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March 27, 2017 - Some teaching, some service, and a few investigator skate outs

Hey guys, thanks for your emails! Here's my week❤ 

Monday- Monday was so good! We took the morning nice and slow and then we went grocery shopping and then we headed over to the church to meet up with some other missionaries. Then we headed over to the driving range πŸŒ️ It was so fun and chill! It was a pretty nice driving range and it had wifi and we brought snacks so it was a good time and a good change up to our regular schedule. We played some games and then went over to the putting greens and played some games there as well it was sick. After that we went to Trader Joe's and Chik Fil A and picked up some goods and then we went to Reyes house for dinner😍 It was delicious and it was a good time too, they're so funnyπŸ˜‚ joking with people in Spanish in 10x funnier than English. After that we all headed over to English class. We had a good turnout that night and I had to teach! The normal teachers couldn't go and Elder Halls had to help Elder Condie figure something out so I was the teacher πŸ‘¨πŸ« It was fun, the hispanics joke around so much it makes it hilariousπŸ˜‚ especially Brother Reyes. 

Tuesday- On Tuesday we had a lesson with our investigator, Jim, in the morning. It was going super well at first and then we started talking about Baptism and he got super stressed out because he didn't know how he was going to pay tithing. We assured him that tithing should be the least of his concerns right now but it was really bothering him so we are going to prepare a lesson to help him for next time. After Jim we went to try and contact a bunch of people but we only had luck with a less active named Belle. We had a small lesson with her just outside on her porch because the weather was actually pretty nice but it was good and she said that she would be at church on Sunday! After that we went downtown to hold a stakeout. There was an investigator named Will here who had a Baptism Date a couple months ago but we lost contact with him a little before I got here so we were determined to go find him. We knew that he worked downtown right by Market Square and we knew when he got off work right around 5 PM so we decided to go down there and scope it out. There's thousands of people leaving work in downtown Pittsburgh at 5 PM so it was a long shot but we decided to swing for the fences and go for it. So we parked our car and took the trolley πŸš‹ downtown and it was actually a super cool trolley ride because it goes right passed Heinz Field and PNC Park. So we got off the trolley and headed over to market square near the building that we thought he worked at and by some miracle we saw him!! Out of the thousands of people walking the streets we saw him but he had headphones in so we couldn't yell at him so we started following him but we couldn't run because that wouldn't be a good image for missionaries to be sprinting through downtown chasing someoneπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ We followed him for a couple blocks walking super fast but then he got on the bus and we missed him by legit 5 secondsπŸ˜…He never even saw us. It wasn't a complete wasted effort though because now we know exactly when he gets off work and where he will be when he leaves work so we can try another day haha. On the way back to the car we started talking to one guy and found out that he was interested so we got his contact info and he said he'd like it if we came by! But unfortunately he didn't speak Spanish and he didn't live in our area so we had to refer him to the other missionaries☹️ the rule should be finders keepers but it's notπŸ™† After our semi-failed stakeout we contacted a couple more people then we headed over to our lesson with our investigator, Jorge. We found out that Jorge lives right next to Janet who is the less active that we visit. So we talked to Janet and she said that we could have our lesson with Jorge at her house! It was an absolutely perfect lesson!! Janet is less active but she has a super strong testimony and a strong understanding of the Gospel, the only reason that she's less active is because she works on Sunday's. Anyways, she helped us teach the Plan of Salvation and did a super good job and then I extended the baptism invitation and Jorge said yes! He was slightly doubtful at first but Janet threw down about the importance of baptism and everything is more powerful in Spanish so it worked out haha I love hispanics. They don't hold back at all, they just say it how it isπŸ˜‚ At the end of the lesson we talked about a Baptism date with him and we are going to shoot for the beginning of May, so it was good! The lesson went really long so we just headed home afterwards because we still hadn't eaten dinner. We ended up just making some snacks and had a movie night and we watched "On the Lord's Errand" the Thomas S. Monson biography for our dinner. πŸŽ¬ 

