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January 23, 2017 New Companion - Elder Hansen

Hey everyone❤ here's my week! Monday- Monday was a fun day! We woke up and headed to Harrisburg because Elder Angulo had to head to Pittsburgh to catch his flight. So he left first thing in the morning and then the Harrisburg Elders came and picked me up so I hung out with them all day. We emailed a little bit at the church in the morning and then one of them had a lunch appointment with a couple investigators so I decided to go with them. We met the investigators at Jimmy Johns and taught them the Plan of Salvation. The investigators are these African American twins who are in their 20's. It was really fun to teach them hahaha they are super prepared and everything! And it was nice to be teaching one of the basic missionary lessons again. After that we went back to the church to play basketball and stuff and then we all went to BWW😏 AND the Cavs//Warriors game was on so it was all perfect. So I stayed the night in Harrisburg on Monday and the other Elders from Millersburg and Camp Hill that come to Harrisburg on P-Days decided to stay the night too because I was there so clearly everybody wanted to stay the night too. Jk hahah we had transfers the next day so that's why they could do it. The Harrisburg Elders didn't pack before hand so they spent like half the night packing so we couldn't really sleep. We just played games and talked until midnight or so and then the Elders who were leaving the next day finally finished packing so we could turn the lights off and go to bed. But it was a fun night and it was nice to be with a big group of people💁 

Tuesday- On Tuesday, most people left in the morning for transfers to either pick up their new companion or get transferred somewhere else. However, two of the Harrisburg elders and I were told to stay in Harrisburg and work the area so we did. We started off the day going to this one Hispanic lady's house named Evelyn to teach her. Out of the three of us, my Spanish was the most advanced so I had to do most of the talking but I didn't mind because I could understand her really well. She was a clear speaker. Anyways, we thought we were there to teach her but little did we know that she was there to teach us. This lady went off for 2 hours!!! It was nuts and somehow I understood every word of it. At first she was saying good things and then she started telling us how we have been stuck in the Book of Mormon our whole lives and we needed to read God's real word(meaning the Bible) and all this other stuff. So I explained to her how both are testaments of Jesus Christ and then I just kinda bore my testimony and told her that we needed to leave. I then asked her if she would offer a closing prayer. I had forgotten that earlier in the lesson this lady had told us that she was Penticostal. Half way through my invitation to her to say the prayer I was like oh wait crap no. But she gladly accepted the invitation to pray for us and I knew that we were in trouble. THIS LADY STARTED SCREAMING TO THE HEAVENS!! It was the most obnoxious//loud prayer I've ever heard and it was like 10 minutes long. I've never felt farther away from the spirit during a prayer😂😂 I learned my lesson about asking Pentecostals to pray. So one of the elders in our trio wasn't Spanish speaking so he had no idea what just happened so I had to explain to him that I was an idiot hahah and tell him about everything else she said. So that was quite the experience. After that lesson, the Harrisburg Elder's new companions got to Harrisburg so we turned into 5some haha I was just like this awkward 5th wheel. We ended up splitting up and I went with the walk Elders to teach some people downtown. Downtown Harrisburg is kinda nice but just outside is really rough. People say Lebanon is bad but Harrisburg is 5x worse. They actually have gangs and stuff there. So we taught a couple of investigators in the nice part of downtown and then we met back up with the other Harrisburg Elders at Tropical Smoothie for dinner😍 I got the acai smoothie and it was sooo good. I miss tropical smoothie 😪 Not much of a dinner but whatever😂 After that we went to Walmart because the new missionaries needed groceries and then we thought my new companion would be there to pick me up by then but he still wasn't. So they decided to go to the church to play basketball with the Elders Quorum so that the new Elders could meet some people in the ward. I met some people too but I was still just the awkward 5th wheel who wasn't in my own area😂 After basketball my new companion finally showed up and we headed back to Lebanon and got home pretty late. His name is Elder Hansen btw! 

