Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February 20, 2017 - Valentine's Day this week!

Hey guys! Thanks for your emails, here's my week!❤ 

Monday- Monday was pretty boring honestly. We woke up and went to crossfit and then we went and got our shopping done. After that we just went to the church in Harrisburg alllll day. We just played basketball and emailed and it was just kind of a boring day all around. One of the Zone Leaders challenged me to game of 1 on 1 and I beat him 11-3 and then he punched the wall and broke his hand lololol jk it wasn't that bad. He just punched the pad on the wall behind the hoop because he was frustrated but he hit it wrong and got a boxer's fracture😬 Anyways, then we just took a bus home from Harrisburg and a member ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut to our apartment again. But now I'm smart and know better than to eat normal Pizza Hut pizza so I took a hot piece of the pizza and put it in the freezer until it got cold and then I set the oven to 375F and put the cold piece in the oven for about 10 minutes. And it was absolutely perfect😍 the crust gets nice and crispy and it's super warm and it makes Pizza Hut pizza worth eating because it's not very good just normally hahaha so yeah that was Monday. 
The Pacman sign next to a private parkinglot downtown

Tuesday- Valentine's Day!💖 We spent this day seeing all the old ladies because they are the ones who care about Valentine's Day lol. So we took the long walk to Sister Kuhnert's house in the morning and shared a message with her and talked and stuff. Then afterwards when we were leaving she grabbed my arm and looked at me and said "thank you for coming, you've made a big difference in my life lately" so that was nice. She also asked if she could have my tie but it was my nice turquoise floral Dazi tie so I couldn't really give that one up 😂 so I just kinda played it off like "yeah this is a cool one huh? Hahaaa.. maybe on a day when I'm not wearing it" so hopefully she forgets. After that we tried a couple more people who weren't home so then we had lunch and went to the puzzle ladies and they were thrilled to see us of course, especially on Valentine's Day😂. AND I brought my own puzzle this time that Kam sent me! It's a puzzle of a painting of old fashioned St. George and the ladies were excited that I brought my own so we all worked on it💁 We didn't finish it but we probably will this next week and we will take a picture😋 After puzzles, we put together a Valentine's Day present for Sister Bord. She loves chocolate so I put together all my Hershey's chocolate that I have accumulated over the last couple months and put it in a Valentine's bag and we wrote her letters and took it to her. She was so happy when we brought it😂 It was so much candy but I didn't really care because I'm not a big candy eater anyways. Then we shared a message with her. After that we had dinner by ourselves back at home 🙍‍♂️ jk it's nice sometimes to just eat at the apartment because it's relaxing. We were supposed to go to ESL on Tuesday but the teacher canceled so we went out to find a couple investigators and we did! And we scheduled return appointments with two of them. 
Yep -- he's the cutest missionary ever! 

Wednesday- On Wednesday we got back in contact with Harry!💯 We had a really long lesson with him that morning but he needed it because he had lots of questions and we were able to help answer all of them. It was way too long though. We ended up missing our next appointment because we were still with Harry but it worked out because on our walk back home we ran into Carlos, who was who we were supposed to have a lesson with. We just rescheduled with him and he said no worries because he was busy anyways. It's kinda cool to just be walking down the street and then randomly start speaking Spanish to people. Like right there we ran into Carlos and instantly switched over to Spanish to talk to him and other people standing around us just look at us like "what? These well dressed white kids speak Spanish??" Hahaha it's pretty funny. Then during lunch I got Dad's cookies in the mail!! 🍪🍪🍪 I was so excited hahaha they have been sooo good and I've eaten them all week😍😋 I instantly recognized the taste of them and a flash of Sunday night memories went through my head from when he would always make them. So thank you!! After lunch we were supposed to have some service so we were waiting for the person to pick us up but they were taking forever then finally they called us and said that it wasn't going to work out😅 so we wasted like an hour and a half and we had to get dressed back into proselyting clothes. We ended up just going to see Robert and we had a good visit with him, he is over his pneumonia which is actually a miracle considering his age. So he should be able to attend church here these next couple weeks. That night our dinner appointment just dropped off food at the church so we went there for Book of Mormon class and then we went back home to eat by ourselves again. Then while we were preparing some food, we got a text and it was from Skylar!! The super golden investigator that I had taught last November. We had 2 amazing lessons with her and her mom and then we lost complete contact. Well she texted us saying " I saw you guys walking downtown while on my way driving to work and I just knew that I needed to get back in contact with you again, I've been so incredibly busy lately but I think about the Mormon faith often and I would love to attend a church service here in the near future." 😱😱 pretty sweet huh? I was super excited and my companion was too but he's never even met her so he doesn't understand how golden her and her mom are. It made me wonder like which out of all of our pointless walks downtown did she see us? It just made me realize that no effort is wasted and that you're always making a difference somewhere. 

