Thursday, October 6, 2016

Week 8 - More Rats and Some Bed Bugs

Hey! Alright so for the week, on Tuesday we did service again for Brother Alva. We have had to completely re-do his whole yard and garage because the city said his house looked too much like a junkyard. And he has a disorder that makes it hard for him to walk, he said it's like having the flu-aches 24/7,  but he still works super hard with us. Also, he bread rats and mice and had 10 snakes and like 10 lizards 1 Tortise and has 4 dogs and the city said he had to get rid of pretty much all of those too. Γ‰l tiene muchas problemas. I will talk about the rats later. Anyways so we cleared out his yard all morning and then they dropped of 5 tons of gravel which my companion and I smoothed out completely as the base of his new shed and then an hour later they dropped off the shed. It was the hardest I've worked in awhile, my back was aching by the end. Then we went to Funcks which is a local restaurant. It turns out this Brother Alva guy is the cousin of Tony Alva who is a world famous skaterπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I never made the connection. But they are pretty close I guess. After service we got to teach 3 of our less active families and visit a couple more as well, it was good! Usually we don't get into 5 houses in one night!

Carter and his "Trusty Steed"
So on Wednesday it was pouring rain and we rode our bikes everywhere and we didn't have umbrellas and we got so dirty. The tires from our bikes flip the dirty water from the ground up on our shirts so it wasn't pretty. But we started off the day visiting the Shopes who is a blind lady(who's a member) and her husband(Who is not a member) who is pretty much blind as well, he's got the biggest glasses I've ever seen. I'm not even sure why we put on church clothes to visit them cause they wouldn't  know. Thank goodness she has him to guide her around though lol it's not the safest thing but they love each other so that's good. We tried to teach them a short lesson but they kept going off on tangents and stories. They have been coming to church though so it's all good. Everyone in this town will talk your ear off, they could all talk for hours about absolutely nothing and old stories that have no point. So when we start to talk to them they start telling us everything about nothing and it makes it hard to teach. I wish they would all get together and talk to each other hahaha but they don't. Everyone just stays lonelyπŸ˜” 

Anyways so the next guy we visited was Anil. He is an Indian Man who we have to meet at Dairy Queen because he has bed bugsπŸ˜‚ he sounds like Apu from the Simpsons. But he is super solid and loves God and loves reading the scriptures but the ward won't let him go to church because of his bed bugs problem. I forgot that 3 Nephi 18:22 said "Ye shall meet together oft and ye shall not forbid any man from coming unto you unless he has bed bugs" πŸ€”So that has been difficult for us because there's not much we can do for him until the church lets him come because he can't afford to fumigate his house for $2000. Maybe we can bring him in a wheel chair and he will only sit in that wheelchair during church idk haha we will bring it up in Ward council this week. Then that night we had Book of Mormon class and Carlos showed up! And his girlfriend! She's a member but he's not so it was good to have them there! They were the only ones who came so we had Book of Mormon class in Spanish, but it went really well! The sister missionaries were lost the whole time but whatever haha so he is officially a progressing investigator.

On Thursday it was pouring rain again so this time we decided to walk with umbrellas but it was super windy and cold and our umbrellas kept getting flipped inside out. It was so textbook missionary, walking down the road in pouring rain, cars spraying you with water every time they drive by etc. I started laughing for a sec because of how classic missionary it was. We had one appointment in the morning which went well, it was just a less active family but we had to walk quite a ways to get there then we had lunch and then we visited all of our nursing home friends. We just showed them all how to watch conference and gave a message about conference. Then we let them talk to us about nothing for a half hour or so lol Thursday night was awesome though! We taught the Thomas Family and they haven't been to church in 6 years but they believe in the church and stuff they just don't feel the need to go. But Brother Sorenson came with us and the lesson went great! In fact Brother Thomas started begging for a calling to get him back to church! So that was really good, having a member present always helps.

Picture in Service Clothes
On Friday, we went back to Brother Alvas, this time to clean out the garage but a better word is probably rat layer. He had over 500 rats in there a week ago and it was the grossest thing I've ever seen hahaha you couldn't see the floor it was all rat poop and wood chips.πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ And he still has wild rats living all over his house. But we cleaned it spotless, I was in there for probably 2 1/2 hours straight and I started to lose my sense of smell, I had to walk out a few times to breathe. But it looks good and for the first time in several years there is a car in his garage!! 

After that we found this new guy that was a referral online and his name is Anthony and he seems really interested! We are visiting him again tomorrow. Then we visited Modesto who is my favorite. (The older Puerto Rican man) we read the Book of Mormon with him and I get to practice my Spanish there. Randomly he will start speaking English though it's pretty funny. Every time we ask him if we can say an opening prayer he says "I think it's Nelson's turn" in his  raspy voice. So I've said the opening prayer every timeπŸ˜‚ That night we had dinner with an investigator and they made us a ton of sea food!! It was crab everything and it was pretty good!

Saturday we watched the first session of conference at the church then had lunch then watched the second session of conference at the Boggs home. They gave us a ton of conference snacks and made me eat food and then sent pics of me eating it to momπŸ˜‚ after that we went to the priesthood session at the church with Brother Boggs and then we went home.

Sunday we watched the first session of Conference at the Gearings home. (Cafe rio family) They are very wealthy so we had an excellent breakfast and session with them. Then we watched the second session with the Franklin family who have  young kids πŸ˜… then we had dinner with them. Then we had weekly planning and now It's P-Day!

My 3 favorite Conference Talks were President Uchtdorf in the morning Saturday session, Elder Oaks in the Saturday afternoon session and Elder Holland in the priesthood session! I will go back and respond to all your guys other emails in a little bit and send another few emails but we are going grocery shopping right now and we are going to check out this little skate/surf shop that I found!! 

Love and miss you guys πŸ’™πŸ’™

Carter and Ibarra playing ball at the church

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