Monday, September 12, 2016

Last Pics from the Mexico MTC

Well, Carter has officially arrived in Pittsburgh. He called me tonight! He's excited to be there, but already missing his MTC friends. He made some really good friends in the MTC and it's been a hard week for him knowing that they were all headed out. His good friend Eldredge is headed to Ecuador. 

He sent us a few final pictures from his last week there. 

We really only get limited information from him. Being a boy and a missionary limits us to minimal information. However, I know that these are some -- or maybe all -- of the Elders from his District. They all lived together in a little apartment. 
 Elder Eldredge, Elder Nelson, and another Elder who traveled with him from St. George, but somehow, we never learned his name. 
 More GQ poses from Eldredge and Nelson. 
 He entitled this the: High Priest Uniform picture. 
 This is from on campus. You can see the Mexican houses on the hill behind them. 
 Not sure what's going on here, but this is Carter's room. And maybe Eldredge on the floor? 
 They call this Mayan head the "Dum Dum Head." If you've seen Night at the Museum, you'll understand. Apparently, Carter and Eldredge loved it and would kiss it everytime they walked by. 
 It will be missed. 
This was just entitled: "Dirty Mirror." 
Once again, it looks like another on campus feature that the boys found interesting. 

When I talked to Carter this evening he was at the mission home. They'd just had dinner and were getting ready for an orientation and meeting with the president. He said there were 20 other new missionaries, but only 3 were Spanish speaking: him, his companion from the MTC, and another elder they didn't know. He thought he and his companion would definitely be split up and he was under the impression one of them was headed to Jamestown, NY and the other to Harrisburg, PA. Yes, parts of NY are in his mission! I've included a copy of his mission boundaries below. 

It will be exciting to see where he ends up. I'll post that as soon as I know. 

Also, he should have his iPad soon and he will be able to check email more often. He can't respond except on P-Day, but he can read them. So send photos, notes or letters anytime! He loves them! 
He loves hearing from you and keeping up to date on what's going on. Love you all :)

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