Thursday- Thursday morning we went and saw the Orta family. We have been helping them get ready to attend the temple to do baptisms for their first time and they are Spanish speaking so we are some of very few people in the ward who can communicate sufficiently enough with them. Anyways, we shared a message about the blessings of family history and they are ready to go! Maybe we can arrange a last minute trip to go with them to Philadelphia for their first time doing baptisms this next Saturday😏 we are trying to make it work. After that we teamed up with the Bishop's son and saw several people, pretty much all less actives. Then we went to dinner at the Henson's house and it was delicious as always. After that we went and taught EJ and then found Joel on the way home and taught him as well.  

Friday- On Friday we went to the Caring Cupboard food bank in Palmyra in the morning for service. Then we went to breakfast at a local little cafe called the Filling Station. It's like the type of little restaurant you would see on Route 66 in the movie Cars. So it has a cool little vibe to it and the people there are really friendly. After that we headed to Harrisburg for District Meeting and interviews with our mission President. Luckily, his wife Sister Johnson, was in charge of the lesson so I didn't have to prepare anything💁 During my interview he said "Elder Nelson you've been in Lebanon for awhile now, you could be looking at a big change here in a week or so" 😂😂 so yeah I'm pretty positive that I'm getting transferred hahaha. He came off kinda strong about it on accident I think, like it was a for-sure thing and then he kinda played it off like "or you could stay, we'll see" hahaha but I'm gonna be careful buying groceries this week because I'm pretty sure that I'm out of here➡️ After District Meeting, we went to our dinner appointment with the Giles family. I haven't had dinner with them before but it was really good! They made tacos and orange Julius smoothies. Then that night we tried seeing some people but we didn't have any luck. 

Saturday- On Saturday the weather was absolutely beautiful😍. It was completely sunny and 65 degrees! No one knows where it came from because it's been freezing here, but it was so nice and no one was complaining either. We went to help Brother Alva and it was a project for sure. He was having a car-lift installed in his garage so we had to move everything out of the way and move giant heavy pieces of metal and wood and it was terrible but we did it! After that we went back and got dressed and then we went to the Priesthood session of Stake Conference. I actually enjoyed that meeting but then we had the adult session of Stake Conference later that evening so it was 4 hours of sitting in a chair and I was over it by the end😅 During the adult session, the missionaries in the stake all had to sing called to serve up on the stand and while we were singing it, the whole congregation just decided to stand up and starting singing it with us mid-song and the spirit was so strong when they did that it was crazy. Our mission President was there this whole weekend and he spoke at all three session and I love when he gets up there because he's clearly the best speaker in the room every time, he could even make the Abrahamic covenant sound interesting lol. 

Sunday- Sunday we were able to just watch the broadcast of Stake Conference at our building here in Lebanon and the speakers did an excellent job. Sunday was a beautiful day just like Saturday!! It was almost 68 degrees and completely sunny! So we walked around for a few hours after church and talked to some people on the street and then we went and taught Modesto. We had a good lesson with him and he promised me that he would be at church next week. (I used the guilt trip that I'm probably getting transferred) And next Sunday is his birthday so we are going to celebrate with him after church next week if he goes! He actually really likes me and I'm gonna miss him. Even when he calls our phone he just says "Hey Nelson I'm runnin a little late so lets reschedule" i.e. But yeah he never says missionaries or anything😂 he just says Nelson. He also told me that he still has his house in Puerto Rico and no one lives there!?! He still pays the electric and utilities bill every month on it and his sister checks up on it once a week but he didn't sell it when he came to America! So he told me I could go stay there if I ever want to make a trip down to Puerto Rico. He didn't sell it because he's hopeful that after his transplant surgery, he will be able to return. Anyways, later that evening we went to the Gehrings house(estate) for dinner and it was wonderful. And I got to ride front seat in Brother Gehring's Audi this time😏 After dinner went back outside because the weather was too perfect not too and we talked to some people and found a new less active guy that no one has talked to from the church for 3 years! His name is Jesus and he's pretty cool, he seemed really happy to see us. Then that was it for Sunday💁 This week was good though! I have needed this warm weather because I've been dying in the cold 😂 Thank you again for the cookies! They have been sooo good, I think I only have 3 left haha.  Sorry this email is so long lol I love and miss all of you💙💙💞💕

-Elder Nelson

February 13, 2017 - Lots of cancellations this week... *sigh*

Hey guys!! ❤ Here's my week! 

Monday- Monday was good! We woke up and went to crossfit and then we went straight to Wal-Mart to get our grocery shopping done because P-Day starts at 8 A.M now. After that we went to a really nice mall in camp hill for pretty much the whole day and it was a lot of fun! They had a sushi bar there and I haven't had sushi for like more than 6 months so I ordered one and it was pretty good😋 It had eel in it. Not as good as Sakura but it was good. They had an H&M there and it was one of the best ones I've ever been too, so I got some new clothes. And then we just did all the normal things you do in a mall, try on all the lotions at bath & body works, try every food sample out, sit in the free massage chairs etc. It was a fun day, then we took the earlier bus home that evening and got ready for dinner. We had dinner with the Lasters and it was good! Their son really likes me so when we were all about to sit at the table he's like "everyone listen up! Me and Elder nelson are sitting on the bench so no one take our seats!" 😂😂 he's a funny kid, I'm glad he likes me. Then later that night we get a call from a semi-active Puerto Rican man who told us he was leaving town and that he needed us to feed his cat and his fish while he was gone. Before we even had time to respond, he was picking us up at our apartment. He took us back to his apartment and showed us how to food the animals then handed us a key and told us that he'd be back on Sunday and we just sat there like uhhhh okayyy. So yeah haha that's how Puerto Rican's work. 

