Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 19 - Christmas!

Merry Christmas❤❤ here's my week!! 

Monday- Monday was just like most P-Days, we just played basketball and emailed and got ready for Christmas! Then that night we switch companions for exchanges with the Zone Leaders. So I took one of the ZL's back to Lebanon. It's always fun to be with some new for a change💁 Tuesday- Tuesday was exchanges and it was kinda slow but good. We taught Modesto and Sister Bord who are both doing well. Then we went to find some people for Bishop just to see if they still lived at the houses listed on the ward directory. Which none of them did, they had all moved. 

Splits with another Elder
Tuesday was a lot of walking because there was still snow on the ground so we couldn't bike. And there was like no one on the streets to talk too so it was kind of a waste. Wednesday- On 

Wednesday I taught District Meeting again and it went really well and it was fun too! The zone leaders came because we were switching back companions and they are supposed to attend each district meeting in their zone. It was fun to have them there and they gave a small training. Then I took the rest of the time and taught about the birth of Jesus Christ, the importance of a savior, and what the world would be like without him. Everyone participated and it turned out to be a really good lesson. The spirit was there. I had everyone bear a short testimony at the end and there were even tears! Ha you feel like an accomplished speaker or teacher when people are in tears at the end whether it was because of something you did/said or not. I did this super cool demonstration that showed how important Jesus is to us and it went 10x better than I thought it would haha everyone asked me where I got it and I was just like idk I made it up lol. I can't really describe it over text but yeah! Then we had a white Elephant gift exchange🎁🐘 After the meeting, one of the ZL's came up to me and said it was the best district meeting he's been too! So that was cool🙆 After District Meeting we hurried over to Brother Alva's house and helped him load and unload 3 pallets of brick😅 then after that we ate some dinner at the church with another member from Puerto Rico. He brought us some chicken and rice that his mom made and it was actually really freakin good 😍 After that we went to the hospital to give a member a blessing and then we went home. 

They had a good time together 
Thursday- Thursday was slowwww. We had 3 lessons with less active members but it just felt like the same stupid thing we do every week. They don't want to change so I just kinda felt hopeless for this area at the end of the Thursday. I felt like we do the same thing every week and it's getting old. Then that night after dinner I felt super sick but then Friday was different. 

Friday- Friday was super good!! We found 2 less active families who we have been looking for forever and taught them and we contacted 2 referrals and we showed the Christmas message with 3 or 4 people on the street and then we got a call from someone interested in our ESL class. We even skipped our lunch hour because everything was going so well haha. Then that night we had dinner at the Franklin's house!! 

Saturday- On Saturday we had studies then went to help one of the sisters investigators at the Navy Veteran Club for some service! It was a cool little venue, they had a bunch of cool paintings and stuff in there. Anyways, they needed someone to run this giant speaker system and play Christmas music and fix the microphones. Well luckily DJ cart showed up and saved the day haha I fixed the microphone, readjusted all the system settings because it sounded like crap and I played Christmas music. So yeah! Then after that we spent the rest of the day at the Boyd's house making tamales and celebrating Christmas Eve! 

Sunday- Christmas!! We started off the day opening a couple presents and then we went to Church😋 Church was super good, it was mostly musical numbers which were amazing here and then a couple short speakers. You could feel the spirit really strongly though and everyone was wishing each other a merry Christmas and stuff and it was just a good place to be🙆 a bunch of members actually gave us a little presents and then one family gave me a Christmas Star Wars sweater! It's actually pretty sweet I must say. After church we visited a couple nursing home member and then we went to a members house for lunch and some games and then after that we went to a different house for dinner and to Skype our families! It was the Bulgarian couple and they made us a Bulgarian feast😍 it was all super good! Skyping the family was awesome! But hanging up is really hard and the rest of the night was a little rough. An hour isn't very long at all😅 but I loved seeing and hearing everyone! After skyping we ate and then played games and then we went home and opened the rest of our presents!! It was a pretty good Christmas even though I was on a mission💁 but being away from home is hard. This week was good though! And this next week should be good too! I love and miss you all have a good week!!❤❤

-Elder Nelson
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