Tuesday, February 21, 2017

January 30, 2017 - New P-Day Rules!!

Hey guys here's my week! Not as eventful as last week but whatever haha.. 

Monday- Last P-Day we woke up and took a new bus to Harrisburg. It's a straight shot there so that's pretty nice and it's a big comfortable bus with wi-fi. It leaves Lebanon at 6:30 and gets us to downtown Harrisburg right in front of the capital building by 7:30. The Zone Leaders picked us up there and then we hang out with them the rest of the day💁 So we just played basketball, shopped and emailed and stuff and then we went to dinner at a members house with the Sisters. 

Elder Hansen and Elder Nelson at Hershey's World

Tuesday- On Tuesday, we went and did some finding in the morning and then we ended up walking like 2 miles one way to a less actives house but she was really glad that we came by and she even came to church on Sunday! So it worked out. After that, I introduced Elder Hansen to the puzzle ladies and it was hilarious hahaha. One of them walked in the room and looked at Elder Hansen and said "Oh new guy! I'm gonna go start my bath, you wanna come help me wash my back!?" Elder Hansen was red in the face and the other puzzle ladies and I were dying. 😂😂 They always say whack things when a new guy comes its pretty funny. After that we went and visited Sister Bord. I'm just desperately trying to get her to read her scriptures because it's all she can really do and it's finally starting to work😅 hopefully she sees the good that comes from it. After that we went splits with a couple members from the ward and we got 4 lessons taught in less than a hour so that was good! Then we ate dinner and went to bed. 

Wednesday- On Wednesday, we had a worldwide missionary broadcast so that was district meeting. It was a cool broadcast, it was basically just Elder Bednar, Elder Anderson and Elder Oaks sitting at a table discussing different topics. It was kind of cheesy but they said some good things. They made some big announcements though! From now on, the structured missionary study and preparation schedule no longer exists. From 6:30 AM to 10:00 AM, you have to plan for the day(30 min.) have personal study (60 min.) and then exercise or shower or whatever else and it's up to us to decide how we want to use it and what order and stuff so that's pretty cool😋 We have a ton more time in the morning so it's nice. Then from 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM, you have to do companionship study and language study at some point but it doesn't matter when, as well as have your meals for the day. At 9:00 PM we return to our apartments and then just write in our journals or go to bed or do whatever we want really. So I like the changes! The purpose is to give missionaries more agency as to how to use time wisely and to help them develop good planning habits for when they go home. Because with the structured schedule, missionaries get so used to that so then when they get back to college and have a class that starts at 7:30 AM they don't know what to do in the morning so the Missionary Department thinks that this will help us form good habits. Also, P-Day is now 2 hours longer😏 its from 8:00 AM-6:00 PM so now we don't have to study as a companionship or plan or anything on P-Days so that's pretty cool! So you will probably get emails from me at like 6:00 AM(your time) instead of 8:00 AM now because I can send them 2 hours earlier! The other change is with our common key indicators. Our mission President and the mission department used to keep track of 9 different things called Common Key Indicators like (Lessons taught, Investigators at church, Baptisms etc.) And now they shortened the list to just 4 things and they all have to do with investigators being at church and being ready for baptism. So it just kinda shows where we should be focusing our time. Anyways, so yeah those are the changes we found out about on Wednesday! After the broadcast, we went and taught a couple people and then we went to the Boyd's for dinner. After Dinner we had Book of Mormon class. The sisters have an investigator who is super close to baptism but he just has a few small struggles and I've been able to connect really well with him. I feel like I can say and show him the things that he needs to see and hear even though we don't teach him on a regular basis. This is the same guy that I gave the blessing too last week. So hopefully he keeps pushing cause he has a date for this coming month. 

At the Capitol Building in Harrisburg
Thursday- On Thursday we teamed up with a ward member to go see a bunch of people and it worked really well, we also set up a couple return appointments with some potential investigators. Thursday night we went to dinner at the Boggs house and then Brother Boggs came with us to teach an investigator. 

Friday- On Friday we woke up and went to volunteer at the food bank for a few hours. After that we helped Brother Alva fix a couple cars from his neighborhood and then we went home and weekly planned. 

Saturday- Saturday was successful!! We taught a less active in the morning and then we were walking to go contact a referral and this member named Hector whistled at me. He's kind of a crazy guy so I was just like ugghhh I don't want to talk to him right now but I told Elder Hansen that we should just go talk to him for a second anyways. We ended up talking for awhile and then he tried calling one of his neighbors to see if he was interested in learning from the missionaries. Then I said that we should just go knock on the guys door and we did and then the guy answered! We went in and then Hector had to leave so he just left us there with this guy named Harry. After talking to Harry for a second, I started to realize how prepared this guy is! He had learned with some sister missionaries in the past but he kinda fell away when he met some girl a couple years ago but she's out of his life now and he's ready to come back! We went through the Restoration with him and the whole time he was just smiling and kept saying "yeah yeah I remember this!" We talked to him about baptism and stuff and he had a couple questions and concerns but I was able to answer them with a scripture and story that I had found in my studies that same morning about John the Baptist!! It was such a cool lesson and we are going back to teach him this next Tuesday and I'm excited, he's so ready. After the lesson, Elder Hansen asked me how I knew how to tie his question in with John the Baptist and I was like "Honestly I read that this morning during studies hahaha" It was awesome😋 Harry is like a 60 year old veteran but he looks like a mix of David Bowie and Harrison Ford and he dresses like a rockstar ha I love it. After that we tried contacting a couple more people and then we went to dinner at another members house named the Lovells. Then after dinner we street contacted some people then went to bed. 

Sunday- Sunday was pretty normal, we just had our normal meetings and church and then we did some finding after church and then we went to dinner at the Laudermilchs house(they own a meat shop and a bakery so it was really good) and then after dinner, we went back out on the street to do some more street contacting and then we went to bed. That's my week! Sorry it wasn't too exciting but some good things happened💁 I'll go respond to your individual emails in a little bit❤ I love and miss you guys so much!!💕

-Elder Nelson

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