Tuesday- We started the day walking around trying to get in contact with some people and we actually found a couple. Then we had to go to the library to put some numbers into the computer and then we had lunch. After that we did puzzles and saw Sister Bord, our normal Tuesday afternoon routine. I told Sister Bord that we would be back to see her again on Valentines Day and all she said was "okay! Remember that milk chocolate with caramel is my favorite" 😂 Luckily, we have loads of candy in our apartment that we don't eat so taking her some chocolate will not be a problem. That night we had dinner with the Johnson family. The father is actually the nephew of President Johnson! So it was cool to eat with them, they are a fun family. After dinner Brother Johnson came out with us to teach the Thomas Family. He was an excellent Team-Up but the Thomas Family is just stubborn so it wasn't the best lesson ever. 

How to tract in Pennsylvania... 
Wednesday- On Wednesday, we started the day walking all the way up to Sister Kuhnert's house but it was worth it because she was thrilled to see us. We had a good lesson with her and she told us that she would be at church on Sunday! After that we walked to Lloyds and taught him and that was about as boring as could be. Then we called a couple investigators and scheduled appointments for later in the week. Then we went to teach Robert. Robert is so close to coming back to church, he just needs to get over his stupid pneumonia or whatever it is. Our lesson with him was actually kind of interesting😂 his roommate is a paranoid schizophrenic so sometimes he has episodes where he gets super ticked off for no reason lol So he started having one of these episodes and told us that Robert tried to fight him earlier that day. So then he tried to roll his wheelchair over to fight Robert. (This guy is handicapped, so there was no way he was really going to fight anybody and every time he tried to roll his wheelchair over, the edge of his chair would get stuck on the bed so he couldn't move and then he would get even more mad) 😂😂 eventually he made his way over to Robert after a lot of screaming and frustration and then Robert grabbed his cane and started hitting the other guys wheelchair while yelling "Satan be gone! Satan be gone!" I had absolutely no idea what to do hahaha. After like 5 minutes of this, the nurses came in and rolled the paranoid guy out of the room but he was screaming and cussing so loud while they rolled him out. After that Robert just looked at me and said "I hate it here."  Lolol we were still able to have a lesson with him after everything settled down though so it wasn't a complete waste of time. We headed back to our apartment after that and everybody started talking about the storm that was coming the next day. I guess it was supposed to be pretty big so the city was like shutting down haha our dinner appointment for that night and for the following night both dropped off food at our apartment because they were sure that they were going to get snowed in. Literally everybody we passed that night said something about this storm and restaurants closed early and everything and we could not figure out what the big deal was‍.

Thursday- Well sure enough we woke up to snow on the ground but it was maybe 7 or 8 inches at the most. They canceled school, everybody's work started late, the snow plows were all out, and three of our lessons canceled! I was so frustrated because it's not like the people we teach had to go anywhere? We go to their house, like what do they care if there is snow outside or not. All winter long everyone in PA had been telling me how they get crazy winters and all this snow and what not, and then when snow finally comes down, they all go into shock and have no idea what to do!! I was just like "you freakin wimps, I thought this was PA? Land of the snow or whatever? And then you guys get less than a foot and the whole city shuts down??" 😂 it was pretty pathetic. Anyways, we did our work as usual. It was a little bit harder to walk out on the street than usual because of the snowy sidewalks but it wasn't that bad. We checked on the Puerto Rican's cat and fish in the morning and we tried a couple other houses that direction and then we found some inactive(prospective) elders that the elders quorum President asked us to go see and we set up return appointments with them. After that, the Bishops son teamed up with us to go teach a new investigator, Modesto, and a couple other people. It was good to see Modesto again, he's supposed to get his transplant in the next 2 months! I hope he does. He always tells us that when we pray at his house, he feels better for the next couple days and we hadn't been by in awhile so he was glad that we were there to help him feel better. That night we didn't have a dinner because the people had dropped it off the night before due to the "snow storm" so we just hung out at home💁 

