Saturday, October 1, 2016

General Conference

I wondered where Carter would watch General Conference. I don't know if they broadcast it at all the ward buildings...? He's far away from the mission home, so I figured they wouldn't go back there.  I was hoping they would be invited to a member's home. 

Whoopie pies and raw carrots -- best lunch ever! 
This afternoon just as the second Saturday session was starting I received these photos from a Sister in the Lebanon Ward. She had invited them over for lunch and conference! They had also invited an investigator family, but they didn't show up -- so the boys had tons of food! 

The kettle chips are made by a local company using fresh lard (is there such a thing as "fresh lard?") The homemade Oreo-looking cookie treats are apparently called "whoopie pies" and they are a local favorite. But the Sister said Carter was more interested in the raw carrots!!

I'm so glad they had a place to watch conference and enjoy lunch! I'm grateful for all those who take care of the missionaries -- especially mine!

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