Wednesday-  Wednesday was kind of slow, we started the day trying to contact some people and we only had luck with one guy and it wasn't that luckyπŸ˜‚. He was a referral that we got and so we went to see him and it was an older black guy. He let us in his apartment and the only thing you could smell was weed lol it was so dang strong. We sat down for a second and I could see crushed up marijuana on his coffee table hahaha we talked to him for a sec but he was in the clouds so we just decided to leave. After that we tried seeing a few more people but it didn't work out so we went to do service at Days For Girls again. I'm getting pretty good at using a sewing machine😏 After service we went and hung up some flyers for ESL at a Mexican restaurant downtown and talked to one of the guys that worked there and got his contact info and he said we could come by sometime! After that we went to our dinner appointment and that was good and then we went to go visit Wilbur and Jessica. Wilbur wasn't home but Jessica was so we just talked to her through the door for a little bit. They are doing good but everyone around here is terrified that they are getting deported because a lot of people have been deported lately. La Migra is cracking down I guess. Like hispanics are super scared to open their doors, we have to yell at the door saying that it's the missionaries for them to open itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜… that's it for Wednesday. 

Thursday- On Thursday we went and played basketball in the morning πŸ€ it was a good time and then we went to District Meeting and it was fine haha nothing special. After that we went to contact some referrals and none of them really worked out. So then we went to try out stakeout downtown again to find Will. And this time it worked!!! We went a little bit earlier this time and we got down to market square and just started walking laps around the block until Elder Hall's thought he saw him. We wanted to run into him like it was a surprise not like we were stalking him so Elder Halls was like "what should we do? Should we walk the block one more time?" (Hoping that we would "accidentally" run into him on the way) And without even really thinking about it, I was just like "yeah let's do it." So we walked another lap around the block and it could not have been more perfect, we ran into him right as he turned the corner like face to face!! He was pretty surprised but he was way cool and just said like "yeah life has been nuts, I moved out and I've been working a ton but I'll call you guys tomorrow I promise" so we had a good little conversation and I finally got to meet the guy. Right afterwards Elder Halls turned to me and said "Nice call, that was 100% inspired" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ So the stakeout was finally a success! After that our lesson canceled so we tracked down some less actives and updated the records. Then we went home for dinner and called it a night. 

Friday- On Friday we had a couple lessons fall through in the morning and then we Weekly Planned during the rest of the afternoon. After that we went to our lesson with Jorge! It went really well and we answered all of his questions. He had some hard questions though, and it was even harder to answer them in SpanishπŸ˜… He wasn't trying to Bible bash or anything, the guy just honestly wants to know things. We have a Baptism date for him, we aren't sure how realistic it is yet but we are hopeful and as of right now he's keeping his commitments! After our lesson with Jorge we went out to dinner with a member from the Spanish branch and I got this carne asada salad and it was super good😍 Then we went to ESL class and we got that phone call from Will so we have a scheduled lesson with him this next week on Wednesday! 

Saturday- On Saturday we played basketball in the morning and then we went to Coordination Meeting with our WML. After that I had exchanges so I went to SwissVale for the rest of the day. We grabbed a quick lunch and then went to help this lady move. It took forever because the Elders Quorum didn't really show, there were only 4 men there including us, but eventually we got her all moved in. Then we rushed back home and changed and got on the bus to go contact a referral in their area and it took so long to get there and after we got off the bus it was like another 2 mile walk to the persons houseπŸ˜… We had a good talk with the lady though and got a return appointment set up for the SwissVale Elders. Then after that we met some crazy people on the bus and then we street contacted a few more people and walked home. Being in a walk area for the day reminded me how tired you get, especially walking up and down Pittsburgh hills. I slept like a baby that night😴 

Sunday- On Sunday we got up and went to church and it was ward Conference so it was a little different than usual but we had a couple investigators there! After church we went to go try and find some people and we found this group of hispanics having a BBQ on their front porch so we invited ourselves over and started talking to themπŸ˜‚ They were all drunk but they were like "I promise we aren't bad people, we just happen to be drinking right now" and we told them not to worry about it, lol. But they really did invite us to hang out with them and they gave us some chicken and it was way good and we got some contact information so we are gonna go back when they're not drunkπŸ˜‚ After that we had a lesson with Wilbur and it went alright, he just doesn't understand how there's only one true church so that's what we are working on with him. After that we found a couple other homies from Guatemala and showed them a cool video and invited them to learn more and they accepted! So we are going back this week and then that was it for Sunday. So good news!! It's actually been pretty warm here! This whole last week was surprisingly warm and everyone was out on their porches and it felt like spring. Lots of Tender Mercies this last week, too many to describe haha but things are good! I'll go respond to your individual emails throughout the day. I love and miss you all❤❤

-Elder Nelson

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