Sunday, September 18, 2016

Welcome to the PPM

This week we received an email from President and Sister Johnson of the Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Mission. Granted, it's mostly a form letter, but it came with these photos of Carter's first few days at the mission home! I'll include a copy of the letter below. 

 This is at the airport. President and Sister Johnson are on the left. His companion, Elder Condie, came with him from Mexico. The other elder is a transfer from somewhere else. The Sister missionaries look like a fun group!

Chelsea and I debated about what Carter is eating. It looks like brownies and ice cream, but Carter doesn't really like sweets and wouldn't usually eat a brownie and ice cream. However, he has been in Mexico for six weeks, so he's probably enjoying American treats for the first time in a while!

 A group of missionaries from his mission. Carter is in the back right. 

 Training meeting at a church there in Pittsburgh. 

Carter and his new companion, Elder Ibarra.
He is thrilled to work with Elder Ibarra! 
There are only 12 Spanish speaking elders in the mission,
so he was lucky to get one who speaks both fluent Spanish and English!

Also, in his last letter Carter indicated that he would be able to attend the Philadelphia temple while serving in this area! Today was the dedication of that temple and his regular church meetings were cancelled so they could view the dedication sessions.

Here's a copy of the President's letter: 

We are very excited to welcome your son, Elder Nelson into the Pennsylvania Pittsburgh mission!  We enjoyed getting to know him at the mission home and having training together throughout the next day.  His trainer, Elder Ibarra joined him at the church and they were soon off to their area to get to work!

Thank you for helping him to prepare for this most important calling to serve as a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ to invite and help people to come unto their Savior.  We look forward to serving together with him here in the PPM.

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Blessings to you and your family,

President and Sister Johnson

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