Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February 20, 2017 - Valentine's Day this week!

Hey guys! Thanks for your emails, here's my week!❤ 

Monday- Monday was pretty boring honestly. We woke up and went to crossfit and then we went and got our shopping done. After that we just went to the church in Harrisburg alllll day. We just played basketball and emailed and it was just kind of a boring day all around. One of the Zone Leaders challenged me to game of 1 on 1 and I beat him 11-3 and then he punched the wall and broke his hand lololol jk it wasn't that bad. He just punched the pad on the wall behind the hoop because he was frustrated but he hit it wrong and got a boxer's fracture😬 Anyways, then we just took a bus home from Harrisburg and a member ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut to our apartment again. But now I'm smart and know better than to eat normal Pizza Hut pizza so I took a hot piece of the pizza and put it in the freezer until it got cold and then I set the oven to 375F and put the cold piece in the oven for about 10 minutes. And it was absolutely perfect😍 the crust gets nice and crispy and it's super warm and it makes Pizza Hut pizza worth eating because it's not very good just normally hahaha so yeah that was Monday. 
The Pacman sign next to a private parkinglot downtown

Tuesday- Valentine's Day!💖 We spent this day seeing all the old ladies because they are the ones who care about Valentine's Day lol. So we took the long walk to Sister Kuhnert's house in the morning and shared a message with her and talked and stuff. Then afterwards when we were leaving she grabbed my arm and looked at me and said "thank you for coming, you've made a big difference in my life lately" so that was nice. She also asked if she could have my tie but it was my nice turquoise floral Dazi tie so I couldn't really give that one up 😂 so I just kinda played it off like "yeah this is a cool one huh? Hahaaa.. maybe on a day when I'm not wearing it" so hopefully she forgets. After that we tried a couple more people who weren't home so then we had lunch and went to the puzzle ladies and they were thrilled to see us of course, especially on Valentine's Day😂. AND I brought my own puzzle this time that Kam sent me! It's a puzzle of a painting of old fashioned St. George and the ladies were excited that I brought my own so we all worked on it💁 We didn't finish it but we probably will this next week and we will take a picture😋 After puzzles, we put together a Valentine's Day present for Sister Bord. She loves chocolate so I put together all my Hershey's chocolate that I have accumulated over the last couple months and put it in a Valentine's bag and we wrote her letters and took it to her. She was so happy when we brought it😂 It was so much candy but I didn't really care because I'm not a big candy eater anyways. Then we shared a message with her. After that we had dinner by ourselves back at home 🙍‍♂️ jk it's nice sometimes to just eat at the apartment because it's relaxing. We were supposed to go to ESL on Tuesday but the teacher canceled so we went out to find a couple investigators and we did! And we scheduled return appointments with two of them. 
Yep -- he's the cutest missionary ever! 

Wednesday- On Wednesday we got back in contact with Harry!💯 We had a really long lesson with him that morning but he needed it because he had lots of questions and we were able to help answer all of them. It was way too long though. We ended up missing our next appointment because we were still with Harry but it worked out because on our walk back home we ran into Carlos, who was who we were supposed to have a lesson with. We just rescheduled with him and he said no worries because he was busy anyways. It's kinda cool to just be walking down the street and then randomly start speaking Spanish to people. Like right there we ran into Carlos and instantly switched over to Spanish to talk to him and other people standing around us just look at us like "what? These well dressed white kids speak Spanish??" Hahaha it's pretty funny. Then during lunch I got Dad's cookies in the mail!! 🍪🍪🍪 I was so excited hahaha they have been sooo good and I've eaten them all week😍😋 I instantly recognized the taste of them and a flash of Sunday night memories went through my head from when he would always make them. So thank you!! After lunch we were supposed to have some service so we were waiting for the person to pick us up but they were taking forever then finally they called us and said that it wasn't going to work out😅 so we wasted like an hour and a half and we had to get dressed back into proselyting clothes. We ended up just going to see Robert and we had a good visit with him, he is over his pneumonia which is actually a miracle considering his age. So he should be able to attend church here these next couple weeks. That night our dinner appointment just dropped off food at the church so we went there for Book of Mormon class and then we went back home to eat by ourselves again. Then while we were preparing some food, we got a text and it was from Skylar!! The super golden investigator that I had taught last November. We had 2 amazing lessons with her and her mom and then we lost complete contact. Well she texted us saying " I saw you guys walking downtown while on my way driving to work and I just knew that I needed to get back in contact with you again, I've been so incredibly busy lately but I think about the Mormon faith often and I would love to attend a church service here in the near future." 😱😱 pretty sweet huh? I was super excited and my companion was too but he's never even met her so he doesn't understand how golden her and her mom are. It made me wonder like which out of all of our pointless walks downtown did she see us? It just made me realize that no effort is wasted and that you're always making a difference somewhere. 

