Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February 6, 2017 - Super Bowl... Patriots win!!

Hey guys here's my week!! ❤ 

Monday-   Monday we woke up and went to crossfit and then we studied for a little and then we went to Wal Mart for groceries. After that we met up with all the other missionaries from Harrisburg at Chocolate World in Hershey because a lot of the new elders hadn't been yet. So we did the chocolate door and all that fun stuff and then we all went back to the church to play basketball 🏀Then the sisters dropped us off in downtown Harrisburg so that we could take the bus back to Lebanon but we had like an hour before our bus was gonna leave so went to the capitol building and then we went to tropical smoothie and got smoothies😋 Then we took our bus back to Lebanon. When we got home we were both pretty tired and we just wanted to eat dinner and call it a day but I felt like we should go out. So we just threw a shirt and tie and went to try and contact a referral and to our surprise they answered and they let us in!! It's a couple from Puerto Rico who's names are Kintin and Sylvia. We started talking to the Husband about who we were and stuff and he seemed pretty interested and then his wife came down and sat down with us but he was like "Sorry guys my wife doesn't speak English" so I was just like uhhh "No te preocupes, hablamos español" It felt pretty cool to say that hahaha so we have talked to them in Spanish from that point on. I think the fact that we speak Spanish is a big reason that we got a return appointment because they seem surprised that we knew their language somewhat decently in the middle of Pennsylvania. Anyways, so we gave them a couple Book of Mormons and scheduled a return appointment for that Friday! 

Tuesday- On Tuesday we started off the day with our second lesson with Harry! We had a member present there and the lesson couldn't have gone better. The member really helped and we taught him the plan of salvation. Then he started asking about baptisms for the dead and we told him that he could do them for his family who have passed on after he is baptized and he got really really excited about that. Harry seems very promising, I'm excited about him. After that lesson we ate some lunch and then went to do Puzzles and catch up on the Poplar Terrace 65+ gossip. Then we went and visited Sister Bord and of course she loved our visit. We got her laughing so hard that she couldn't even say the closing prayer hahaha it was funny. 😂😂 But don't worry we gave her a spiritual message as well. Then for dinner that night we went over the Fischer's house and it was delicious as always😍 Then we tried contacting some people that night but none of them really worked out. 

Wednesday- On Wednesday we had Zone Conference in Northumberland so we were gone alllll day. It was good though, I learned some new things and for lunch they had Hawaiian Haystacks😭😭❤ Then for dinner the whole zone went to Buffalo Wild Wings! Normally I would love it but I wasn't really hungry so I only ordered a few wings but they were the worst Buffalo Wild Wings I've ever had so I didn't really eat them. I just ate everybody's celery and carrots lol so it wasn't the best but one of the sisters paid for my meal without me knowing so it's all good😂 

Thursday- On Thursday we taught Robert in the morning and then we taught a Puerto Rican less active named Marina in the afternoon and we actually got a referral from her! Spanish people refer everybody wether they themselves go to church or not😂 I love it. After that we went back to our apartment and it was getting dark and really cold so we weren't sure what to do but we hadn't seen Anil in awhile so we called him to see if he could meet us at Dairy Queen and he said yeah. IT WAS SO COLD. Longest bike ride of my life and it was freezing, my legs just kept pedaling and I couldn't even feel them but he needed our visit so it was good. When we got back that night we were both starving and we had some left over Pizza Hut pizza in the fridge. Now I know that sounds gross but we decided to actually follow the "Oven Re-Heat instructions" on the side of the box and it was one of the best pieces of pizza I've ever had no joke. If you reheat it with the oven then the crust gets like crispy again and its soooo good 😍 I have no idea why. The reason we had left overs was because I refused to eat Pizza Hut in the first place because I thought it was gross but I was wrong lol. 

Friday- On Friday we had our first lesson with Kintin and Sylvia and it went good! They actually both read the Book of Mormon and we taught them the Restoration, hopefully we can get them to church soon. After that we went to help at Brother Alva's house. He actually had some really good service for us, we all had to work together to haul huge pieces of ply wood up ladders to the top of his 20 foot garage ceiling. It took most the day and we still didn't finish but he needed to get it done so we decided to go back again the next day. That night we went to dinner at the Mcowans house again, they are an old couple but they're cool. 