Friday- On Friday we had a lesson with Kintin and Sylvia in the morning but they weren't home! It made me sad and we even had a Spanish speaking member come with us so that was rough. But luckily we tried a different Spanish speaking investigator with the member and he was home! So we taught him a lesson and the member did a really good job. So it all worked out but I hope we get back in contact with Kintin and Sylvia. After that we had District Meeting for the first time in forever and it went well! I felt like I had a good lesson prepared🙆 and everyone told me good job! After that our dinner appointment canceled for the 3rd time in a row so I decided to call Hacho and I just said "hey wanna go to the Panera bread downtown?" And he just said "sure" 😂😂 we are good friends. So we went and tried it out! It was packed but it was super good😍 I had never been to a Panera bread before but I'm a fan. It's like Great Harvest, kneaders, zupas etc. But I really like it😋 and it was fun to hang out with Hacho. After dinner we had to walk pretty far to an appointment with an investigator and it was freeeezing. No matter what I do, I'm freezing all the time😂 my blood has not gotten any thicker I swear and I have like no body fat so I just freeze. The worst part is the cold wind so I always have my scarf wrapped around my face but the only way to keep my scarf from falling off is to keep my neck arched while I walk and then it starts to ache super bad so it's a struggle. Then when we finally got to the appointment, the lady answered but she said that she forgot we were coming so we had to reschedule for another time.😅 so yeah that wasn't the best. 

Saturday- On Saturday morning we were supposed to teach Harry, our new investigator, but he freakin canceled too!! I guess his life has been pretty rough this last week so it's been hard because our lessons with him have gone so well! We aren't sure what to do with him because he seemed so promising. After that we headed over to the Boyd's to do service! We helped paint their house for a few hours 🎨 it was fun💁 Then we went to that family history broadcast thing. Then we went back to the Boyd's for dinner😋 

Sunday- Nothing crazy happened on Sunday, we just went to Ward council and our other meetings and then church. I feel like I'm actually a part of the ward here at this point😂 After church we taught Anil and then found a couple other potential investigators and then we went to dinner at the Nelson's house. After dinner we walked around looking for some people downtown but we didn't have any luck🙆 Well that's my week! It was kinda rough😅 but hopefully this next week will be better! I love and miss you guys❤

-Elder Nelson 

February 6, 2017 - Super Bowl... Patriots win!!

Hey guys here's my week!! ❤ 

Monday-   Monday we woke up and went to crossfit and then we studied for a little and then we went to Wal Mart for groceries. After that we met up with all the other missionaries from Harrisburg at Chocolate World in Hershey because a lot of the new elders hadn't been yet. So we did the chocolate door and all that fun stuff and then we all went back to the church to play basketball 🏀Then the sisters dropped us off in downtown Harrisburg so that we could take the bus back to Lebanon but we had like an hour before our bus was gonna leave so went to the capitol building and then we went to tropical smoothie and got smoothies😋 Then we took our bus back to Lebanon. When we got home we were both pretty tired and we just wanted to eat dinner and call it a day but I felt like we should go out. So we just threw a shirt and tie and went to try and contact a referral and to our surprise they answered and they let us in!! It's a couple from Puerto Rico who's names are Kintin and Sylvia. We started talking to the Husband about who we were and stuff and he seemed pretty interested and then his wife came down and sat down with us but he was like "Sorry guys my wife doesn't speak English" so I was just like uhhh "No te preocupes, hablamos español" It felt pretty cool to say that hahaha so we have talked to them in Spanish from that point on. I think the fact that we speak Spanish is a big reason that we got a return appointment because they seem surprised that we knew their language somewhat decently in the middle of Pennsylvania. Anyways, so we gave them a couple Book of Mormons and scheduled a return appointment for that Friday! 

Tuesday- On Tuesday we started off the day with our second lesson with Harry! We had a member present there and the lesson couldn't have gone better. The member really helped and we taught him the plan of salvation. Then he started asking about baptisms for the dead and we told him that he could do them for his family who have passed on after he is baptized and he got really really excited about that. Harry seems very promising, I'm excited about him. After that lesson we ate some lunch and then went to do Puzzles and catch up on the Poplar Terrace 65+ gossip. Then we went and visited Sister Bord and of course she loved our visit. We got her laughing so hard that she couldn't even say the closing prayer hahaha it was funny. 😂😂 But don't worry we gave her a spiritual message as well. Then for dinner that night we went over the Fischer's house and it was delicious as always😍 Then we tried contacting some people that night but none of them really worked out. 

Wednesday- On Wednesday we had Zone Conference in Northumberland so we were gone alllll day. It was good though, I learned some new things and for lunch they had Hawaiian Haystacks😭😭❤ Then for dinner the whole zone went to Buffalo Wild Wings! Normally I would love it but I wasn't really hungry so I only ordered a few wings but they were the worst Buffalo Wild Wings I've ever had so I didn't really eat them. I just ate everybody's celery and carrots lol so it wasn't the best but one of the sisters paid for my meal without me knowing so it's all good😂 

Thursday- On Thursday we taught Robert in the morning and then we taught a Puerto Rican less active named Marina in the afternoon and we actually got a referral from her! Spanish people refer everybody wether they themselves go to church or not😂 I love it. After that we went back to our apartment and it was getting dark and really cold so we weren't sure what to do but we hadn't seen Anil in awhile so we called him to see if he could meet us at Dairy Queen and he said yeah. IT WAS SO COLD. Longest bike ride of my life and it was freezing, my legs just kept pedaling and I couldn't even feel them but he needed our visit so it was good. When we got back that night we were both starving and we had some left over Pizza Hut pizza in the fridge. Now I know that sounds gross but we decided to actually follow the "Oven Re-Heat instructions" on the side of the box and it was one of the best pieces of pizza I've ever had no joke. If you reheat it with the oven then the crust gets like crispy again and its soooo good 😍 I have no idea why. The reason we had left overs was because I refused to eat Pizza Hut in the first place because I thought it was gross but I was wrong lol. 

