Friday, December 16, 2016

Week 18 - Elder Angulo joins the ranks

Hey guys! Okay here's my week🙆 nothing crazy, just some cool stuff!! 

Monday- Okay so on Sunday night we took the Sister's car because Elder Ibarra needed to pack his stuff in it so we had the car. Then on Monday we woke up and packed up the car and drove to crossfit💪 at Sister Boyds and got shredded out of our minds. Then we studied while the sisters made us breakfast again(gosh I love that) then we had to do some shopping and then we drove to Harrisburg. In Harrisburg we did the usual (basketball, food, email etc.) Then we all went out to eat one last time before everybody left. After that we got in the car and headed out to Pittsburgh. While we were on our way I looked at the phone which had been in my bag all day and it said 3 missed calls from President so we were freaking out because that's never something you want to see. But it turns out it was for Elder Ibarra and President said that he was actually being transferred to Pittsburgh instead of Erie so Elder Ibarra was pretty pumped about that. So it was actually a good thing💁 Well the drive to Pittsburgh was actually super fun. It was me and Elder Ibarra and two sisters who were going home. Elder Ibarra has less than 3 months left and the other 2 sisters had just finished and were heading to Pittsburgh to catch the plane home the next day so they had all kicked the can at that point😂 We call it being "trunky" but they were all super funny and kept talking about how they couldn't wait to date again and watch movies and then I'm over here like "shut up guys I still have a while to go" 😂😂 but they said that the year between month 5 to month 17 goes insanely fast so that made me feel good. The rest of the time was spent jamming to Christmas music and playing "I'm thinking of an Animal" Anyways, then we got to Pittsburgh that night and stayed in the AP's apartment so that was fun to hang out with them. 

Serving by Hershey certainly has it's perks!
Carter says several men who work there frequently give them
chocolates to "sample" before they are officially sold in stores.
He loves to share his opinion on which chocolates are the best! 
Tuesday- Okay sooo Tuesday morning we woke up and drove to the green tree chapel(just outside of Downtown). And I had to drive and it was terrible. Pittsburgh roads are the worst thing ever. The turning lanes are all jacked up and there's a million hills and it's awful. But we got there safely, well kinda. Then we had a meeting with President about being a trainer and how to help the trainees and whatnot. Then we had lunch and met all the trainees and introduced ourselves and then we found out who our new companions were gonna be! Okay so back story, the night before, I was talking to the APs who had already met all the trainees and they were telling me how one of the ones that's supposed to go to Portugal doesn't really speak English and part of me wanted him so that I would have no choice but to become fluent and the other part of me didn't want that at all. Well guess what, my new companion is that missionary! His name is Elder Angulo and he barely speaks any English!!!😂😂 Its actually awesome, my ability to speak Spanish has probably doubled in the last 5 days. We don't speak any English to each other. He understands a lot of English but he can't really speak it. When he does, his accent is so thick that you can barely understand what he's saying hahahaha but it sounds cool. So yeah! Anyways, after we got our new companions, we said goodbye to everybody and then headed back to Lebanon. I got to know Elder Angulo pretty well just on the long car ride home. He's originally from Mexico in the Baja California area but he moved to MexiCali ,which is legit on the boreder, right before he left. He got called to the Portugal mission but he hasn't gotten his visa so he's here! Anyways we eventually got home that night and he unpacked and we went straight to bed. 

Wednesday- Wednesday was my first District Meeting! It went good! Planning a 60-90 minute lesson is hard but everyone participated and contributed and it went really well. After that we did some grocery shopping for the new missionaries and then we got back to work. We did some finding and taught a less active lesson and then we went to Bishops house for dinner and he got to meet Elder Angulo and the new Sister. It helps that Bishop speaks Spanish hahaha😂😂 

Elder Nelson and Elder Angulo -- this is the best picture they could send me...? 
Thursday- On Thursday we woke up and went by to see Carlos and Marina. Marina has been having some health issues so we gave her a blessing and then we took their dog for a walk. After that we went and taught Modesto and then we did some puzzles as always and then we went and visited//taught Sister Bord, who obviously loved our visit. Then that night for dinner we went to the Fishers house😋 and they gave us a wonderful meal. 

