Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 14 - Presidential Election and a visit from Elder Stevenson

Hey guys! Here is my week, a few of the days are kinda slow so I apologize if this week's email isn't as good as my other ones😂

Monday- On Monday we woke up at 5:15 and took a bus at 6 to a members house to do crossfit at the Boyd's house! Sister Boyd is a crossfire instructor. It was a good workout and actually made me pretty sore💁 After that we did our studies in the sisters car outside of their apartment until 10 then we all went to Harrisburg to meet up with the rest of the zone! In Harrisburg we played basketball for a couple hours and hung out with everyone then we all went to a trampoline park called Get Air. It was fun! But it wasn't as much fun as Low's in Provo. After that we went to a mall in Harrisburg for another couple hours then we drove back to the Boyd's for dinner😋 The Boyd's are so great haha so that's how we finished our night!
Tuesday- Election Day!! Tuesday was crazy! I've never seen the city so alive. Everybody was out voting and stuff but at the same time EVERYONE answered their door! Haha so it all worked out for us. We live right across from the Town Hall building and it was packed all day with people voting. All the streets were super busy as well. We had a list of less actives and a former investigator that we visited in the morning and they all answered and we set up follow up appointments with all of them! And we got ahold of Carlos so we set up an appointment with him! ....So there was this one guy from the DR who's door we had knocked several times without any luck a few weeks ago and so we kind of stopped trying him. But then later in the day on Tuesday we were walking down the street and I instantly felt like we should go try his house again and I told my companion and he was like "okay if you want" and he answered!! We found him!!😏 So we taught him a little bit about the restoration and the first vision. It went really well, he might be moving back to the DR so we might have to turn him over to the missionaries there but at least he wants to learn🙆 After that we went on a team up lesson with our ward mission leader's son to one of our other less actives and that went good too. I was talking to him a little bit and it turns out that he's a DJ!!🎶 He does like the exact same thing that I do! So we talked about that a lot of the night because we had dinner at their house as well😋 After dinner we went on splits with some of the men with the ward for their Home Teaching and between all of us we technically got 4 lessons taught with members present ha so that looks really good on our numbers! Then Trump won! Which really shocked me honestly, I didn’t actually think he'd ever win😂! The whole thing is crazy. 
Not even the missionaries were spared the frenzy of election 2016

Wednesday- Wednesday was pretty slow because it was raining all day but we still got some lessons in. We started the morning by teaching Carlos, it was good to be teaching him again and we had a good lesson with him. After that we visited Robert in the nursing home and he was really grateful for our visit. So we shared a short lesson/thought with him as well. Then we did puzzles with the puzzle ladies but we didn't have a lot of time with them because they had a board meeting in the puzzle room. The puzzles ladies weren't too happy about that. After that we went to Book of Mormon class at the church.

Thursday- Thursday was reallllyyyy slow. We only had one lesson with Modesto, which was good but nothing too significant. I love visiting him, it's just frustrating that he can't do much because of his health. He knows that everything we teach him is true but he can't go to church because of health issues. He just needs that transplant but he's pretty low on the transplant list because he's "stable" whereas lots of other people with similar conditions aren't. After Modesto we found a couple more less actives and set up appointments with them💁 we biked all overrrr, I think we biked over 8 miles through the city in less than hour. So I slept pretty good that night😂 so you know when you're watching a scary movie and the family in the movie moves to a house in the middle of the woods by themselves and you're like why would they do that?? Well here in PA that's how all the houses are😂 If you don't live in the city or a suburban neighborhood then you live out in the woods by yourself. Kinda funny I guess. 

