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April 3, 2017 - General Conference

Hey guys, here's my week!πŸ’• 

Monday- Monday wasn't too bad, we took the morning slow and did our shopping then we headed over to the church. It was a nice day so we all went down to the Point State Park to play football and ultimate frisbee. Point state park is the big park right across the river from Heinz Field downtown so it's super cool scenery! Ultimate frisbee and football were kinda lame but whatever. Afterwards we walked over to McDonalds to send some emails and I talked to a couple Spanish dudes and got their address😏 then we headed back to the church to change and get ready for dinner. We had dinner at the Reyes house and it was good as alwaysπŸ˜‹ then we went to ESL class and then we went home. 
Selfie with Elder Halls :) 
Had to show that it was warm enough to wear shorts today! 
Tuesday- Tuesday was good!! We did some contacting in the morning and then we went to a lesson with our investigator Dorothy! We invited her to be baptized during this lesson and she told us that she had already been baptized so we described more about the importance of immersion and the priesthood and then she was like "okay I'll be baptized." And we were like "woah what really??" Then she turned to us and said "what? Don't look so surprised" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it was funny, but she has a Baptism date! There are still some things we are gonna have to help her with but she accepted a date so we are excited. After that lesson we had a lesson with a less active named Pete and we are going to help him get ready to receive the priesthood and he's the only member in his family. He told us that if his mom joined the church then he'd be the happiest guy alive so he told us that we should try and share something with her so we are going to! After that we went to our lesson with Jorge and we had it at Janet's house again and it was perfect! She is the perfect team up because she's lays down the law and her Spanish is perfect because she's a native speakerπŸ˜‚ but we had a really good lesson and Jorge is continuing to prepare himself to be baptized and he said that he's coming to watch the Priesthood session with us on Saturday. He brought some sushi home from his work for all of us to try after the lesson so I was pretty stoked about that. After our lesson with Jorge we headed to the other side of town to try some people and we found a new Hispanic lady and I started talking to her but then found out that she was a Jehovah's Witness πŸ˜‘  I asked her if she knew anybody that could use our message anyways but she didn't give us any namesπŸ˜‚ 

At Point State Park, downtown Pittsburgh
Carter is in his new Huntington Surf and Sport shirt.
You can take the boy out of the surf, but you can't take the surf out of the boy!
Wednesday- Wednesday was straight crap.. everything fell through. We were even supposed to have an apartment inspection that morning and our inspector didn't even show up! We spent our free time the night before cleaning the apartment up and then the person didn't even come. Then we had a lesson in the morning that canceled and then we went to Days for Girls which was fine then we headed downtown for our lesson with Will and he canceled. After that we tried like 10 people and not one of them answered the door then we finally found one guy named Manuel and had a quick lesson with him and went okay. But Wednesday was frustrating to say the least. 

Goodbye to the old red Corolla. The Trio gets a new Chevy Malibu!!
It's like being on Ellen ;) 

