Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 20 - New Years 2017

Hey guys, Happy New Year! 2017 is the only whole year where I will be on a mission so this is kinda weird haha but this last year has flown by. It feels like just yesterday I was DJing the New Years Party last year😅 so we will see how 2017 goes. My goals for this year are to baptize someone that I find and teach(like be there for the whole process) and to finish my green Spanish textbook by doing one page every day. Kinda boring I know but my life isn't overly exciting right now so those are my goals😂😂 okay my week! 

At Hershey Park
Monday- Monday was fun! We woke up and went to crossfit, but it was a very light workout because everybody was hungover and tired from Christmas lol. After that we went to Hershey Park!🍫 So if I haven't explained it before, it's an amusement park similar to Knotts berry farm except everything is Hershey Themed. So we went! It was really cold so there was like no one there😋 we walked on to most of the rides and there were a couple were we just stayed on it to go again because no one was in line! Haha it was fun to watch my companion, Elder Angulo, because he's never been on Roller Coasters like that before so his facial expressions were priceless😂 every time he would just start yelling saying "¡Voy a morrir!" haha and then after Hershey Park we went out to eat with the Fischer family. (Who also happened to be at Hershey Park that day) Hershey Park was fun but it still lacks the magical spirit that Disneyland has✨ We went to a restaurant called Fudruckers. Don't try and say it with your mouth full or it sounds like something else💁 but it was good so that was Monday! 

Cold but Fun!
Tuesday- On Tuesday we got back to work, well kinda. We went and taught Modesto and Sister Bord but the lessons were both fine, but not great. We found a couple other less actives who didn't really want to come back or have us over or anything so it was kind of wasted. We decided to start knocking on random doors that we though might have potential just because we want more investigators but we didn't have any luck. Everyone here just says "No I already have a religion thank you" and then they close the door on us. This is a very religious area so I know they're not lying but it's still makes it hard for us😅 like how do I politely say "your religion isn't going to save you"😂😂😂 They all think that if they go to church at least a couple times a year and crack open the Bible every once in awhile then they are "saved." I'm not even entirely sure what it means haha but yeah that's our struggle right now. We need to find more people! 

It looks lovely :) 
Wednesday- On Wednesday everything fell through. We started the day by going to a media referral appointment that we had set up the week before and we knocked and she didn't answer so then we called and she answered and then hung up and then sent a text that said "I'm not interested in the Mormon Bible anymore" gahhhhh Yeah me neither lady I don't even know what the Mormon bible is!! So that was frustrating then we went to another appointment that we had set up the week before with the less active Mexican family. We knocked on the door and the dad was just said "No es el momento mas práctica ahora para nosotros" so I was just like of course it's not, because you're not the one who told us exactly when to come back or anything¿😅😅 so that was frustrating as well. Luckily on the way home when found EJ, the older African American lady and it was her birthday so she was glad to see us and we set up an appointment to go back and see her the next day. After that we went to do puzzle for a little bit with the Puzzle ladies and one of the old ladies and I actually finished one of the puzzles while I was there. We were both pretty stoked haha Then that night I had to go to Harrisburg to do a baptismal interview for one of the Hershey Sister's investigators. Hacho(Bulgarian less active guy) took us because he's awesome and he has a cool F-150 truck. I'm able to connect with him pretty well so we are good friends. So he took us to Harrisburg for the interview which went great! And then afterwards he took us to Buffalo Wild Wings😍😋 so it tuned out to be a good night. 

