Thursday, September 22, 2016

First Full Week and Trip to Pittsburgh

It’s been my first full week in the mission and I’ve have already had some cool experiences! I have already seen a lot of PA, Pittsburgh/Harrisburg/Hershey etc. 

Lebanon is a relatively poor, blue collar town. The people here are hard working and most of them are totally red-neck or inner city African American. There is a large amount of Puerto Ricans, a lot of which is who we are teaching. The town is exactly how it looks in the pics that mom sent me. My apartment is like an apartment that Spider-Man would have in New York if that makes sense. That's what it looks like on the inside, so pretty old/ghetto. However, it's pretty big actually and we have wifi/AC/hot water/ good furniture/beds etc. Its just gross because its old and there are a lot of bugs and stuff. 

Like I said, my companion is fluent in Spanish and English so I try to learn from him as best I can. He is a good trainer. We practice Spanish around the apartment and stuff. We teach like 60% percent Spanish lessons and 40% English. 

On Thursday I helped teach my first lesson in Spanish. During our companionship study that morning my companion said "yeah we are teaching Carlos today and he has tried a bunch of different churches and doesn't  which to join" and then I was like "well that doesn’t sound anything like Joseph smith" hahaha so I had the idea to apply his life to Joseph smiths and challenge him to pray about our message(the restoration) and he said he would. I gave him the invitation and all that stuff in Spanish so that was cool! We invited him to continue to read the first vision on his own so we will have to see how that worked out. 

We had a bunch of other lessons this week that were similar but not of any significance. We did service all day Thursday and Friday. We helped this old guy completely re-shingle and fix his roof. That was from 8-5 on Thursday and then we helped him again from 7-12 on Friday so I have been working like crazy. But I got some good exercise and a good tan from it and now I know how to fix roofs. Saturday was full of teaching and referrals just basic textbook missionary stuff. Riding a bike is good exercise but I look like such a nerd haha we ride all over the place, my legs have been pretty sore. I woke up in the middle of the night the other day with the worst calf cramp of my life😅. 

Basically after my first week of real missionary work I can honestly say that nothing has prepared me more than home teaching. Home teaching is like identical to this especially when we are trying to reactivate less active families and people. 

Anyways we are leaving to go to Pittsburgh for my companions immigration stuff. He has an appointment at 8 in the morning which will be about an hour and then our bus doesn't leave back until 4 so I will have all day in downtown Pittsburgh😏. 

My companion and I woke up pretty early and the senior companionship took us to the immigration office at 7:45am and he was done before 8am so we couldn't do anything yet because 
nothing was open😂 so we went to half of a zone conference just outside of downtown until about noon. Then the senior couple took us back to downtown and dropped us off at like 12:30pm and our bus didn’t leave until 4pm. 

We got some smoothies, talked to some people, went to Point State Park and just walked around.

One guy came up and started talking to us who was mid phone call and hung up on whoever he was talking to. He said "I'm an ex-Mormon, I served a mission in Haiti but I left the church about 20 years ago and my wife is still a member" ...blah blah blah... anyways so he was just some business man from downtown but he said that he used to be anti-Mormon but now he's just ex Mormon but he said that he never regretted going on a mission regardless. It was cool because it seemed like he hadn't opened up like that in awhile and wanted someone to talk to. 

Carter and smoothie next to one of Pittsburgh's many bridges

Then this other businessman from downtown who is a semi-recent convert to the church stopped us and talked to us and tried to give us money for lunch, but we politely declined. 

People downtown are definitely interested in us though, they gave us lots of kind replies and stuff when we would hold doors open for people or whatever. It would be beneficial to have missionaries downtown more often. 

Anyway,  downtown Pittsburgh is really cool! The pictures don't do them justice.

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