Friday- On Friday we had our first lesson with Kintin and Sylvia and it went good! They actually both read the Book of Mormon and we taught them the Restoration, hopefully we can get them to church soon. After that we went to help at Brother Alva's house. He actually had some really good service for us, we all had to work together to haul huge pieces of ply wood up ladders to the top of his 20 foot garage ceiling. It took most the day and we still didn't finish but he needed to get it done so we decided to go back again the next day. That night we went to dinner at the Mcowans house again, they are an old couple but they're cool. 

Saturday- On Saturday Morning we were supposed to have a lesson with Harry but he called us to tell us that he had the flu. When an investigator takes the time to actually call to cancel then you know they're sincere. We still had a good conversation with him over the phone about some of his reading and stuff though so it was good. Then we went back to Brother Alva's to finish his garage. Honestly, if I didn't go to the gym at least a few times before my mission then there's no way that I could've done what I had to do😂😂 I had to hold an 8ft x 4ft piece of ply wood over my head with one hand on the top of a 10 foot ladder. That was my job in getting the wood up hahaha and my companion is kinda skinny//lanky so there was no way he could do it. So tell Spencer and Bryce to go to the gym! Anyways, then that night we went to dinner at the Stewart's house! Just a normal meal💁 After that we went out on the street to try and contact some people but we didn't have much luck😅 Robert actually called us that night too though, just to tell us he wasn't feeling good so that we shouldn't go pick him up but still at least he took the time to call. Elder Hansen answered the phone and Robert was like "Which one is this?" And my companion was just like "uhh Elder Hansen" then Robert said "oh, Nelson didn't get transferred right?" Then Elder said responded "No um he's still here" then Robert said "oh okay good just checking" 😂😂 I'm glad Robert cares that I'm still here. I'm honestly surprised that he even knows my name haha. 

Sunday- On Sunday we just had our regular meetings in the morning and then we had church. During Ward council they were talking about the Fischer Family and how Sister Fischer has a brain tumor and is going to have to do therapy and all that stuff again and they aren't sure how much longer she is going to live. She beat cancer a few years ago but I knew that there were still lingering growths or whatever but I didn't realize that it was this bad. My heart is broken for them, they take such good care of us. They have 8 kids living in their house so it would be extremely difficult if she were to pass away. Keep them in your prayers! Anyways so after church we decided to make them a cake.(Thanks Kam for the cake mix) We had told them earlier in the week that we were going to "crash" their super bowl party so we figured it would all work out. They don't go to church a ton so it's pretty much less active work😏. So I made the cake and Elder Hansen fount a container of frosting in our cupboard. The frosting was chocolate and the cake was fun-fetti but who cares it still tasted good lol. And the sisters made them cookies and we all wrote them letters. FYI- Baking on a fast Sunday is absolutely terrible. After that we went to our real dinner at the Henson's house and for dinner they made us every super bowl snack you could think of😍 It was great haha they said "We know you guys probably can't watch the super bowl but that doesn't mean that you can't still have the food!" I love that logic so we had like a nacho bar for dinner😂 Then we went and tried contacting a couple referrals with the Sisters and then we went and delivered our cookies and cake to the Fischer's! When they opened the door and saw us, their faces lit up. They invited us in and offered us all of there super bowl snacks as well but we were still pretty full. Sister Fischer said "Yeah I actually wasn't feeling good earlier so I didn't make any desserts for the game" So we came in the clutch! They were very grateful and you can tell that they need some love. They were just watching the game by themselves, like they didn't have any friends over or anything. So we hung out with them for like a quarter then we left at half time. So I got to see a couple good plays and some funny commercials💁 I was pretty disappointed that they didn't show a Star Wars trailer yesterday. The super bowl is usually when they show the next one. I was also surprised to hear that the patriots won because when we left, the Falcons were wrecking😂 must have been a good game. That night the sisters went and visited an older lady that I went and visited a few weeks ago. I guess they walked in and she was like "you should've brought that one Elder with you guys" and they said "Who?" Then the older lady was like "uhhh umm the good looking one" 😂😂 They said she turned like bright red and they were like "yeah if he didn't have glasses then that was Elder Nelson" hahaha so that was pretty funny. I have a connection with the old people lol. Alright well that's my week!❤ I'll go respond to your other email as throughout the day! I love and miss you guys tons!!💕

-Elder Nelson 

January 30, 2017 - New P-Day Rules!!