Thursday- Thursday morning we went and saw the Orta family. We have been helping them get ready to attend the temple to do baptisms for their first time and they are Spanish speaking so we are some of very few people in the ward who can communicate sufficiently enough with them. Anyways, we shared a message about the blessings of family history and they are ready to go! Maybe we can arrange a last minute trip to go with them to Philadelphia for their first time doing baptisms this next Saturday😏 we are trying to make it work. After that we teamed up with the Bishop's son and saw several people, pretty much all less actives. Then we went to dinner at the Henson's house and it was delicious as always. After that we went and taught EJ and then found Joel on the way home and taught him as well.  

Friday- On Friday we went to the Caring Cupboard food bank in Palmyra in the morning for service. Then we went to breakfast at a local little cafe called the Filling Station. It's like the type of little restaurant you would see on Route 66 in the movie Cars. So it has a cool little vibe to it and the people there are really friendly. After that we headed to Harrisburg for District Meeting and interviews with our mission President. Luckily, his wife Sister Johnson, was in charge of the lesson so I didn't have to prepare anything💁 During my interview he said "Elder Nelson you've been in Lebanon for awhile now, you could be looking at a big change here in a week or so" 😂😂 so yeah I'm pretty positive that I'm getting transferred hahaha. He came off kinda strong about it on accident I think, like it was a for-sure thing and then he kinda played it off like "or you could stay, we'll see" hahaha but I'm gonna be careful buying groceries this week because I'm pretty sure that I'm out of here➡️ After District Meeting, we went to our dinner appointment with the Giles family. I haven't had dinner with them before but it was really good! They made tacos and orange Julius smoothies. Then that night we tried seeing some people but we didn't have any luck. 

Saturday- On Saturday the weather was absolutely beautiful😍. It was completely sunny and 65 degrees! No one knows where it came from because it's been freezing here, but it was so nice and no one was complaining either. We went to help Brother Alva and it was a project for sure. He was having a car-lift installed in his garage so we had to move everything out of the way and move giant heavy pieces of metal and wood and it was terrible but we did it! After that we went back and got dressed and then we went to the Priesthood session of Stake Conference. I actually enjoyed that meeting but then we had the adult session of Stake Conference later that evening so it was 4 hours of sitting in a chair and I was over it by the end😅 During the adult session, the missionaries in the stake all had to sing called to serve up on the stand and while we were singing it, the whole congregation just decided to stand up and starting singing it with us mid-song and the spirit was so strong when they did that it was crazy. Our mission President was there this whole weekend and he spoke at all three session and I love when he gets up there because he's clearly the best speaker in the room every time, he could even make the Abrahamic covenant sound interesting lol. 

Sunday- Sunday we were able to just watch the broadcast of Stake Conference at our building here in Lebanon and the speakers did an excellent job. Sunday was a beautiful day just like Saturday!! It was almost 68 degrees and completely sunny! So we walked around for a few hours after church and talked to some people on the street and then we went and taught Modesto. We had a good lesson with him and he promised me that he would be at church next week. (I used the guilt trip that I'm probably getting transferred) And next Sunday is his birthday so we are going to celebrate with him after church next week if he goes! He actually really likes me and I'm gonna miss him. Even when he calls our phone he just says "Hey Nelson I'm runnin a little late so lets reschedule" i.e. But yeah he never says missionaries or anything😂 he just says Nelson. He also told me that he still has his house in Puerto Rico and no one lives there!?! He still pays the electric and utilities bill every month on it and his sister checks up on it once a week but he didn't sell it when he came to America! So he told me I could go stay there if I ever want to make a trip down to Puerto Rico. He didn't sell it because he's hopeful that after his transplant surgery, he will be able to return. Anyways, later that evening we went to the Gehrings house(estate) for dinner and it was wonderful. And I got to ride front seat in Brother Gehring's Audi this time😏 After dinner went back outside because the weather was too perfect not too and we talked to some people and found a new less active guy that no one has talked to from the church for 3 years! His name is Jesus and he's pretty cool, he seemed really happy to see us. Then that was it for Sunday💁 This week was good though! I have needed this warm weather because I've been dying in the cold 😂 Thank you again for the cookies! They have been sooo good, I think I only have 3 left haha.  Sorry this email is so long lol I love and miss all of you💙💙💞💕

-Elder Nelson

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