Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26 - Carter is elected Branch President (Hahaha...)

Monday- P-Dayyy, was kind of a bust. We didn't really do anything, we just went shopping then ended up playing some games with some other Elders at the church. Towards the end of the day, 2 other Elders and I went upstairs to play 21(basketball game) and it was the funniest thing of my life. You know when you're so tired that everything is hilarious? Cause we were all at that point and I swatted one of the kids super hard and we couldn't stop laughing after that we went to dinner at the Stevenson's house(son of the Apostle) and it was a lot of fun, they're pretty cool people. Then we went to ESL class and had a pretty good turn out. Then we went to go try a couple houses with Hispanics in the area and we knocked one door and they didn't answer but then as we were walking down the stairs, 2 Hispanic men were coming home from the work just walking down the street so we talked to them a little bit and got their contact information and stuff. Then when we got home that night, Elder Herzog and I found a chess set so we started playing chess so we are going to keep a tally of who wins haha but I won the first game

Tuesday- Tuesday was super nice ️ We had a service project planned for the morning but then the people canceled so we had like a 3 hour gap with nothing planned to do. It was mid day so everybody was going to be at work but it was nice out, so we decided to go knock some doors we didn't have a ton of success but we found a couple people later in the day that we are going to go back and see later in the week. Then we had a lesson with Dorothy and she was doing super good! She told us about her temple trip and we read some scriptures with her and it went really well. After that we went and saw Pete, he just got surgery but he was in super high spirits regardless. We read some scriptures with him as well. Then we went to Jorge's house for our lesson with him as well. Jorge is so close to being baptized, he just needs to make the decision to do it. He talks like he's already part of the group and he invites other people to church and he reads the Book of Mormon. So we are praying for him, but we had a good lesson! After that, we had a super late dinner at the C├írdenas house and they made us some wonderful food Then we tried contacting a couple people in the area but it turns out they had moved­čĄĚ‍♀️ So Elder Herzog has been saying that we needed to get Orange Dream shakes from Arby's for like 2 weeks now but I kept putting it off but we had been working for 8 hours straight from Lunch at noon to dinner at 8 so after trying those people, I caved and said we could go There was an Arby's on the way home so it worked out. The shakes are super good actually I would recommend them, they're super cheap too. Then we came home and played chess again and I won the second game as well haha.

Wednesday- On Wednesday, we had a lesson with Kayla in the morning and it went good! She has understood the things that we've taught her really well. We just need her to come to church. After that lesson we went and stopped by another few potential investigator's houses but we didn't really have lessons with them, we just said we would come back another time. After that, we went over to Days for Girls and sharpened our sewing skills. I'm becoming a specialist! I can do all but one of the rotations in the room with the sewing machine After that, we were driving to dinner and we got rear-ended! Nothing happened to the car and we were both fine but we got the information from the guy who hit us so we'll see if the bumper falls off in the next few days or something lol. After that incident, we went to dinner at a member from the Spanish group's house named Iris. She's kind of crazy and a terrible rambler but she made us some dang good food and we had a good visit with her! After dinner we went to try some people on the other side of town. We set up a few return appointments with some Hispanics and talked to some people on the street.

Thursday- Thursday morning we played basketball then we came home and got ready real quick and then we went over to the breakfast they have at the Ukrainian Orthodox Church! District Meeting was later that day so that's why we could go. It was fun though, the people there love when we show up haha because they are all old and lonely. So we had some good breakfast with them and then we went over to District Meeting and that was good. Then we came home and had some quick studies and then we went out and found a few new less actives and met some new people that could end up being investigators. By then it was time for dinner so we headed over to the Seppi's house and had dinner with them. Then we went to one of our lessons with that new Hispanic house that we found last week. We ended up just talking to one guy but we talked to him for like an hour and taught him the Restoration. He works here in the U.S. 10 months out of the year but he has a wife and son back home in Mexico. He was a cool guy, I'm excited to go back. After that we went over to our lesson at Sergio's house and taught him and his family a little bit of the Plan of Salvation! It was good, then as we were leaving his house, there was another Hispanic lady on the street and we started talking to her and got a return appointment with her for next Monday✔️