Hey guys here's my week! Not as eventful as last week but whatever haha.. 

Monday- Last P-Day we woke up and took a new bus to Harrisburg. It's a straight shot there so that's pretty nice and it's a big comfortable bus with wi-fi. It leaves Lebanon at 6:30 and gets us to downtown Harrisburg right in front of the capital building by 7:30. The Zone Leaders picked us up there and then we hang out with them the rest of the day💁 So we just played basketball, shopped and emailed and stuff and then we went to dinner at a members house with the Sisters. 

Elder Hansen and Elder Nelson at Hershey's World

Tuesday- On Tuesday, we went and did some finding in the morning and then we ended up walking like 2 miles one way to a less actives house but she was really glad that we came by and she even came to church on Sunday! So it worked out. After that, I introduced Elder Hansen to the puzzle ladies and it was hilarious hahaha. One of them walked in the room and looked at Elder Hansen and said "Oh new guy! I'm gonna go start my bath, you wanna come help me wash my back!?" Elder Hansen was red in the face and the other puzzle ladies and I were dying. 😂😂 They always say whack things when a new guy comes its pretty funny. After that we went and visited Sister Bord. I'm just desperately trying to get her to read her scriptures because it's all she can really do and it's finally starting to work😅 hopefully she sees the good that comes from it. After that we went splits with a couple members from the ward and we got 4 lessons taught in less than a hour so that was good! Then we ate dinner and went to bed. 

Wednesday- On Wednesday, we had a worldwide missionary broadcast so that was district meeting. It was a cool broadcast, it was basically just Elder Bednar, Elder Anderson and Elder Oaks sitting at a table discussing different topics. It was kind of cheesy but they said some good things. They made some big announcements though! From now on, the structured missionary study and preparation schedule no longer exists. From 6:30 AM to 10:00 AM, you have to plan for the day(30 min.) have personal study (60 min.) and then exercise or shower or whatever else and it's up to us to decide how we want to use it and what order and stuff so that's pretty cool😋 We have a ton more time in the morning so it's nice. Then from 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM, you have to do companionship study and language study at some point but it doesn't matter when, as well as have your meals for the day. At 9:00 PM we return to our apartments and then just write in our journals or go to bed or do whatever we want really. So I like the changes! The purpose is to give missionaries more agency as to how to use time wisely and to help them develop good planning habits for when they go home. Because with the structured schedule, missionaries get so used to that so then when they get back to college and have a class that starts at 7:30 AM they don't know what to do in the morning so the Missionary Department thinks that this will help us form good habits. Also, P-Day is now 2 hours longer😏 its from 8:00 AM-6:00 PM so now we don't have to study as a companionship or plan or anything on P-Days so that's pretty cool! So you will probably get emails from me at like 6:00 AM(your time) instead of 8:00 AM now because I can send them 2 hours earlier! The other change is with our common key indicators. Our mission President and the mission department used to keep track of 9 different things called Common Key Indicators like (Lessons taught, Investigators at church, Baptisms etc.) And now they shortened the list to just 4 things and they all have to do with investigators being at church and being ready for baptism. So it just kinda shows where we should be focusing our time. Anyways, so yeah those are the changes we found out about on Wednesday! After the broadcast, we went and taught a couple people and then we went to the Boyd's for dinner. After Dinner we had Book of Mormon class. The sisters have an investigator who is super close to baptism but he just has a few small struggles and I've been able to connect really well with him. I feel like I can say and show him the things that he needs to see and hear even though we don't teach him on a regular basis. This is the same guy that I gave the blessing too last week. So hopefully he keeps pushing cause he has a date for this coming month. 

At the Capitol Building in Harrisburg
Thursday- On Thursday we teamed up with a ward member to go see a bunch of people and it worked really well, we also set up a couple return appointments with some potential investigators. Thursday night we went to dinner at the Boggs house and then Brother Boggs came with us to teach an investigator. 

Friday- On Friday we woke up and went to volunteer at the food bank for a few hours. After that we helped Brother Alva fix a couple cars from his neighborhood and then we went home and weekly planned. 

Saturday- Saturday was successful!! We taught a less active in the morning and then we were walking to go contact a referral and this member named Hector whistled at me. He's kind of a crazy guy so I was just like ugghhh I don't want to talk to him right now but I told Elder Hansen that we should just go talk to him for a second anyways. We ended up talking for awhile and then he tried calling one of his neighbors to see if he was interested in learning from the missionaries. Then I said that we should just go knock on the guys door and we did and then the guy answered! We went in and then Hector had to leave so he just left us there with this guy named Harry. After talking to Harry for a second, I started to realize how prepared this guy is! He had learned with some sister missionaries in the past but he kinda fell away when he met some girl a couple years ago but she's out of his life now and he's ready to come back! We went through the Restoration with him and the whole time he was just smiling and kept saying "yeah yeah I remember this!" We talked to him about baptism and stuff and he had a couple questions and concerns but I was able to answer them with a scripture and story that I had found in my studies that same morning about John the Baptist!! It was such a cool lesson and we are going back to teach him this next Tuesday and I'm excited, he's so ready. After the lesson, Elder Hansen asked me how I knew how to tie his question in with John the Baptist and I was like "Honestly I read that this morning during studies hahaha" It was awesome😋 Harry is like a 60 year old veteran but he looks like a mix of David Bowie and Harrison Ford and he dresses like a rockstar ha I love it. After that we tried contacting a couple more people and then we went to dinner at another members house named the Lovells. Then after dinner we street contacted some people then went to bed. 