Thursday- On Thursday we woke up and played basketball πŸ€ and got some good exercise and then we had District Meeting and it was good because we talked about the Easter Initiative #PrinceOfPeace pretty much the whole time hahaha then we had exchanges again! So Elder Halls went to SwissVale and Elder Chafin(The District Leader) came here with Elder Condie and I. It was technically my turn to lead out so I was in charge of everything and I was actually kind of nervous because we had 3 really important lessons planned and two of them were in Spanish so without Elder Halls(who's practically fluent) it was up to meπŸ˜… but it was good! We grabbed some lunch and I bought some pillsbury cinnamon rolls at the store for Conference on Sunday because I wasn't about to miss out on those πŸ˜‹haha then we got to it. Our first lesson was with our investigator Dorothy and that one was in English. It was time for us to teach the Word of Wisdom and we were all kind of nervous because our first 3 lessons had gone super well and she is a chain smoker🚬 and she loves to smoke! She said that when she dies she wants a pack of cigarettes put in her casket with herπŸ˜‚ She has been smoking for like 50 years but she's such a sweet old lady who wants to learn more about the church so we didn't want this lesson to go bad but it actually went great!! As we taught the lesson, she understood the reasons behind each commandment and knew that it was from God. She was reluctant about quitting smoking at first but we talked more about the blessings that would come from it and things and then I asked her again and she looked at me and said "So you guys want me to quit smoking?" And I said "No, the lord wants you to quit smoking" and it was one of those cheesy missionary moments where you throw out a crazy one liner but the spirit was strong right there! She sat there for a second and then she was like "actually for the first time in 50 years, I had started to think about quitting even before I met you guys."  πŸ˜± Then she said that she would try her best to quit! She said the one cigarette she had in her pocket would be her last and then she would give the rest to her friendπŸ’ So we are excited to help her further on her journey! This lesson helped strengthen my testimony that even people who aren't members of the church can understand and have a desire to follow God's commandments and that they are prepared to hear about the gospel. After that lesson we had a lesson with Erica and this was the Spanish one. It wasn't too bad but it wasn't great, I was the only one who talked during whole thing. The problem is that she doesn't understand what Jesus did during his life like the fact that he established a church or anything. It's a cultural thing though, people just think that he came to Earth and helped a couple people then was crucified on the cross. So it's hard to teach about the Restoration of a gospel that they didn't know existed. But she came to church last Sunday so she has potential! We just have to keep helping her understand. After that lesson we went to Dinner at the Stoddards house and Brother Stoddard is the Stake Patriarch so it was cool to talk to him. Afterwards he was supposed to come with us to our lesson at Wilbur's but Wilbur canceledπŸ˜… so I called a million people trying to find someone that we could go visit. I actually got in touch with several people that we hadn't talked too in awhile but none of them were home or had time so we went to try and see a couple less actives but they weren't home. 

Friday- On Friday we exchanged back and then we went to a lesson with a less active named Nicky and we shared the Easter Initiative with her and she loved it and then we spent the rest of the afternoon weekly planning. After that we went to our lesson with Jorge and taught him about Prophets and following them and then we invited him to come to the priesthood session the next day. Lesson was good though! Then we went and got some street tacos at Las Palmas for dinner and they were dang good😍 Because we speak Spanish, the guy working there hooks us up haha we are buddies. I got a carne asada and an al pastor taco and then they have a little salsa bar where you load up your tacos with salsas and pico, it's wonderful and cheap. After that we went to our ESL class. 

Saturday- On Saturday we played basketball again then we came back and showered and stuff and then we went to watch the morning session of General Conference with some members named the Ballards. They were super cool and they made us some brunchπŸ˜‹ After that we headed over to the church for the second session. Half way through the second session, Jorge came to the church! So we watched it in Spanish with him. Then we hung out at the church until the Priesthood session potluck activity that we had. It was fun and there was some good food and Jorge got to meet a bunch of men from the ward and Spanish group. Then we watched the session and went home. On the drive home, we drive passed tons of bars and they all had the Final Four games on their big TVs through the window so we kept trying to purposely hit red lights so that we could catch some small glimpses of the gameπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

Sunday- On Sunday we got up and did our studies in our pajamas and watched the first session at our apartment and it was absolutely greatπŸ˜‚❤ I made myself the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls because I didn't want to be left out of the tradition and we cranked Conference up on the Beats Pill and all watched in on our iPads and took notes. After the first session we got dressed and then went to this Hispanic members house who has a tradition of feeding all the missionaries in between sessions on Sunday. So they made tons of tacos and they had the best guacamole ever, it was fun. Then we headed to the church to watch the second session and then we went to our dinner appointment at the Ford's house. It was good and then we headed to our lesson with Sergio on the opposite side of the city. He didn't have a ton of time but we were able to share the Easter video with him and his family. After that we went to contact a couple referrals but they didn't answer. We found a JW pamphlet stuck in the door of one of the referrals so we switched it out with a #PrinceOfPeace card before leaving πŸ˜‚ and that was my week. Conference was super good! I enjoyed it! I went in with a few specific questions in mind and they were all answered. My favorite talks were Gary B. Sabin's and Jeffery R. Holland's both from the Saturday afternoon session. And President Thomas S. Monson's and President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's both from the priesthood session. There were lots of good ones though and I'd love to hear about your favorites. This week was good though, definitely some stressful points but it all turned out alright. Thank you all for your emails❤ I'll go respond to them later! I love and miss you guys!!

-Elder Nelson 

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