Friday- On Friday we helped Brother Alva again. We washed all of his cars and he was really appreciative of that! He bought us pizza at one of the local shops and it was really good🍕 While we were there, an old guy showed up because Brother Alva has been fixing his car. Anyways the old guy was sitting in his truck waiting for Brother Alva so I went up to talk to him and he told me to come sit in the truck with him because it was cold out. So I did and we had a funny conversation😂 he asked me where I was from and stuff then we started talking about Veterans because it was Veterans Day and he told me how he served in Paris, France. He said it was a non stop party for him for 3 years at the base in Paris while everyone else was in Vietnam haha he was like "those French girls mannnn *loud whistle* I'll never forget them. They don't have any morals though" 😂😂 I was laughing pretty hard because it was this 80 year old saying it. He offered me some chew and I politely accepted hahahaha jk I said no but then I talked to him about what missions were and why we do them and stuff so yeah idk I thought that was kinda funny. He was super nice and it turns out that he's a multi millionaire but he sure didn't look like it lol.   After we were done at Brother Alva's, we taught a less active then went to dinner at 5 guys with a family in the ward. That night my companion and I walked around downtown talking to people and stuff. We talked in accents all night hahaha. I was working on my New Jersey accent and he was working on his Australian accent. Obviously mine was better because there's actually people with New Jersey accents around here so I can pick it up from them😂 We also taught the guy from the DR again that night and extended an invitation to give his friend a Book of Mormon and he was excited about it! It was super funny though because we were talking in our accents then when he answered the door we like instantly we switched to Spanish😂 you had to be there I guess.

Saturday- On Saturday we woke up at 5 AM to drive to Altoona for our apostle visit with Elder Stevenson! The whole mission got together in Altoona for this conference. Along with Elder Stevenson were Elder Holstrum of the Presidency of the Seventy and Elder Coons. We got to
shake all of their hands and meet them. Elder Stevenson gave an awesome talk/training! He's definitely my new favorite apostle. The spirit was really strong when he bore his testimony. He grew up with our Mission president so he spent the first couple minutes making fun of President Johnson and he had the whole room laughing pretty hard😂 so yeah, Elder Stevenson is amazing! Elder Holstrum was a really good speaker as well. During the conference they showed us the 2016 Christmas Mormon message video and its soooo good. The initiative this year is called #LightTheWorld and usually I think these things are kinda lame but this one is cool! I can't wait until the video comes out so you can all watch it. 🎄 After the conference one of the APs came up and started talking to me, he was like "Elder Nelson, everyone just tells me that you're the coolest and that it's always a party with you" and I was like “Really? I've only been here like 2 months" then he said "well I guess word gets around quick" haha so that was cool! Then we drove to State College for lunch. Penn State would be a very distracting place to serve😂😂 there are a lotttt of kids there and even though it's almost winter, they don't wear much hahaha. After that we drove back home. We taught Modesto again that night and had a another good lesson with him. He asked us what happens if we don't get home by 9 and we told him that we turn into pumpkins hahaha he like jumped in his chair and said "well we don't want that" 😂😂 that was it for Saturday!

Sunday- Sunday was nothing crazy. We woke up early and went to Ward council and then went to church. In Elders quorum they gave us some more prototype candy from Hershey that should come out next month. It's called Hershey's Cookie Layer Crunch and it's really good😍 so if you see it at the store soon then you should good it! After church we read with Anil at DQ for a little bit. Then we went to the Nelson’s house for dinner. Their family is crazier than ours ha. The mom (Kristen Nelson) is cool though, she reminds me of Jan Fausett. After that we went with the sisters to visit a family that has been struggling lately. We visited them for a couple hours then we got home and planned for the week.

My temple//Philly trip is this coming Saturday so we are moving our P-Day to Saturday. We are sending some emails today because we aren’t going to Email on Saturday so I will tell you all about my Philly trip next Monday.

Ok, well that's about it for this week! We helped a family with a garage sale a few weeks ago and here are some pictures of us "helping!" Haha.

 Anyways I love and miss you guys a lot💙

Oh yeah, that garage sale was hoppin'! 

Sporting the ever-popular "gothic vampire missionary" look
Why are they getting rid of this perfectly good pogo stick. I mean, really? This thing still works great! 

Oh, Dearest Skateboard, I have missed you so!

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