Elder Hansen and Elder Nelson
Wednesday- On Wednesday we had District Meeting and it went super good. Everyone got to meet each other and then the lesson went really really good! I actually invited a guest to come because a lady had emailed our mission president asking if she could speak at one of our district meetings. So he forwarded me the email because the lady was from Hershey and he basically just said "I'll let you handle this one" 😂😂 cause I mean that's kind of a weird request to email a mission President asking if you can speak at a district meeting so President just handed it over to me. But I invited her to come because why not? So she came and actually did a really good job! She is 26 and served a mission in San Francisco and she had some cool insight that she shared with us so I was glad that she came. She said several times that she was super impressed with our District and our meetings and stuff😏 So that was good! After District Meeting we all went to Wal Mart to get the new missionaries some groceries and stuff. By the time that was all over, it was already time for dinner. We had dinner with Hacho!! (Bulgarian guy) We went to Texas Roadhouse😋 Hacho loves hanging out with us. I am honestly like his little brother. He always tells me that he wants to do something with us on P-Day one of these days haha. I just need to get him to church lol. So we had a good meal and then afterwards we went to Book of Mormon class. The sister's investigators was there and he is so close to baptism but he's just struggling with the word of wisdom a little bit. So he asked if we could give him a blessing because he had never gotten one before. I'm pretty close with him cause we joke around and stuff and my companion had only been there a day so it was pretty obvious that I would be the one giving the blessing. But it was so cool! It was like I knew exactly what to say. After the blessing he looked at me right in the eyes and he just said "wow." Then he said "the minute you said be at peace, my whole body got chills and I couldn't feel anything but peace." He went off about the blessing for like 5 or 6 minutes afterwards. He was like "your words man, how did you know?" and I was just like "yeah they weren't really my words" hahaha. Then he said "well you're quite the vessel kid, that was amazing." This made me feel good but really it just strengthened my testimony of the power of the priesthood. After all of that we were finally able to read the Book of Mormon with him but the whole time he was just kept make references back to the blessing. He would just say things like "I'm so at peace right now you guys have no idea." So it was kinda hard to read with him but at least he was feeling the spirit haha. 

Thursday- Thursday was pretty much our first day of the week that we finally got to work in our own area😂 So we went and found a couple people in the morning and then we went and walked the streets and practiced our Spanish with some street contacting💁 after that we taught Sister Bord and then we went to dinner at a members house. Then that night we teamed up with that same ward member for our first lesson with a new investigator. The lesson went well and it was nice to have a member there but the guy is kind of weird haha we will keep teaching him though. 

Friday- On Friday we woke up and took the bus to go volunteer at a food bank. It was a lot of fun and they gave us some free Hawaiian Rolls and fruit. I think we are going to volunteer there every week😋 After that we went and helped Brother Alva for a few hours and then we went back home. That night we had dinner with the Fischer's and that was awesome. 

Saturday- On Saturday we went hard! We taught 5 lessons! We taught one in the morning to Robert and then we taught Lloyd and then we teamed up with a member and taught Anil and Modesto and then we went to dinner with that member and then we taught EJ😂 EJ wasn't home when we got to her house but we called her and she was at the laundromat so we went and taught her there😂 good news though, I've been working with EJ for 4 months straight and yesterday she finally went to church!! I was so happy! So yeah Sunday- Sunday was Ward Conference for our ward here so the stake presidency was there for Ward council and stuff. Everybody puts on a front when the stake presidency shows up it's kinda funny. But EJ came to church!! And she sat by us it was fun. After church we went with the sisters to their area because that's where our dinner appointment was and worked there for fun. We tried to find some people for them but we just ended up tracting. I forget how fun tracting is just because you never know what's gonna happen😂 It's even more fun when it's in someone else's area because you've got nothing to lose haha. We came across an anti-Mormon during our tracting session and he was trying to bash with us because he wasn't intelligent enough to get anywhere. We tried to talk to him about the Book of Mormon but he just said "yeah I actually found it sick and disturbing." So I was just like "oh so you haven't read it." 😂 Then he started to go off about the prophet and all his "apocalyptic claims." I gave the guy a weird look and he was like "what? Do you not know?" So I said "Well I've been listening to him speak as long as he's been a prophet." Then the guy said "How? He's been a prophet longer than we have both been alive?" So I responded saying "Um he's been the prophet since 2008" Then the guy got all tripped up on what he was saying and he starting trying to invite us to his church so I was just like yeah you have no idea what you're talking about so we are gonna go😂 so that was another funny experience. If anything, situations like that strengthen my testimony just because I can tell somebody that I know something is true despite what they try and say. Anyways, after that we had dinner with the Franklins for some French toast casserole and it was delicious😍 I really like their family! Well that's my week! Sorry I went into super detail about a few of those days but whatever😂 I love and miss you guys tons and I'll go respond to your individual emails in a little bit💙💙 crazy fact- The sister missionaries that I go home with are already out in the mission!!😱 

-Elder Nelson

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