Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 11 - Completed the first transfer -- still in Lebanon

Hey guys here is my week🌎❤️

The colors are so beautiful! 
Monday- So on Monday we went to Harrisburg to play basketball and hang out with some other Elders and the Zone Leaders. It was fun to be with some other people outside of our district! I met this really cool missionary named Elder Bell from Oakland, CA. He's insanely good at everything, basketball, volleyball, missionary work etc. I heard that he got a perfect score on the SAT too😳 he got called to this mission English speaking and then he taught himself Spanish on the street and through his Spanish speaking companions so they switched his call to Spanish speaking. So yeah he's pretty cool but we started talking and stuff and we have a bunch of the same interests and became friends pretty quick. But the sad part is that he goes home next week😔 After basketball and stuff we went to dinner with the sisters at a members farm house and they made super good hamburgers😍🍔 

I keep asking him for pictures and he sends great ones!

Tuesday- Tuesday was pretty normal, we just studied then taught Lloyd, our less active in the morning and it went good. He's been coming to church more and more lately the biggest problem is his health. He is like 500 lbs and eats absolutely terrible. He has mice that run around his house too and they distract me during the lesson! I will look at one out of the corner of my eye mid-testimony and it will stare at me then I look back at it and it's gone!🐀 They drive me insane hahaha rodents are a real problem in PA.  After Lloyd, we visited this lady from Haiti and she has the coolest accent! It's beautiful. I want to live on an island someday where everyone sounds like that lol. After that we were taking some pictures of leaves in the park and we ran into this guy from Dominican Republic and he doesn't speak any English and he's Mormon he just didn't know where the church was! So we talked to him and helped him out. God truly puts people in our paths! Then that night we went to the Boggs house again for dinner and then Brother Boggs dropped us off at the church afterwards for our ESL class. Unfortunately no one showed up for the class except for the teacher who's a female so she couldn't give us a ride home(mission rules).  So we had to walk home in the pitch black on a rural Pennsylvania rode 4 miles back to our apartment😅 But honestly it wasn't that bad! It was just a bunch of farms out there so there wasn't a lot of light and the stars looked amazing😍 so I actually enjoyed the walk! All I could see was the top of corn fields and stars for miles ✨⭐️🌟🌽  Idk if you guys have scene the spongebob episode where him and squidward have to deliver the Krusty Krab pizza and they walk in the middle of no where for miles😂 Anyways, spongebob starts singing songs that bug the crap out of squidward so I started singing the same songs to my companion and he knew exactly what episode I was talking about so we were laughing pretty hard😂 

Wednesday- Wednesday started the same as most, we just did studies then visited the nursing home crew as well as did some puzzles. At first I was confused as to why we were spending our time doing puzzles in a nursing home BUT the lady that we do them with, who has been less active, has come to church the last 3 weeks! So I guess it's working😂 Our other visits weren't anything overly significant, Sister Bord still loves me even though I haven't cleaned my iPad case so that's good hahaha. That evening we got a ride from a member and spent the night in Harrisburg because we had Zone Conference the next day and my companion had to interview someone for baptism there as well. (Because he is District leader) So we stayed with the Zone Leaders, it was fun to spend the night with them and their apartment is huge!! I hope I get to serve in Harrisburg at some point.

Zone Conference with President Johnson
Thursday- On Thursday we had zone conference and it was good, I got to meet some more new people too. For every zone conference we are supposed to prepare a 5 minute talk and they call on 2 people to speak, and most of us kinda spaced it. The topic was Revelation through Church Attendance so it was kind of a weird topic. But one of the Zone Leaders hinted to me that I might be speaking 15 minutes before the meeting so I hurried and prepared a talk😂 sure enough they called me to speak and it actually went super good! Everybody there told me I did a good job and one of the kids was like "I think you've mastered the art of 5 minute talks with 5 minute preparation." Hahaha the zone leaders thanked me several times and they said they prayed about it and felt like I was the one they were supposed to call on. Even though I hadn't prepared it yet🤔 but it went good and now the Zone knows who I am. 