Friday- On Friday we went to see some people in the morning but most of them weren't home. As a missionary, I've come to hate the hours of the day between 12-4 because they are incredibly unproductive no one is home except the retirees and they don't want to talk to you at all. We will be walking down the street and there will be an old person sitting on their porch and they will just yell out "not interested" Half the time we aren't even going to their house anyways, we might just be walking to our car but they make sure that we know that they are not interested haha I just respond saying "That's okay we weren't coming to talk to you anyways, stay lonely!" just kidding we don't say that. After that we headed to lunch. So Raymond, one of our more recent converts, just had his mom move in with him from Peru and she has been attending church and we have taught her the Restoration and stuff. Well it was her birthday so Raymond invited us to go to lunch with them! It was late in the day and we already had a dinner scheduled but he sincerely insisted that we come. Well guess where we went?? Another Chinese Buffet because Hispanics love Chinese buffets!! This was actually the best one I've been too so far though. It was really fun, it was us, Raymond and his mom, and then several other members from the Spanish group. Raymond's mom is already part of the Spanish group, she absolutely loves The Relief Society so she's pretty much Mormon. We just need to baptize her! After lunch we did weekly planning, we had dinner in like 3 hours and we were super full so after every step of weekly planning we did 20 Push Ups haha. So after weekly planning we headed to dinner with Dorothy! She took us out to a really cool Mongolian Grill. They give you a bowl and then you fill it up with raw meet and vegetables and noodles and pretty much whatever you want, then you take it to the chefs and they cook it for you It was delicious but I could barely eat any of it because I was so dang full. Dorothy didn't care though, she was just so happy to be at a restaurant with us haha and it was fun! But yeah I ended up taking most of my food home After that, we went to go try a couple people in the area. We talked to some of the neighbors of people we were trying to see but no one was home on a Friday night I felt like a terrible missionary on Friday because of how much time we spent eating but it's not like there was anything we could do about it. We got invited to an investigator's birthday party on a day when it was pouring rain at 3:00 PM in afternoon so no one was going to be outside or talk to us anyways. Then we got taken to dinner by a recent convert who has been saving money just so that she could take us out to a nice restaurant. How would you say no to either one of those? but you're not supposed to spend that much time eating during the day as a missionary either so it's one of those things where you are set up for failure haha.

Saturday- Transfer Saturday! We played basketball in the morning for the last time all together with this group Then we went over to missionary coordination meeting at the Dushku's house and had a good meeting with them. They're so cool, so guess what, Sister Dushku and Brother Dushku both have Master's degrees from really good universities so they both have pretty good jobs right now for mid 20 year olds. But Sister Dushku got an invitation to interview for a managing position for Apple this last week! So they are flying her out to Cupertino in California to Apple headquarters to interview! It would be a super good job so I hope she gets it. Anyways, after that meeting we went to help Nicky, a less active, move. It was just us and 2 of her uncles so we ended up doing quite a bit but it was a nice day so I didn't mind ️ Then we headed over to a baptism at the church! It was for a girl in the young single adult ward and she's way cool. She actually came to Dorothy's Baptism last month so it was cool to see her have the same experience. Did you know that 80% of investigators who attend a baptismal service, eventually get baptized themselves? after that baptism we went to our appointment with Belle, another less active. It was a pretty funny lesson haha we were talking about the Word of Wisdom and she thought that part of the Word of Wisdom was that we can't eat fried foods lol. So every time she eats fried food, she said she felt bad we were dying haha so we cleared that one up luckily. We were outside and at the end of the lesson, her boyfriend and his friend were chillin on the of other side of the yard and we invited them to come say a prayer with us and they actually did ha it was pretty sweet. We all held hands in a circle, it was Elder Herzog and I and then 2 African American 25 year olds and then Belle who's like half white and half African American. It must've been quite the sight. After that we went to go see some other people and we had a couple brief visits and found out about some more people who had moved. Since I've been here, I've created a list of people who have moved in our area and there are 27 people (and counting) we are finally almost done with the list though. Then it was pretty late so we went to go eat dinner. We went to this place called Szechuan Express and I got the Pad Thai noodles and they were delicious we just took our food back to the church and waited for transfer boards to come out with some of the other Elders. Andddd.... I'm staying here!! I'll be here for at least another transfer and probably 2 transfers because this is Elder Herzog's last transfer before he goes home ️ so I'm going to Kill him(missionary term) I'm excited to continue serving here in Pittsburgh though!

Sunday- Sunday was good! We had 2 investigators at church too. I love Gospel Principles and Priesthood in the Spanish Branch hahaha in Gospel Principles the subject was supposed to be about Fasting and we were doing super good at first but then it turned into a discussion about our 4th of July party with the Spanish group. Then one of our investigators(70 year old lady from Peru) was confused and said (in Spanish) "so you guys fast on your Independence Day?" I was like yeah we need to get back on subject lol then during Priesthood, our group leader(brother Lewis) taught and it was just a discussion on how we are going to become a branch haha. He was teaching about Branch presidents and stuff and all the callings that would need to be filled. Then Oscar(Spanish member) asked who the president would be and Raymond and Brother Reyes started saying "NelSUN for presidente de la rama!" so I guess I'm going to be the branch President here in the next little bit because he church is a democracy After church we had another linger longer within the Spanish group because all these people do is eat and party but I'm certainly not complaining. Then we helped accompany Raymond for a quick home teaching appointment and then we went to our dinner at the Hamiltons they have a family friend back home in Utah and he got called to the Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Mission Spanish speaking and he gets here on August 16th! So he could be my next companion maybe ha who knows. After dinner we went and knocked a few doors in the area looking for some people and then we went over to the house of that Nepalese family again and they let us right in. We tried to teach them about the Book of Mormon and we downloaded it for them on their phones but the church hasn't even published a paper copy in Nepalese yet. They are super interested about us though and they started asking us questions about Adam and Eve and stuff haha. Then we said a prayer with them Nepalese style and it was super cool. And that was it for the night. Well that's my week!! So no I did not get transferred! I will be here for at least the next 7 weeks. This transfer is longer than most because of the new President and stuff coming in and this last transfer was only 5 weeks. So I will be here in Pittsburgh at least until mid August and most likely even longer than that because Elder Herzog goes home in August and I will have to continue leading out the area even after he leaves. Write me when you guys can! I love and miss you all

-Elder Nelson

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