Friday- On Friday we helped Brother Alva pretty much all day! But then guess what... for the first time in 8 years, he came to the church! I asked him if we could have a ride to the church for the ward Christmas party when we were done at his house and he said yes. Then when we got to the church I was like "Just come on in with us" and he said "uhhh alright I guess, I don't see my ex-wife's car"😂 so he came! He stepped foot inside the church for the first time in forever. Then some of the older members of the ward greeted him and talked to him and stuff so it was good! 

Both Elders at the Hershey factory. I don't know what day this was.
Saturday- Saturday we spent most of the day teaching less actives and then that evening we had Dinner with the Hollands. FYI...All the time I'm not accounting for was spent doing studies, planning and other training stuff. So every single one of the English lessons that we taught, were only taught by me. My companion didn't say one thing!! 😅 Every once in awhile, I'll have him read a scripture or something so he will open his mouth. I can understand that it's hard though because he gets really embarrassed when he has to speak English. Just because his accent is so dang thick and he doesn't know all the right words and stuff. He has said a couple things in English just to introduce himself and stuff and a few of the people we were with couldn't even understand what he said. So yeah I just don't ever stop talking during the lessons, it's hard. Even in one of the Spanish lessons he wasn't saying anything and the lady we were teaching asked if he spoke Spanish and I was yes he does and if he doesn't say something soon then I'm gonna smack him😂 like cmon man this is your native language. 

Sunday- Sunday was good, we just had our meetings and then church and then afterwards we decided to text this guy who doesn't go to church and who I've never even met and we asked him if we could come by and share a spiritual thought later that evening. He immediately called us back and said that he would love that and then just invited us over for dinner! So we went there for dinner and got to meet him and his wife. They are both members and both served missions too! He is from Bulgaria and has the coolest accent ever and she served her mission in Bulgaria hahaha anyways I guess they were super close with the missionaries in the past and they would feed them all the time and stuff but then the missionaries stopped calling them so they thought they did something wrong. So now they really like me because I broke the ice and decided to text them. 😂 We are actually going over to their house for Christmas and they are gonna make us a Bulgaraian meal and play games and stuff and they said that we could FaceTime our families at their house if we wanted🙆 so yeah that was Sunday! Later that night I made Elder Angulo practice giving me the lessons in Portuguese because he doesn't have any opportunities to speak it around here. It's pretty cool, it's so close to Spanish that I understood pretty much everything he said. So maybe I will become TriLingual and speak Spanish and Portuguese hahaha but my Spanish really has improved a ton this last week just because I'm forced to speak it and when I don't know a word, I have to look it up right then and there. Having an iPad helps 😂 

As far as training goes, it's not too bad. It's kinda hard to describe things in Spanish sometimes but we are figuring it out. It pretty much just comes down to setting an example. District Leader isn't too bad either, planning lessons and trainings every week is going to get tiresome but it's good. I have to plan a lesson for Wednesday and the Mission President and his wife are gonna be there😅😬 so pray for me. The district actually did really well this week as far as numbers go. I thought it would be slow because it was a transfer week but we did great! 

I extended an invitation during District Meeting to incorporate how to use the #LightTheWorld Christmas Initiative each day into everyone's Daily Planning session. Then last night during call-ins I followed up to see if they did it and they all did and they said it made a big difference! So that was sick😋  well that's the week! I hope I answered all your questions. Write me if you have any questions🙆. I will respond to your personal emails! I love and miss you guys tons❤️❤️

-Elder Nelson


This is the church's #Light the World initiative this year. It's fantastic! 

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  1. You are being twice blessed. You are blessed for your service and blessed for taking the new missionary under your wing. He is lucky to be trained by you.