After that we went to some Caribbean Burrito place and it was delicious😋 then we did service as a zone and I got paired up with Elder Bell so I got to hang out with him a little bit more before he leaves! They were looking for someone to drive where we were going and I was the only one with my driver card in my wallet so I drove a car for the first time in almost 3 months😬 it felt kinda weird but I didn't wreck so we're all good😂 That night we went and visited the Hernandez family and it was good, sister Hernandez needs our visits and I get Spanish practice and she gave us a gallon of milk🙆 I had to carry it home though lol that was hard. We talked to one guy who was sitting on his porch for awhile and eventually gave him a Book of Mormon! After a long but good conversation he started to bring up Trump and Clinton and I was like yup we gotta go😂 

He called this park, "Cannonball Park."
 I don't know if it's the same as "Tank Park," but sure beautiful!
Friday- Friday was good! We went to Brother Alva's and actually worked this time! We got a ton done around his house, knocked down a shed, cut shelves etc. His attitude towards everything in life has definitely gotten better since we started helping him with everything. He's had a ridiculously hard life so to see improvement in him is amazing! After service we visited Modesto. Modesto is doing good, he just needs his dang transplant. Pray for him please! He is so accepting of the gospel and always helps me with my Spanish! It's sad because he's in pain all the time and he's on a bunch of medication. But he says that our visits with him make him feel better than his medicine does. Missionaries:1 Narcotics:0  So that made us feel good😌 We showed him a piece of a conference talk and he was like "I think Nelson will be up there one day" hahahaha. He always tries to teach me new words in Spanish as well but I shouldn't listen to those Puerto Rican's because they make up so many words!!😂 por ejemplo: chinna (orange juice) parkiar (to park) mopiar (to mop) checkiar (to write a check) trockar (truck) none of these words are real words and the letter "k" is really not even used in the Spanish alphabet lol. Puerto Rican's man. That night for dinner we went to the Boyd's house and it was so fun. Their house is really far away so when they come pick us up they keep us all night and call it service(games). Hahaha so we had an excellent dinner then played some games and had a spiritual thought and stuff. It was the hardest I'd laughed in awhile, it was just a fun night.

Saturday- Borrrrinnnggg. We had a service project planned for the morning but the family bailed on us last minute so we did weekly planning instead and it took 10 years. Once we finally finished that, we went to some Mexican stores downtown and put out some flyers for our ESL class. Then we went to another families house and gave a lady a blessing and then we went to Harrisburg for a baptism. It was a fun little trip but nothing really significant happened😂

At a church in Lebanon
Sunday- Sunday was the same as most. We woke up early for Missionary Correlation meeting and Ward council, both of which were better this week! Then we had church and it was the Primary Program and somehow this Ward has a huge primary! I was impressed with their program. After church we visited Anil and tried a couple other less actives and set up some return appointments. Then we went to dinner at the Sorensons! It was delicious, and sister Sorensons made carmelitos just like ours🤔 They are such an awesome family, I can't get over how Utah they look😂 they just have that beautiful Utah-look to them, I can't really explain it but basically you can tell they're not from Pennsylvania hahaha They miss Utah a lot though because the parents grew up there but Brother Sorenson was saying "yeah I'd like to live in Utah but not every Mormon can just cram in there, the church needs to be strong here in Pennsylvania too." I thought that was kinda cool but be grateful because there's people who wish they could live where you live!! After the Sorensons, we went and visited Maria who is from the DR. Her husband is the one who doesn't like us but he invited us in and we watched the Steelers/Patriots game with him for a sec and we talked to her and she was very grateful that we stopped by. (I have a hard time understanding her Spanish though) Then when we were leaving her husband came outside and told us not to come back because he wants her to go to his church now. It's so frustrating though because she definitely prefers the LDS church and she knows it's true and ugh, so that's how the night ended🚶
Another shot of that same beautiful church :) 

Other Items I thought were funny/weird😂

1. Every time we walk into someone's house during the day and they have the TV on, they are all watching super old TV Shows from like the 1960's. Literally everybody!! They all watch these black and white TV shows about WWII or Cowboys or something else old, it's so weird! Like does no one here have Netflix or anything?😂 

2. Everyone smokes. I've never seen so many smokers before, part of the reason everyone has a front porch is so that they can smoke. No one vapes or uses E-Cigs here either! They are all just content with death. 

Scripture of the week:   Alma 48:17 - Why can't we all just be more like Moroni?

Anyways, thanks for your emails and stuff this week! It makes my week better when you send them💙. I will go respond to your other emails individually as usual💁 I love and miss you guys so much!

-Elder Nelson

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  1. Wow, I'm so jealous of you being out there in beautiful Pennsylvania. Being able to exercise you Priesthood and give that Sister a blessing means more to her than you realize. At that moment you are God's mouthpiece and she is hanging on every word. Not a small thing Elder. I'm very proud of you. Press on.