Thursday, October 20, 2016

Week 9 - A Great Week!

Okay so my recap for the week🎃

Monday- So on Monday night we went to a family's house and we had dinner and a little bon-fire in their front yard, it was really relaxing and fun. They live out in the woods kind of by themselves so we got to watch the sunset and it was nice and quiet except for the kids haha. We played some games and stuff afterwards. Every single kid on the east coast is obsessed with Pokémon, they all have a ton of cards and they all trade with each other and stuff. So I decided to start my own collection lol my companion started one in his first area and now he has a ton of cards from all of his areas😂 so yeah

Elder Aitken and Elder Nelson
Tuesday- On Tuesday we had district meeting and I gave a lesson on Christlike Attributes then we went on exchanges with our zone leaders and it was awesome! I went with an Elder named Elder Aitken and we had a blast, he's super cool. He had a car so we got to drive all over the place and try a bunch of less active members. We were able to set up some appointments for later this week so it was successful. But we also found one guy who gave us a signed piece of paper saying that he wants his records removed🙃 so technically we lowered the church membership by proselyting and finding, oops. Then we went to a little pizza joint that night for dinner down town and it was really good🍕😋

Wednesday- On Wednesday we did service for Brother Alva again but it was nothing too exciting💁 we just cleaned up around the yard and stuff we got to watch the hawk come back and eat some more rats so that was pretty cool🐀 then I got to see the rest of his pets. This guy gets weirder and weirder the more I learn about him😂 he has a 100 pound tortoise that just walks around his house in addition to his other pets. It looks like bowser, it's so big and it's still a baby! After service we went and visited Modesto and it went well. We started teaching him about the plan of salvation, I try to use a lot of Spanish but then he will just randomly switch back to English so it’s frustrating some times😅 then we helped a homeless man move all of his stuff into an apartment that we found haha not only do missionaries preach the gospel but now they house the homeless. After that we went to dinner with an odd member to another pizza place. The guy that took us lived in Russia for a few years with his friends and said he was doing "unofficial work" for the church🤔 but now he lives by himself here and is retired from the government. I think he's a spy, that's my guess. Then we went to Book of Mormon class which was nothing special.

Puzzles with my favorite old ladies
Thursday- On Thursday we had a lesson with Carlos and we started teaching him the Plan of Salvation as well. We hope to set him with a baptism date soon for the beginning of November. His Spanish is really hard to understand so I have a hard time during those lessons, part of the reason is because he only has a like 6 teeth. After Carlos, we visited our nursing home squad which consisted of Puzzles with the old ladies(one of which came to church!) a quick message with our multi-religious friend Robert and a visit with Sister Bord. She has had several surgeries in the last year on her legs so now she can’t walk because they are too short. Anyways we decided to read the first vision with her. She was having a hard time following along in her book but during our reading with her I was getting punched in the face by the spirit. I don't know why it hit me so hard but I was trying my hardest not to break out into tears while I read, my voice was getting all shaky and stuff and I was pinching myself in the leg to keep myself together hahaha it was bad but like really good at the same time ya know? The part that bugged me most is that while I was over there trying not to get sucked up into heaven, Sister Bord couldn’t even figure out where on the page we were reading😅 she should've just listened to us instead of trying to follow along dang it. Anyways it was a good experience for me at least and I think she benefited from it as well. She just appreciates that someone cares about her enough to come visit her. As we were leaving a lady in the nursing home came up to me and read my name tag then said "Do you want a Book of Mormon?" I was like "Hey that's my line!" Then she said "yeah I have one I'm going to take it to a thrift shop" so we told her that we have plenty and that she should try reading it then she laughed and walked off😂 darn it.

Fun at dinner with members
Friday- On Friday we went to help Brother Alva again but we ended up sitting around for 4 hours keeping him company while he fixed his neighbors boat trailer😂 I think he likes for us to come "help" him because otherwise he will just stay in his house all day and get nothing done. But if he comes and picks us up and we are there then he works! Even if we don't lol so my companion and I hunted rats around his yard and did some other 10-year old activities like throwing sticks at stop signs while keeping him company. However, his yard and house are actually starting to look pretty decent! Thanks to us💁 so maybe he won't get fined by the city for having a junkyard instead of a house after all😊 Then we had dinner with the Boyd's who are amazing! We played a game with them called Cards Against Humanity! It's super funny haha its like Apples to Apples but I guess there were a bunch of bad cards that they had to take out😂 After that we visited the blind couple and a few other people and then that night we walked around the city and handed out Book of Mormons.

Weekly "selfie-in-the-mirror" shot.
Perhaps for next week, we could wipe down the miror?
Saturday- Saturday we spent most of the morning doing weekly planning and our other studies that we weren't able to get to earlier in the week, then we visited Modesto again who was really sick. It was sad, I hope he gets his transplant soon. So we set up a different appointment for this week and gave him a blessing then left. Then for the first time in my mission we had dinner with a Spanish speaking family. I was hoping for some authentic Puerto Rican food but they went to the store and bought chicken😑 it was still good though. Then that night we went and handed out book of mormons again and talked to some people. We found one guy (thanks to me) who lived in the DR named Orlando and for 3 years straight he went to church then stopped going when he got married because his wife is a Methodist missionary I guess. Anyways he loves the Book of Mormon and is faithful and he said that we could stop by sometime so we got his number and stuff.

Sunday- Yesterday we went to church and we are getting more and more less actives back out! We got some more members to come with us for team ups this week so that was good. After church we did some studies then went to dinner with a family, nothing really worth mentioning. Then last night we rode our bikes 6 miles trying to find that guy named Orlando but I think we got the wrong number for his address because my companion and I both hear different house numbers and the one we tried knocking on wasn't him. So we are going to try giving him a call tomorrow and find out where he actually lives. I thought it was a pointless bike trip until on our way home we decided to try a potential investigator who we were close to dropping but then she answered the door! She loved our visit, and it was all Spanish and we talked about a few scriptures with her and she has a strong testimony but her husband is very anti-church. He wouldn't even turn off his football game while we visited with her. It was hard to focus with Odell Beckham dancing on screen followed by Kelly Clarkson singing hahaha but we had a good talk with her and hopefully her husband will loosen up a little bit by seeing how happy she is with the church. 🙏

Anyways that was my week! Thank you for sending me emails about yours❤️ I love reading them. Love and miss you guys tons💕

-Elder Nelson

At the "Tank Park"

Does this tank make me look hot?

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