Thursday- Thursday was a pretty good day! We went and taught Carlos and Marina in the morning and it turned out to be really good. A less active and an investigator lesson combined in one. However, it is difficult Spanish for sure😅 Marina started asking me how do you forgive somebody who has hurt you. I don't even know how to explain that in English let alone Spanish. So it was kinda hard but I just referred her to some scriptures and told her that there are resources that can help her on the church's website. But for the most part it was a good lesson! After that we went to district meeting. District Meeting was pretty good💁 not my best lesson but it was still a success. I started off by showing a video of Jesus and it has some really cool music so I used my new Beats Pill to enhance the sound😏 it actually sounded super cool. The district marveled at it. Haha after the video they just said "I don't think the video would've been that cool if it weren't for the speaker" 😂😂 haha so the Beats Pill invites the spirit there ya go! Anyways the rest of the lesson went well and then afterward we played a couple games and then we went to our appointment with EJ! It was a good lesson and she said that she would be at church this Sunday as long as she doesn't leave town for work! After the lesson Elder Angulo told me that it was really hard for him to understand her English and I was like don't worry man I can barely understand her English sometimes. She uses so much slang😂 For dinner that night we went to a family's house named the Robinsons. They are of Jewish heritage so we celebrated Hanukkah with them! We all put on yamakas and had a Jewish dinner and then we played Hanukkah games and lit menorahs 😂 it was kinda weird but it was fun. Okay so they have a son who is autistic but he is insanely gifted. He can hear any song and go sit down on the piano and play it, it's insane. He played All of Me by John Schmidt without the sheet music. Anyways, so I wanted to see how real this really this was so we played the #LightTheWorld video for him so that he could hear the tune and he was like yeah I think I got it. So he goes and sit down at the Piano and plays it absolutely perfectly!!!! IT WAS NUTS😂😂 I couldn't believe it. It wasn't just one hand either, it was like both hands playing full chords and he nailed it first try and he played almost a full minute into the song!!! It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. So yeah that was Thursday! 

Friday- Friday was actually a pretty good day for us! We started the day going to teach Modesto and it was one of the best lessons we've had with him. I was able to connect with him really well and comfort him because of the some of the experiences that I've had so I could relate to how he was feeling. He started crying and then told me that he wishes that he could talk with the power of the Lord like me... so that was crazy. Sometimes during lessons or while giving a talk or something you can almost feel the spirit like wrapping itself around the words you're saying and this was one of those moments. It was pretty cool. Anyways, then he told me to stop talking because my words were making him cry, and he said he felt a lot better after that. Idk where Elder Angulo was during all of this but he didn't really say anything. Then after our lesson or heart to heart or whatever it was, he gave us cake and ice cream, not because we wanted any but because you can't say no to Puerto Rican's when they offer you something. Then we went back to the apartment and teamed up with a member to go visit some less actives. We were able to catch two less active ladies with him and teach lessons with them, both visits were longer than they needed to be because whenever you bring a member, uncontrollable conversation breaks out. But they needed it so it was good. 

At Brother Alva's with his giant pet tortoise
After that we went straight to our dinner appointment with the Lovell family and they made us Taco Lasagna which I've never had but it tasted really good😋 It had been a long day by the end of the dinner appointment so we got back to the apartment and I said let's go visit Robert(nursing home) we were both exhausted and he's like noooo let's study or something but I was like no let's go see him, let's see if we can get 4 lessons in one day. Then he picked up the basketball that goes to my new mini hoop(thanks Bryce) and said "Si yo hago esto, no vamos a visitar Robert ahora" (If I make this, we aren't going to visit Robert right now) anyways he missed the shot but it quickly turned into an intense game of 1 on 1 in our giant wood floor hall way with the many hoop and whoever scored first got to decide what we did next. It turned out to be like a 10 minute long game and it was pretty funny😂😂 I'm pretty sure all of our neighbors were wondering what the heck we were doing haha but eventually he finally scored but then he agreed that we should go visit Robert anyways.  I was probably being completely unreasonable when I said we should go see him because it was like 2.5 mile bike ride and it was freezing outside and it was 7:30 PM by that point but we went anyways😂 It was a good lesson though, he was happy to see us and we read some scriptures with him and showed him a video. I used the Beats Pill because Robert is probably half deaf and it made all the difference in the world!! He could actually hear the video and he loved it!! Haha then we went home and quickly planned and went to bed. 

Saturday- New Years Eve! Saturday we did service all day at Brother Alva's house but it was actually good productive service. We moved several heavy tool carts and dug a giant trench💁 Then that night we went to Dinner at Hacho and Fe's house(Bulgarian couple) and then we came home and cleaned our apartment because that was our New Years Party😅 Our Mission President didn't want us out on the streets on New Years so we just got to clean🙎‍♂️ Not quite as exciting as my last 2 New Years have been but whatever🙆 haha I only have one more on the mission. 

Sunday - New Years Day! Nothing crazy happened on Sunday. We didn't even have a dinner appointment so it was just planning, follow up and walking around. So that's my week! I love and miss you guys!❤

-Elder Nelson

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