Saturday, December 3, 2016

Week 16 - Thanksgiving

Hey guys!! Here is my week, nothing too exciting but I'll share anyways🙆 

Monday- Monday was pretty good, we woke up early again and did Crossfit with Momma Boyd then we did studies and helped the sisters fix up their car. It got pretty cold here this last week so everybody's tires needed to be filled up with air. The sisters didn't know how to do it and my companion thought it was too cold so I had to do all of that and check their oil and stuff. After that we went to a couple outlets in Hershey because they were having early sales and then we went to the Harrisburg stake center to play basketball again. After cross fit and 3 hours of basketball, my body was dead and I paid the price the rest of the week😂 Then that night we went to dinner with the members that buy us wings every week!😋 so that's always good and then we went to teach a less active and we took the members with us so that was good💁 so yeah! 

Tuesday- Tuesday wasn't the best haha I WAS SO SORE!! We walked all over the place and my legs were dead and we had to try people all over town and it was too cold to bike. We taught 3 or 4 less active lessons so that was good but it was miserable for my body. That night we didn't have a meal so we went to this little coffee house cafe next to this old fashioned style movie theatre and it was fun! We got milkshakes too even though it was freezing outside but they were good😍 

Wednesday- Wednesday was even worse for my body! My legs felt terrible haha and we had to walk all over again😅 and we didn't have much luck walking that day but we handed out a couple Book of Mormons out💁 After that a member came out with us and we taught Modesto and Anil! Lessons always go better when there is a member present. After that we walked to another less actives house and invited her to church and she came!! Then we went to dinner at the Nelson's house for dinner and they had a ton of people over so it was a lot of fun. It was like Thanksgiving Eve. They had a lot of non member friends over so we were able to show them the Light the World video as a spiritual thought thing and it went really well🎄 I got packages from Mom and Kam today so that improved my day❤️❤️ 

Thursday- Thanksgiving!! We woke up and I stretched as best as I could despite how sore I was and then we jogged over to the Turkey Bowl. It was fun but nothing great, we had a really good turn out but I didn't have cleats and I was sore so I couldn't do much. BUT I broke Bishop's finger!!😂😂 I didn't even know it! Bishop and I were passing the ball before the game(I can throw a football pretty well and I was giving him some zippy passes) and I guess one of the passes hit his finger wrong and broke it! He didn't say anything about during the game or anything but the next day he had a splint on it and told us that it was broken. We asked him what happened and he started laughing and was like you!! And pointed to me and told me what happened😂😂 it was funny, he was a super good sport about it but I still felt bad. After the Turkey Bowl we went and visited Robert and Sister Bord. They were very appreciative of our visit on Thanksgiving. After that we went to our Thanksgiving meal at the Lessings house! They have all older kids and they were all in town so it was fun to have a big group there. Their food was really good as well😍😍 so it was a good meal. After that everybody was out Black Friday Shopping so no one wanted us over😅 not to mention that it was still Thanksgiving. So we went to the church and played games to finish our holiday because no one wants us hahaha Honestly I was kinda homesick on Thanksgiving. It was just gloomy here and the city was empty and it just wasn't alive and fun. Election Day here was more of a party. 

Friday- Friday wasn't too bad, we had District Meeting and it was our last one with this district because transfers are next week! It's already been a transfer again. Anyways, after that we taught Carlos and then we had to track down some less actives for Bishop and then we had to find a referral that our mission president gave us. The referral was a man who's been in prison for several years and he started reading the Ensigns in prison and now he's interested so we went to his house and set up an appointment for this week with him! Our Mission President said "yeah he has been in prison for white collar crime" and I was like "oooo my favorite kind" 😂😂 so yeah we got in contact with him within 24 hours of getting the referral so our mission president thanked us for acting on it quickly. 

While we were walking around all day we started taking a bunch of pictures because it was a boring walk so I have a bunch that look like someone's Senior Pictures haha it's pretty funny. My companion would just say stuff like go sit on that bench over there and I'll take a pic lol. On Friday night we got invited to a private baptism. The kid getting baptized was really shy so he didn't want anybody there but his mom invited us so we went. But when we showed up and he saw us, he got stage fright and refused to get baptized. Cause that's our job, to prevent people from getting baptized😅😂😂 we are the worst haha we were all kinda bummed so we went and got dinner at Dominos to lighten our moods. 

Saturday- Saturday was service🍃 we went to Brother Alva's house and cleaned up all of his leaves and made a huge pile. I've never seen so many leaves in one spot, they almost filled up half of the street! His yard/house catches all the leaves from the neighborhood because of the way the wind blows so it was quite the pile up. After that we taught Modesto again and then we went to dinner at a Members house. Nothing significant really... 

Sunday- Sunday was pretty good. We woke up and had meetings and then we had 2 investigators and 4 less actives at church!! So that was awesome💁 One of the less actives called us during Ward council and I went out and took the call and it was a Spanish lady and I was able to have a conversation with her over the phone without even thinking about it! It's hard to talk in Spanish and comprehend what people are saying over a crappy phone so I was pretty proud of myself. After church we went to the Boyd's house and had lunch with them and one of the less actives and then we helped them put up their Christmas lights🎄 the lights look terrible😂😂 we were all laughing about it but it was still a good time. Last night we had a lesson with Skylar and her mom! It went really well. They are receptive and interested! We taught about the Restoration and Brother Boyd came with us as well and you could feel the spirit so it was great! They come in with questions and want to try going to church and everything! They live in a nice neighborhood and seem to have plenty of money so it's weird that they are listening to us hahaha usually it's only the poor people that do. 

But I'm excited to them again and we hope they continue to progress. ---I apologize that my letter is pretty lame this week. There just wasn't much that happened. Hopefully I have a better one next week🙆 Everybody should go watch the Light the World video on YouTube or !! We have been showing it to everyone. Thank you all for your emails and updates as always❤️ they make my week better. I will go respond to your individual letters!!

-Elder Nelson
They went to visit this old fashioned movie theater.
Didn't see the movie! Just visited :)

He thought the inside lighting was cool

A picture with silent film stars

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