Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017 -- Gold Mine House -- Maybe not such a Gold Mine :(

Hey guys here's my weekπŸ’™πŸ’™ 

Monday- On Monday we were originally supposed to go to Heinz Field and get a tour of the stadium and locker rooms and stuff but we had to postpone it to next week because they were having a viewing on the field for one of the old successful managers of the Steelers when they were super good or something🏈 Then we made a trip out to Target with a couple other Elders and it was super cool to be in a normal store again. Then we went back to the church and it was super sunny and warm so we all just went outside and laid on the front lawn of the church for a couple hours because we have missed the sun so much πŸ˜‚☀️ it was so nice and relaxing and I got a nice tan😏 then we played basketball for a little bit then we headed over to the Reyes for dinner. Sister Reyes made fish πŸŸ with rice and homemade salsa and tortillas and it was super good but then she made Flan for desert and I could barely eat a spoonful of it haha I hate that stuff. I'm not a super picky eater but soggy jello cake is right out ✖️ So I had to strategically dispose of it without anyone seeing lol it wouldn't have been so hard but a Hispanic sized service is like half the plateπŸ˜… After that we went to ESL. Elder Condie and I left Elder Halls with the senior couple at ESL to help them teach it and we headed down to the Mexican store to see if our homie Javier was working so that we could give him a Book of Mormon but he wasn't πŸ˜• So then after that, the Elders from the other district that live close to the church called us and they were on exchanges so it was two trainees( newbys, greenies) together on the exchange and they got locked out of their apartment and the only other key to get in was on the other side of Pittsburgh hahaha so we picked them up and took them back to our apartment for the night and let them sleep on the couch so that they weren't on the street. They could've technically gone to get the key but they don't have a car so it would've taken them like 3 hours and they wouldn't have gotten home until like midnight. So they slept over at our place and it was funny because we just made them feel super bad like it was such a sacrifice for us to pick them up and let them sleep on our couches hahaha but then we made it a super fun night for them and gave them breakfast and everything so it was good. 

Tuesday- Tuesday was good! We dropped off those other Elders in the morning so that they could get their key to get in their apartment and then we went and did some service for a member of the Spanish group named Oscar. We helped him move some furniture and appliances and stuff to his new house. Then we went and did some language study at the park by our house which has a beautiful view of the city and it was great😌 I got to wear a short sleeve pros shirt for the first time in 2017 because it was finally warm enough haha. Then we went and taught Dorothy and had an excellent lesson with her about the Law of Tithing. She accepted it with ease and understood the commandment perfectly. It amazes me how prepared she is. She's down to like 3 or 4 cigarettes a day! So we are making a ton of progress towards her Baptism date. She loved church and she said that she will be back every week going forward. After that lesson we ate some dinner then we went to a lesson with Jorge at Janet's house. The lesson went good but we still haven't gotten Jorge to commit to a Baptism date, he just told us to be patient with him but we are approaching the end of the lessons and most people have made a decision as to wether or not they want to be baptized by thenπŸ˜… not him though. We just have to keep praying for him I guess. After our lesson with Jorge, we went to see if our friends were home at the gold mine house. Another new guy answered and said they weren't home but that they were just down the street at the store so we drove down the street and we saw them walking with their groceries and we pulled over and started talking to themπŸ˜‚ they were stoked to see us and we set up an appointment to go back Sunday evening! 

Wednesday- Wednesday was a bust, we tried some people in the morning and set up a couple return appointments but no one was really home. Then we went to Days for Girls for service and that was fun as usual. Then we went to try some more people over in that area and we didn't have any luck. After that we went to Dinner at the Dushku's (our Ward Mission Leader) and it was so great. It's just him and his wife and they are the coolest people ever and it's so refreshing to have normal conversation with white people againπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ They love Star Wars and basketball so I love talking to them. Brother Dushku is insanely smart, I could listen to him talk for hours and then on top of that, he has the same interests as me ha. So it was a fun dinner appointment and the food was delicious. After dinner we tried a couple more potential investigators but still struck out πŸ™† 

