏 So we taught him a little bit about the restoration and the first vision. It went really well, he might be moving back to the DR so we might have to turn him over to the missionaries there but at least he wants to learn🙆 After that we went on a team up lesson with our ward mission leader's son to one of our other less actives and that went good too. I was talking to him a little bit and it turns out that he's a DJ!!🎶 He does like the exact same thing that I do! So we talked about that a lot of the night because we had dinner at their house as well😋 After dinner we went on splits with some of the men with the ward for their Home Teaching and between all of us we technically got 4 lessons taught with members present ha so that looks really good on our numbers! Then Trump won! Which really shocked me honestly, I didn’t actually think he'd ever win😂! The whole thing is crazy. 
Not even the missionaries were spared the frenzy of election 2016

Wednesday- Wednesday was pretty slow because it was raining all day but we still got some lessons in. We started the morning by teaching Carlos, it was good to be teaching him again and we had a good lesson with him. After that we visited Robert in the nursing home and he was really grateful for our visit. So we shared a short lesson/thought with him as well. Then we did puzzles with the puzzle ladies but we didn't have a lot of time with them because they had a board meeting in the puzzle room. The puzzles ladies weren't too happy about that. After that we went to Book of Mormon class at the church.

Thursday- Thursday was reallllyyyy slow. We only had one lesson with Modesto, which was good but nothing too significant. I love visiting him, it's just frustrating that he can't do much because of his health. He knows that everything we teach him is true but he can't go to church because of health issues. He just needs that transplant but he's pretty low on the transplant list because he's "stable" whereas lots of other people with similar conditions aren't. After Modesto we found a couple more less actives and set up appointments with them💁 we biked all overrrr, I think we biked over 8 miles through the city in less than hour. So I slept pretty good that night😂 so you know when you're watching a scary movie and the family in the movie moves to a house in the middle of the woods by themselves and you're like why would they do that?? Well here in PA that's how all the houses are😂 If you don't live in the city or a suburban neighborhood then you live out in the woods by yourself. Kinda funny I guess. 

Friday- On Friday we helped Brother Alva again. We washed all of his cars and he was really appreciative of that! He bought us pizza at one of the local shops and it was really good🍕 While we were there, an old guy showed up because Brother Alva has been fixing his car. Anyways the old guy was sitting in his truck waiting for Brother Alva so I went up to talk to him and he told me to come sit in the truck with him because it was cold out. So I did and we had a funny conversation😂 he asked me where I was from and stuff then we started talking about Veterans because it was Veterans Day and he told me how he served in Paris, France. He said it was a non stop party for him for 3 years at the base in Paris while everyone else was in Vietnam haha he was like "those French girls mannnn *loud whistle* I'll never forget them. They don't have any morals though" 😂😂 I was laughing pretty hard because it was this 80 year old saying it. He offered me some chew and I politely accepted hahahaha jk I said no but then I talked to him about what missions were and why we do them and stuff so yeah idk I thought that was kinda funny. He was super nice and it turns out that he's a multi millionaire but he sure didn't look like it lol.   After we were done at Brother Alva's, we taught a less active then went to dinner at 5 guys with a family in the ward. That night my companion and I walked around downtown talking to people and stuff. We talked in accents all night hahaha. I was working on my New Jersey accent and he was working on his Australian accent. Obviously mine was better because there's actually people with New Jersey accents around here so I can pick it up from them😂 We also taught the guy from the DR again that night and extended an invitation to give his friend a Book of Mormon and he was excited about it! It was super funny though because we were talking in our accents then when he answered the door we like instantly we switched to Spanish😂 you had to be there I guess.

Saturday- On Saturday we woke up at 5 AM to drive to Altoona for our apostle visit with Elder Stevenson! The whole mission got together in Altoona for this conference. Along with Elder Stevenson were Elder Holstrum of the Presidency of the Seventy and Elder Coons. We got to
shake all of their hands and meet them. Elder Stevenson gave an awesome talk/training! He's definitely my new favorite apostle. The spirit was really strong when he bore his testimony. He grew up with our Mission president so he spent the first couple minutes making fun of President Johnson and he had the whole room laughing pretty hard😂 so yeah, Elder Stevenson is amazing! Elder Holstrum was a really good speaker as well. During the conference they showed us the 2016 Christmas Mormon message video and its soooo good. The initiative this year is called #LightTheWorld and usually I think these things are kinda lame but this one is cool! I can't wait until the video comes out so you can all watch it. 🎄 After the conference one of the APs came up and started talking to me, he was like "Elder Nelson, everyone just tells me that you're the coolest and that it's always a party with you" and I was like “Really? I've only been here like 2 months" then he said "well I guess word gets around quick" haha so that was cool! Then we drove to State College for lunch. Penn State would be a very distracting place to serve😂😂 there are a lotttt of kids there and even though it's almost winter, they don't wear much hahaha. After that we drove back home. We taught Modesto again that night and had a another good lesson with him. He asked us what happens if we don't get home by 9 and we told him that we turn into pumpkins hahaha he like jumped in his chair and said "well we don't want that" 😂😂 that was it for Saturday!

Sunday- Sunday was nothing crazy. We woke up early and went to Ward council and then went to church. In Elders quorum they gave us some more prototype candy from Hershey that should come out next month. It's called Hershey's Cookie Layer Crunch and it's really good😍 so if you see it at the store soon then you should good it! After church we read with Anil at DQ for a little bit. Then we went to the Nelson’s house for dinner. Their family is crazier than ours ha. The mom (Kristen Nelson) is cool though, she reminds me of Jan Fausett. After that we went with the sisters to visit a family that has been struggling lately. We visited them for a couple hours then we got home and planned for the week.

My temple//Philly trip is this coming Saturday so we are moving our P-Day to Saturday. We are sending some emails today because we aren’t going to Email on Saturday so I will tell you all about my Philly trip next Monday.

Ok, well that's about it for this week! We helped a family with a garage sale a few weeks ago and here are some pictures of us "helping!" Haha.

 Anyways I love and miss you guys a lot💙

Oh yeah, that garage sale was hoppin'! 

Sporting the ever-popular "gothic vampire missionary" look
Why are they getting rid of this perfectly good pogo stick. I mean, really? This thing still works great! 

Oh, Dearest Skateboard, I have missed you so!