Sunday- Sunday was pretty normal, we just had our normal meetings and church and then we did some finding after church and then we went to dinner at the Laudermilchs house(they own a meat shop and a bakery so it was really good) and then after dinner, we went back out on the street to do some more street contacting and then we went to bed. That's my week! Sorry it wasn't too exciting but some good things happened💁 I'll go respond to your individual emails in a little bit❤ I love and miss you guys so much!!💕

-Elder Nelson

January 23, 2017 New Companion - Elder Hansen

Hey everyone❤ here's my week! Monday- Monday was a fun day! We woke up and headed to Harrisburg because Elder Angulo had to head to Pittsburgh to catch his flight. So he left first thing in the morning and then the Harrisburg Elders came and picked me up so I hung out with them all day. We emailed a little bit at the church in the morning and then one of them had a lunch appointment with a couple investigators so I decided to go with them. We met the investigators at Jimmy Johns and taught them the Plan of Salvation. The investigators are these African American twins who are in their 20's. It was really fun to teach them hahaha they are super prepared and everything! And it was nice to be teaching one of the basic missionary lessons again. After that we went back to the church to play basketball and stuff and then we all went to BWW😏 AND the Cavs//Warriors game was on so it was all perfect. So I stayed the night in Harrisburg on Monday and the other Elders from Millersburg and Camp Hill that come to Harrisburg on P-Days decided to stay the night too because I was there so clearly everybody wanted to stay the night too. Jk hahah we had transfers the next day so that's why they could do it. The Harrisburg Elders didn't pack before hand so they spent like half the night packing so we couldn't really sleep. We just played games and talked until midnight or so and then the Elders who were leaving the next day finally finished packing so we could turn the lights off and go to bed. But it was a fun night and it was nice to be with a big group of people💁 

Tuesday- On Tuesday, most people left in the morning for transfers to either pick up their new companion or get transferred somewhere else. However, two of the Harrisburg elders and I were told to stay in Harrisburg and work the area so we did. We started off the day going to this one Hispanic lady's house named Evelyn to teach her. Out of the three of us, my Spanish was the most advanced so I had to do most of the talking but I didn't mind because I could understand her really well. She was a clear speaker. Anyways, we thought we were there to teach her but little did we know that she was there to teach us. This lady went off for 2 hours!!! It was nuts and somehow I understood every word of it. At first she was saying good things and then she started telling us how we have been stuck in the Book of Mormon our whole lives and we needed to read God's real word(meaning the Bible) and all this other stuff. So I explained to her how both are testaments of Jesus Christ and then I just kinda bore my testimony and told her that we needed to leave. I then asked her if she would offer a closing prayer. I had forgotten that earlier in the lesson this lady had told us that she was Penticostal. Half way through my invitation to her to say the prayer I was like oh wait crap no. But she gladly accepted the invitation to pray for us and I knew that we were in trouble. THIS LADY STARTED SCREAMING TO THE HEAVENS!! It was the most obnoxious//loud prayer I've ever heard and it was like 10 minutes long. I've never felt farther away from the spirit during a prayer😂😂 I learned my lesson about asking Pentecostals to pray. So one of the elders in our trio wasn't Spanish speaking so he had no idea what just happened so I had to explain to him that I was an idiot hahah and tell him about everything else she said. So that was quite the experience. After that lesson, the Harrisburg Elder's new companions got to Harrisburg so we turned into 5some haha I was just like this awkward 5th wheel. We ended up splitting up and I went with the walk Elders to teach some people downtown. Downtown Harrisburg is kinda nice but just outside is really rough. People say Lebanon is bad but Harrisburg is 5x worse. They actually have gangs and stuff there. So we taught a couple of investigators in the nice part of downtown and then we met back up with the other Harrisburg Elders at Tropical Smoothie for dinner😍 I got the acai smoothie and it was sooo good. I miss tropical smoothie 😪 Not much of a dinner but whatever😂 After that we went to Walmart because the new missionaries needed groceries and then we thought my new companion would be there to pick me up by then but he still wasn't. So they decided to go to the church to play basketball with the Elders Quorum so that the new Elders could meet some people in the ward. I met some people too but I was still just the awkward 5th wheel who wasn't in my own area😂 After basketball my new companion finally showed up and we headed back to Lebanon and got home pretty late. His name is Elder Hansen btw! 