Thursday- On Thursday we were going to wake up and play basketball but then everybody bailed so we went for another jog instead over looking the city and I honestly loved it. Then we went to District Meeting and it was pretty good. Then we came back here and had some lunch and went to an appointment with a less active we had named Nicky. We have met with her briefly several times but this time we were actually able to sit down with her and she told us her life story. Normally, I would rather smash weights into my head then listen to people's life story but Nicky's life story is so dang crazy and cool and interesting so I didn't mind it at all and she's only like 33 years old! She's had 5 kids, beat cancer twice, while she was sick in the hospital with cancer one of her best friends got custody of all her kids and changed her last name and has been in hiding ever since, she's been looking for her kids ever since, she was almost killed by a serial killer in the mountains, she lived on a sail boat in Florida, her crazy ex husband sunk her sailboat with an axe... etc. you get the idea. But you could honestly write a book about her life and it would be a best seller. She said that no matter where she's been, the church has found her and saved her and that's how she knows that it's true. It was so cool! After that, we teamed and split up with a member named Brother Stoddard to go teach some lessons. So Brother Stoddard and I went and taught Dorothy and Elder Condie and Elder Halls went and taught Don, our new investigator. Our lesson with Dorothy went good! It was about the 10 commandments. Elder Condie and Elder Halls had a super good lesson with Don as well about the Book of Mormon so it was a successful split//team up. After that we all met back up at the Stoddards for dinner and it was good! We ate outside because the weather was perfect and it was nice. Then we split up again after Dinner for a quick visit. Elder Condie and Brother Stoddard went to teach Manuel and Elder Halls and I went and tried a couple people in the area. We didn't really find anybody but we were able to hand out a couple Book of Mormons. I think everyone was watching the Penguins game haha I wouldn't have answered the door eitherπŸ™† Elder Condie and Brother Stoddard were able to invite Manuel and his wife to church though and the wife was super interested in coming so hopefully they do! 

Friday- On Friday we woke up and had studies and then we went and gave a member of our ward a blessing and that was pretty cool. Then we did Weekly Planning again and it was actually pretty fun because we got to start planning Dorothy's Baptism. After weekly planning we went and did some more service at Raymond's houseπŸ”¨ πŸŽ¨  then we went to our dinner appointment with a family named the Whites. They were pretty cool and they offered to take us to Costco on a PDay if we wanted to go😍 I miss Costco food but I don't need to buy anything in bulk haha we might still go though. After dinner we went to ESL class and it was only Brother Reyes this time because all our other students were busy so we just reviewed the lessons and joked around with him and that was it for the night. 

Saturday- On Saturday we played basketball in the morning and it was fun then we went to Coordination meeting with our WML Brother Dushku and that was pretty productive. After that we went on splits, I went with Brother Stoddard to teach Don our new investigator and it went really well! Meanwhile, Elder Condie and Elder Halls went and taught some other less actives. Brother Stoddard and I taught Don the Plan of Salvation and he understood it really well. After that we came back to the apartment for lunch. We were all starving because we played basketball that morning and all we had eaten for breakfast was some protein bars so we ordered Pizza to eat while we finished weekly planning and studies. It was dang goodπŸ˜‹ After that we went to try and see some investigators and didn't have a ton of luck so then we tried contacting some referrals and got in touch with a few. Then we went to dinner at the CΓ‘rdenas house and had a good meal and thought with them. After that we went to try and see Wilbur and Jessica because we got some unfinished business with them but they didn't answerπŸ˜… BUT while we were there knocking on the door, we found 3 other Hispanic men and ended up talking to one of them for like 20 minutes about everything going on in the world and religion and stuff and he told us to come back so we got a new investigator✔️ After that we headed over to try and see Erika but her husband answered and said that they were leaving so dang it. 

A Star Wars Trivia Game we sent the Trio for Easter.
Apparently, it's rather challenging and Carter's companions struggle a bit to keep up.
According to him, they make a strong effort, but "they aren't as strong in the Force as me."

SundaySunday was a decent day! We went to Ward Council and stuff in the morning and it was hilarious because the Ward Council is still just a bunch of college students that make me laugh. Then Don and his wife showed up to church!!! So Elder Halls and I stayed with the English Ward to sit by them because it was Elder Condie's turn for a split so he went downstairs to the Spanish group. Church was good with Don and his Wife, they participated really well. For the third hour I went to the Spanish Group Priesthood preparation class because it was only going to be Brother Stoddard and Brother Reyes. So I went and joined and helped out and it was fun because Brother Reyes is hilarious and Brother Stoddard is the most wise man I've ever met so I learn a ton from him. After church we had a Spanish Group Linger Longer and it was super good! We gave the spiritual thought and everyone participated and they were all getting super emotional and spiritual so needless to say, it went really well. Then we had some excellent food there afterwards😏 After church we headed to the Gold Mine house but we are starting to think that it's not much of a gold mine. A new guy answered the door this time named Rafael and he basically just told us that no one was actually interested and that they were all just joking the whole timeπŸ˜• He was probably lying just so we wouldn't come back but we can't keep wasting our miles to drive that far if no one is going to be home or listen. So that was depressing.. Then we headed to a referrals house named "Jose." The dude answered the door drunk out of his mind hahaha and he was like "holllaaa estamos tomando jajaja, ustedes quieren cerveza??" And we were just like "¡por supuesto!" jk haha we told him that we don't drink and he couldn't understand why and then he told us that he knew a priest in his church once who said that everybody should drink then he tried to offer us more beer πŸ˜‚ so we just kinda left. After that we went to Sergio's house and we were able to teach him for a little bit but we ran out of time so we are going back next week to finish our lesson! Well that was my week! Thank you for your emails❤️I love and miss you guys tonsπŸ’•

-Elder Nelson

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