Friday, August 12, 2016

¿Que Pasa?

Dear Parents,

I love you guys so much! When I opened my email I had 28 emails!! 
Hahaha, its nice to know that people care!

I want you guys to feel bad for me and stuff because missions are hard,
but I am honestly loving it and having a great time! Haha!

My companion is super chill and my district is awesome! We work hard and I have already learned so much Spanish! But we joke around a ton too! We made a video last night called MTC Cribs that I will send later. haha

We had a devotional last night from Elder Anderson, not my favorite speaker, but still good. And then we got done at 9pm and had nothing to do because our next day was P-Day! 

Our district all lives in a house on a street. It's like a mini-village. It's so cool here. The weather is perfect. 

I understand what Dad says about Mexico City now, haha! But this MTC is awesome, way better than Provo I am pretty sure! The food is extremely decent, though. Haha. It's okay. 

The beds are pretty rough. My pillow is like the size of a backpacking pillow so I have not been sleeping super good, but it's okay. The first few days were rough, but everyday gets better.  

I give lessons in Spanish almost every day and my companion and I are improving a ton! Usually at the end of our lesson, the mock-investigator will give us feedback. But yesterday, she said, "I would try to give you feedback, but your lesson was perfecto. To give feedback is impossible." We asked her to be baptized and she said yes! It was so cool! Even though it was fake...hahaha!

This last Sunday was Fast Sunday and it was super spiritual. I bore my testimony and it is just like sacrament meeting at home except that it is just a bunch of missionaries and one branch president. I could feel the blessing from everyone that was fasting for me. It was really sweet. 

I still get into little slumps throughout the day, but most of the time I really am doing great. I feel like I am helping to keep other missionaries from going home. I try to include everyone and joke around with everyone if I can and I think it is helping! 

Okay, so here is my day to day schedule: 

6:30am             Wake up, get ready and study if you have time
7:30am             Breakfast
8:00-9:00am     Personal study time, which I love
9:00-12:30        Language & Doctrine study with teacher
12:30pm           Lunch
1:00-2:30pm     Gym time! There is a nice gym and I play soccer a lot too! 
2:30-3:00pm     Shower and get ready again
3:00-6:00pm     Prepare and give lesson in Espanol 
6:00pm             Dinner
6:45pm             Stupid computer program Uncle Mike made (haha!) 
8:00-9:30          Language study again with district
9:30pm             Journal, shower, hang out, etc.
10:30pm           Bed

 Recreating The Beatles Album Cover "Abbey Road" 

I'm going to the temple today and I will take some pics there! I am going to try to send them to you. 
I love you so much! Keep praying for me. I can feel it, and I will keep praying for you guys!

-Elder Carter Nelson

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Carter's Mission: Day One

Day one started when our alarms went off at 4:05am. Carter's flight departed from the St. George Airport and 6:35am and we wanted to leave by 5:00am. Carter was all packed, so he was able to get ready and spend a few minutes with the kids before he left. He didn't feel like eating breakfast. Spencer, Bryce, and April opted to stay home since they were tired and we weren't sure how they would do at the airport.

Carter gave them all a hug that just didn't last long enough.

Tyler drove his own car and took Carter with him. Chelsea and I drove the van. We made it to the airport with plenty of time. Carter was the first of several missionaries checking in, and the airport staff seemed plenty familiar with the theatrics of departing missionaries and their annoying mothers. No matter where Carter went, I followed him with the camera.

Look! Carter checking his luggage.

Look! Carter standing in line.

Wow! Carter sitting on a couch.

It really was embarrassing. For everyone else. I was happily clueless. I just wanted as many pictures of my boy as I could get.

Isn't he handsome?!

After he checked in, we had about a half hour of waiting.
We were happy to have as much time together as possible but the waiting was hard.

We would have happily waited hours longer. 

We talked to a few of the other missionaries. 
One is headed to Chile and will be in the same mission as Carter's cousin Steven.

Then, it was time to say goodbye. 
At 6:00am Carter walked through the security gate, and that's the last time we talked to him.

We watched him through the observation window. He sat by the other missionaries but they weren't really visiting. They all seemed friendly but somewhat unsure.

This is the last picture I have of him.

We walked upstairs to the observation deck, but there was nothing to see, so we went back downstairs. By the time we got there he had boarded and we didn't see him again.

The drive home was brutal. Chelsea and I just sobbed as we drove to the High School. She had cheer practice and then Drivers Ed all day, so she had to be there by 7:00am. I was surprised how hard it was driving into the school parking lot.

Later that morning, we received a tender mercy when we got this text and picture from a stranger at the Salt Lake Airport.

I was very comforted to know he was safe (not that I was worried about that). But more importantly, he was smiling. That made my heart soar. And what a thoughtful text from the parent of another missionary!

So, that's Carter's Mission, Day one.

We did receive a text from him tonight that he has arrived and is feeling well. He got to fly first class from Salt Lake to Mexico! There were 35 missionaries on his flight and three of them were bumped to first class. He was pretty excited about that. His P-day will usually be Wednesday, except for tomorrow. He doesn't have his companion yet.

But he's in the MTC and he's in the Lord's hands.

That's the best I could ask for.