Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 17 - Carter is made a Trainer and District Leader!

Heyyyy guys!!❤️ This week has been crazy and not crazy at the same time😂 I'll explain... 

Monday- Monday was good! We woke up and went to crossfit as usual then the sisters made us breakfast while we studied(this is really a great system). Then we went to the Hershey Outlets and everything was on sale! So I got some new slacks and some under armor tights for really cheap. We were in the Disney store there and the Rogue One trailer came on the big TV in the store and we all just paused in our tracks for a few minutes and watched it because we are sinners hahaha jk but the trailer looks really cool so I hope the movie is good! After shopping we went to Harrisburg to hang out at the stake center and we played basketball and emailed and stuff. Then we went to dinner at a new converts house with the sister and it was really fun. The ladies husband wasn't a member but we played pool with him and I beat him😎 I was getting super lucky though cause he was really good. But that's it for Monday. 

Hanging Christmas lights at the Boyd's home
Tuesday- Tuesday was really slow. It was raining all day so we had to walk everywhere and when you're walking while holding an umbrella it's hard to talk. So the whole day was pretty much spent walking in silence but we taught 5 lessons that day💁 We taught Lloyd the less active in the morning who actually just got a calling because he has been coming to church enough! So he is excited about his new calling. Then we taught Modesto, our investigator. The only lessons we hadn't taught him yet were about Tithing and the Law of Chastity, neither of which really apply to him as an essentially immobile 65 year old un-baptized man. 😂😂 so the lesson was kind of pointless and he was familiar with those commandments anyways but at least we can check them off the list. Then we taught Sister Bord and Robert(the nursing home crew). Only this time it was a little bit different. Usually we have a good conversation with Robert and we read some scriptures and whatever but this time we sat down and started talking to them and this is what he says..."So the lady across the hall, well uhh, she's got the hots for me" and at first I thought he was joking but then he started to describe what sounded like a nursing home affair and I was like ROBERT😂😂 I was trying so hard not to just start dying of laughter but we just kinda said "okayyyy so uh yeah Nephi was a great leader" trying to change the subject but that whole visit was a mess haha the guy is just getting old. I'm not sure if he's gonna be able to make it out to church again. However, we were able to teach our lesson even though it was relatively short. After that we taught Sister Bord and showed her the light the world video which she loved. Then we went to dinner and then we taught EJ our other less active. EJ knows so much about the Book of Mormon, the dang lady just won't come to church so we are really working with her. 

At Zone Conference
Wednesday- Wednesday was soooo long. We had Zone Conference in State College and it was the longest Zone conference that Elder Ibarra said he's ever been too. We woke up at 6 and got to the chapel in State College a little after 8 and we didn't leave the chapel until 5:30 that evening. It was way too long. There were some good trainings and stuff but it was really drawn out. However, we got our #LightTheWorld pass along cards there and those have already made such a big difference in street contacting. I love the pass along cards, they are pretty effective anywhere but Utah hahaha. Anyways, after Zone conference we went to Texas Roadhouse with a bunch of missionaries which was pretty fun and then we drove home. 

Still at Zone Conference...
Thursday- December 1st!! This was the first day of the Christmas challenge so we were encouraged to do service all day. We woke up early and went to crossfit again because we were gonna be in Palmyra the rest of the day anyways! So we worked out and then made pancakes with the Boyd's and then we studied and then we went to Brother Alva's again😂 but it was good! We started by helping him clean up all of his leaves again and then once we were done with his we started doing his neighbors leaves and then we started doing his other neighbors leaves and then one of the neighbors joined us in helping! 🍃🍃🍂🍂It was cool to see these other people being willing to help their neighbors and friends. It has been especially cool to see as we serve Brother Alva you can see his whole attitude towards everything change just since I've been here. He seems to always be in a better mood and he's always willing to help those around him even though he has this rough disease. He still has the mouth of a sailor but at least he's happy when he swears😂 

Still at Zone Conference...!!
Once we were done, we barbecued some chicken with Brother Alva and he's surprisingly a good cook. He likes to cook for us so it's pretty much service💁 After that, we went to Fishers for dinner and more service. We helped the Fishers move Furniture all over their house and then we had dinner with them. They bought a bunch of different wings from a local restaurant because they knew that we liked them so we had a good meal😍 They got a flavor called the Flamethrower and you have to sign a waiver to get it because it's so hot. I dipped my finger in the sauce and tried it and it was pretty dang hot but Elder Ibarra and actually tried one and he ate the whole wing and he was like "it's not even that bad" then it actually hit him and he had to drink a half gallon of milk just to cool his mouth down😂😂 then he felt sick the rest of the night so I'm glad I didn't eat one ha. 