Elder Hansen and Elder Nelson
Wednesday- On Wednesday we had District Meeting and it went super good. Everyone got to meet each other and then the lesson went really really good! I actually invited a guest to come because a lady had emailed our mission president asking if she could speak at one of our district meetings. So he forwarded me the email because the lady was from Hershey and he basically just said "I'll let you handle this one" 😂😂 cause I mean that's kind of a weird request to email a mission President asking if you can speak at a district meeting so President just handed it over to me. But I invited her to come because why not? So she came and actually did a really good job! She is 26 and served a mission in San Francisco and she had some cool insight that she shared with us so I was glad that she came. She said several times that she was super impressed with our District and our meetings and stuff😏 So that was good! After District Meeting we all went to Wal Mart to get the new missionaries some groceries and stuff. By the time that was all over, it was already time for dinner. We had dinner with Hacho!! (Bulgarian guy) We went to Texas Roadhouse😋 Hacho loves hanging out with us. I am honestly like his little brother. He always tells me that he wants to do something with us on P-Day one of these days haha. I just need to get him to church lol. So we had a good meal and then afterwards we went to Book of Mormon class. The sister's investigators was there and he is so close to baptism but he's just struggling with the word of wisdom a little bit. So he asked if we could give him a blessing because he had never gotten one before. I'm pretty close with him cause we joke around and stuff and my companion had only been there a day so it was pretty obvious that I would be the one giving the blessing. But it was so cool! It was like I knew exactly what to say. After the blessing he looked at me right in the eyes and he just said "wow." Then he said "the minute you said be at peace, my whole body got chills and I couldn't feel anything but peace." He went off about the blessing for like 5 or 6 minutes afterwards. He was like "your words man, how did you know?" and I was just like "yeah they weren't really my words" hahaha. Then he said "well you're quite the vessel kid, that was amazing." This made me feel good but really it just strengthened my testimony of the power of the priesthood. After all of that we were finally able to read the Book of Mormon with him but the whole time he was just kept make references back to the blessing. He would just say things like "I'm so at peace right now you guys have no idea." So it was kinda hard to read with him but at least he was feeling the spirit haha. 

Thursday- Thursday was pretty much our first day of the week that we finally got to work in our own area😂 So we went and found a couple people in the morning and then we went and walked the streets and practiced our Spanish with some street contacting💁 after that we taught Sister Bord and then we went to dinner at a members house. Then that night we teamed up with that same ward member for our first lesson with a new investigator. The lesson went well and it was nice to have a member there but the guy is kind of weird haha we will keep teaching him though. 

Friday- On Friday we woke up and took the bus to go volunteer at a food bank. It was a lot of fun and they gave us some free Hawaiian Rolls and fruit. I think we are going to volunteer there every week😋 After that we went and helped Brother Alva for a few hours and then we went back home. That night we had dinner with the Fischer's and that was awesome. 

Saturday- On Saturday we went hard! We taught 5 lessons! We taught one in the morning to Robert and then we taught Lloyd and then we teamed up with a member and taught Anil and Modesto and then we went to dinner with that member and then we taught EJ😂 EJ wasn't home when we got to her house but we called her and she was at the laundromat so we went and taught her there😂 good news though, I've been working with EJ for 4 months straight and yesterday she finally went to church!! I was so happy! So yeah Sunday- Sunday was Ward Conference for our ward here so the stake presidency was there for Ward council and stuff. Everybody puts on a front when the stake presidency shows up it's kinda funny. But EJ came to church!! And she sat by us it was fun. After church we went with the sisters to their area because that's where our dinner appointment was and worked there for fun. We tried to find some people for them but we just ended up tracting. I forget how fun tracting is just because you never know what's gonna happen😂 It's even more fun when it's in someone else's area because you've got nothing to lose haha. We came across an anti-Mormon during our tracting session and he was trying to bash with us because he wasn't intelligent enough to get anywhere. We tried to talk to him about the Book of Mormon but he just said "yeah I actually found it sick and disturbing." So I was just like "oh so you haven't read it." 😂 Then he started to go off about the prophet and all his "apocalyptic claims." I gave the guy a weird look and he was like "what? Do you not know?" So I said "Well I've been listening to him speak as long as he's been a prophet." Then the guy said "How? He's been a prophet longer than we have both been alive?" So I responded saying "Um he's been the prophet since 2008" Then the guy got all tripped up on what he was saying and he starting trying to invite us to his church so I was just like yeah you have no idea what you're talking about so we are gonna go😂 so that was another funny experience. If anything, situations like that strengthen my testimony just because I can tell somebody that I know something is true despite what they try and say. Anyways, after that we had dinner with the Franklins for some French toast casserole and it was delicious😍 I really like their family! Well that's my week! Sorry I went into super detail about a few of those days but whatever😂 I love and miss you guys tons and I'll go respond to your individual emails in a little bit💙💙 crazy fact- The sister missionaries that I go home with are already out in the mission!!😱 

-Elder Nelson