Saturday- On Saturday Morning we were supposed to have a lesson with Harry but he called us to tell us that he had the flu. When an investigator takes the time to actually call to cancel then you know they're sincere. We still had a good conversation with him over the phone about some of his reading and stuff though so it was good. Then we went back to Brother Alva's to finish his garage. Honestly, if I didn't go to the gym at least a few times before my mission then there's no way that I could've done what I had to do😂😂 I had to hold an 8ft x 4ft piece of ply wood over my head with one hand on the top of a 10 foot ladder. That was my job in getting the wood up hahaha and my companion is kinda skinny//lanky so there was no way he could do it. So tell Spencer and Bryce to go to the gym! Anyways, then that night we went to dinner at the Stewart's house! Just a normal meal💁 After that we went out on the street to try and contact some people but we didn't have much luck😅 Robert actually called us that night too though, just to tell us he wasn't feeling good so that we shouldn't go pick him up but still at least he took the time to call. Elder Hansen answered the phone and Robert was like "Which one is this?" And my companion was just like "uhh Elder Hansen" then Robert said "oh, Nelson didn't get transferred right?" Then Elder said responded "No um he's still here" then Robert said "oh okay good just checking" 😂😂 I'm glad Robert cares that I'm still here. I'm honestly surprised that he even knows my name haha. 

Sunday- On Sunday we just had our regular meetings in the morning and then we had church. During Ward council they were talking about the Fischer Family and how Sister Fischer has a brain tumor and is going to have to do therapy and all that stuff again and they aren't sure how much longer she is going to live. She beat cancer a few years ago but I knew that there were still lingering growths or whatever but I didn't realize that it was this bad. My heart is broken for them, they take such good care of us. They have 8 kids living in their house so it would be extremely difficult if she were to pass away. Keep them in your prayers! Anyways so after church we decided to make them a cake.(Thanks Kam for the cake mix) We had told them earlier in the week that we were going to "crash" their super bowl party so we figured it would all work out. They don't go to church a ton so it's pretty much less active work😏. So I made the cake and Elder Hansen fount a container of frosting in our cupboard. The frosting was chocolate and the cake was fun-fetti but who cares it still tasted good lol. And the sisters made them cookies and we all wrote them letters. FYI- Baking on a fast Sunday is absolutely terrible. After that we went to our real dinner at the Henson's house and for dinner they made us every super bowl snack you could think of😍 It was great haha they said "We know you guys probably can't watch the super bowl but that doesn't mean that you can't still have the food!" I love that logic so we had like a nacho bar for dinner😂 Then we went and tried contacting a couple referrals with the Sisters and then we went and delivered our cookies and cake to the Fischer's! When they opened the door and saw us, their faces lit up. They invited us in and offered us all of there super bowl snacks as well but we were still pretty full. Sister Fischer said "Yeah I actually wasn't feeling good earlier so I didn't make any desserts for the game" So we came in the clutch! They were very grateful and you can tell that they need some love. They were just watching the game by themselves, like they didn't have any friends over or anything. So we hung out with them for like a quarter then we left at half time. So I got to see a couple good plays and some funny commercials💁 I was pretty disappointed that they didn't show a Star Wars trailer yesterday. The super bowl is usually when they show the next one. I was also surprised to hear that the patriots won because when we left, the Falcons were wrecking😂 must have been a good game. That night the sisters went and visited an older lady that I went and visited a few weeks ago. I guess they walked in and she was like "you should've brought that one Elder with you guys" and they said "Who?" Then the older lady was like "uhhh umm the good looking one" 😂😂 They said she turned like bright red and they were like "yeah if he didn't have glasses then that was Elder Nelson" hahaha so that was pretty funny. I have a connection with the old people lol. Alright well that's my week!❤ I'll go respond to your other email as throughout the day! I love and miss you guys tons!!💕

-Elder Nelson 

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