Friday- On Friday we woke up and went and translated for the marriage counselor again but this time the session was good haha the couple is happy and doing better. After that we taught a couple less active lessons neither of which were overly significant. Then we went and helped the blind lady in our ward move a freezer down her stairs and that was heavy😅 and then we did Puzzles with the puzzle ladies and helped them decorate their lobby with Christmas decorations🎄 After that we went to dinner with a member of the ward at a Mexican Restaurant and the member invited Brother Alva too! It was fun to go out with them and the food was really good😍 

Saturday- So we woke up and started studying and then transfer calls came in... So I picked up the phone and President said "Elder Nelson, how are you doing? Do you have a second?" And I was like crapp what's about to happen and then he told me that I'm going to train someone!!! I was like what? I just barely got trained, in fact, I'm technically not even done being trained. But he said yeah you're going to be a trainer and then he was like AND you're going to be district leader😅  he said "Yeah there's very few missionaries who go straight from being trained to training someone and there's even fewer who go from being trained straight to a district leader position, and I'm asking you to do both! but really it's an assignment from the lord." So yeah! I'm staying in Lebanon but now I'm training someone new and I'm the District Leader. Elder Ibarra is getting transferred to Erie which is going to be freezing😂❄️🌨 So I'm a District Trainer now which is a mix of the 2 assignments. Anyways, I'm nervous and excited but I'm not entirely sure what to think. Tonight I have to drive to Pittsburgh and tomorrow I pick up my new trainee. The Elders coming in are actually missionaries who were assigned to different missions but they didn't get their Visas in time so now they got reassigned to the Pittsburgh mission🙆 so that's what I'm going to be doing for the next 3 months! I'm going to be in Lebanon for awhile but it's okay because this is a good place and the ward is awesome. 

ANYWAYS, on Saturday we had Brother Boyd come out with us and we taught Modesto and it worked out perfectly because Brother Boyd speaks Spanish because he served his mission in Spain. So that was a good lesson! Then after that we did "service" for the Boyds😂😂 we spent several hours making Tamales with them. It was Elder Ibarra's last hoo-raw with them so we made his moms famous tamales. Anyone who knows anything about tamales, knows that they are pretty hard to make. We had 5 people and it still took us almost 3 hours. We made about 80 tamales and we took them to some non members in the neighborhood along with #LightTheWorld pass along cards. Then we got to eat our own batch of them and they were delicious 😍😍 I probably ate like 7 or 8 of them so now I'm fat Jk I actually lost like 5 lbs this last week and idk how or why. After the Boyd's I planned out the next week while Elder Ibarra started to pack. 

A new member gave them "wide" ties.
So they wore them to church!
Sunday- Sunday was fast Sunday and I had plenty of things to fast for. And for the first time in my life I fasted without even chewing a piece of gum! Can you believe it? Cause it was awful😂 but I did it! Anyways, we had our normal meetings and then we had church and we taught Deacon's quorum. After church, we had a meeting with Bishop about everybody that we've come in contact with and at this point we have tried everybody in the Area Book. So I pretty much get to start fresh and not have to worry about anybody from the previous which is kinda nice🙆  After our meeting with Bishop, we came back to the apartment and Elder Ibarra continued to pack while I straightened up the apartment and studied more for next week. Then we went to dinner at the Ghering's and they made the cafe rio pork again! A good way to end our fast😋 and then we came back and he finished packing while I watched the Christmas devotional and wrote draft emails💁 So that's my week! Tonight I drive to Pittsburgh and stay in the AP's apartment. Then tomorrow morning I have a meeting with president where he teaches me and whoever else is there how to train and then I meet my trainee and then we drive back to Lebanon. So I will be in Lebanon for Christmas, New Years and my Birthday and I will most likely be here until the beginning of March. So that's what's going on. Feel free to send anything now because I'm here to stay😋 I will respond to all of your other emails today when I get a chance. I love and miss you all so much!!💙

-Elder Nelson
Enjoying his last P-Day basketball with Elder Ibarra


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