Sunday, September 4, 2016

September 4, 2016

It's been a busy few weeks! Carter is now on the last week of his MTC experience. He leaves for Pittsburgh on Monday September 12th. I can't believe it has gone this fast! 

 Elder Nelson and a few of his District friends with an Aztec Calendar. 
Tyler also got one of these when he was in Mexico. 
Ours is larger and hangs in our familyroom. Carter was excited to see this cool mini-version. 

 This is a picture of the MTC workout room. There are spin bikes and some weights, etc. He doesn't go there a lot. Given the option, he'd rather play soccer outside. But it is interesting to get an idea of the layout of the MTC. I love how all the buildings and classrooms have external entrances. They are regularly exposed to fresh air and the outdoors -- which makes me so happy! 

 Elder Eldredge and Elder Nelson in front of a Mayan head on the MTC campus. Elder Eldredge is in his District and has become his closest friend. He is from Herriman, Utah and he's headed to Ecudaor.

 He entitled this one "Mega Desk." I don't know if they are re-enacting something, or why the desks are stacked on top of each other. But at least they are in class, hopefully learning something...? Notice Carter's gray hydro-flask next to him on the desk. Tyler gave that to him right before he left and Carter immediately covered it with stickers -- which is something he has always liked to do :) His car, his folders, his skateboard, the furniture in his room -- all covered with stickers. 

This is a picture we took at the St. George Temple before he left. 
I used this picture for his mission plaque at the church. 

 This is he and Elder Eldredge. I'm not sure the context. It looks like they are outside.
Must have been the evening of their last P-Day. 

 This one just said, "Sweaters and Shorts." I don't know the point.
But there seems to be some sort of habit of standing on the furniture....? 

 GQ Mission Pose with Umbrella

 His namebadge with scripture markers underneath. He thought they looked cool under his badge. 

This is "Arnold" flexing just outside the MTC wall. Bryce asked why there was a wire fence above the wall. "Are they trying to keep the missionaries from escaping?" Tyler explained that the fence leans out, which means they're trying to keep bad guys out, not the missionaries in. 

Carter and his friends Hunter and Caden Barney. The boys all went to high school together, played basketball on the HS team, and have known each other for years. They were in the MTC together until recently. The Barney boys left for two different missions in Texas a few weeks ago.
It was fun for the friends to see each other!

Here is an excerpt from his latest letter: 

Dear mom, this last week I had a really cool experience. I said a prayer this last week that I would feel the spirit while reading the first vision in my personal study but I didn't really feel anything. Then a couple days later our class was memorizing scriptures and stuff just kind of on our own and the first vision is one of the ones that we have to memorize in Spanish. So I grabbed the pamphlet that has the first vision in it and I started to read it out loud quietly just kind of to myself and right as I started the second paragraph my eyes started to water and I couldn't even speak the words anymore. I just kind of played it off like nothing happened then I read it again a minute or so later and the same thing happened. It was so powerful. 

My Spanish is improving everyday still, at the end of one of my lessons yesterday my teacher was like you are so close to being ready to leave! you are almost there! It was nice to hear that! 

I have less than 2 weeks left here and I am excited and nervous. I have grown to love my district so much and I am going to have to leave them and its going to be hard. My mission president sent me an email and he gave me the itinerary and the schedule for the first night there. I get to call you guys in the airport probably in Atlanta and my mission president said that if I don't have time at the airport then I can call you guys that evening at the mission home. 

I can feel your prayers everyday. I want you to know that I am having a good time here. I am hardly ever bored and I am learning a ton. Last night my district leader pulled me aside in one of our rooms and said.. I need your help, people don't really listen to me they only listen to you so I need you to help me get everyone focused and work super hard these next 2 weeks... it kind of made me feel bad but at the same time it was a compliment. I feel like there is a reason that I am here and I am in this district. Everything is working out for me perfectly out here and I know its God but I just have a hard time sometimes because like you said, the closer we get to god the more we realize our own imperfections.

The weather is perfect and everyone is nice. My hair has been growing super fast which has been a problem and it has been getting super light in the front which is weird haha you cant tell from pictures but in the mirror its like completely blonde ha. I will probably have to get a haircut today and I am scared because I have seen some bad haircuts come out of that place but some good ones as well. I need to look good for when I meet the Mission president though.

I love you all! 

Elder Carter Nelson

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