Monday, June 19, 2017

May 8th - Zone Conference and Stake Conference

Hey guys, here's my week  

Monday- Monday was actually pretty boring haha we went shopping in the morning and then we headed over to Great Harvest because I was super excited to use the gift card that Kam sent me. But we got to Great Harvest and it was closed until summer for remodeling...  I was so dang upset. I was excited all week to go  Anyways, after that we went to Trader Joe's and Target just for fun because we aren't ever over there and then we went back to church. It was sunny for about an hour so we went and laid on the lawn and enjoyed it for a little bit haha and then we played basketball for the rest of the time. We went to dinner that night at this members house named the Seppi's. They were pretty cool  After that we went to English class and then we went home. 

Tuesday- Tuesday was alright, we didn't have a ton of luck in the morning. We tried several people that live on Southside but none of them were home, we talked to some people on the street though. Later that day we had a lesson with Dorothy and we were able to teach her in Brother Stoddard's home. It went well! She's doing super good! After that we tried a couple other potential investigators and got a couple return appointments and then we headed to Dinner! We had dinner with the Dushku's again so I was super excited and they took us to Jimmy Johns because they were having a deal for $1 subs! It was good, I love the Dushku's. After dinner we went to try and teach Manuel but he wasn't home so we talked to a different guy who lives at the same house and it was super good and we got a return appointment for this coming Sunday! So new investigator✔️ 

Wednesday- Wednesday was alright! We tried some people in the morning and set up a couple return appointments. Then we went and saw Dorothy for a sec and she is still doing good! Then we went to Las Palmas and put up more ESL signs because they are working! Ha we are getting more students. Then we went to Days for Girls and strengthened our sewing skills. I'm actually getting dang good with a sewing machine  and I just talked to the Presbyterian Pastor lady the whole time. I just ask her questions about the Bible and stuff lol. After Days for Girls we went to dinner at a members house named the Pinto-Martins and they made us some good food  Then we went to our lesson with Don and his Wife Tammy! So we hadn't taught Tammy yet but she has been to church twice and is planning on being baptized so we realized that it was time we started teaching her too haha. Tensions were kind of high a couple times during the lesson though haha. At some point at the beginning while we were teaching, Don pointed to us and said something like "See Tammy? These guys are what our kids should've been."  And in my head I was just like "uh oh" ..I hate when people say things like that. Then of course she said something like "Well I'm sorry our kids aren't perfect but they're ours." It was pretty awkward. But Don will say similar things all the time like "I know your guys message is true because I can see you guys glow." Ha it's pretty crazy. Anyways, after the sketchy beginning, we taught her the Restoration with Don and it went super good! Don was able to contribute to the lesson by explaining what he knows and bearing the testimony that he has gained about the Book of Mormon, it was so cool! Then we tried a couple more people after that lesson but everyone was busyšŸ¤·‍♀️ 

Thursday- Thursday was a good day  We had to Weekly Plan in the morning because we had Zone Conference the next day but it was actually kinda fun because we actually had to plan for 3 baptisms  After planning we went and taught Pete, the less active, and had a good message with him and he committed to come to church on Sunday. Then we went and taught Dorothy the last lesson! It was on Priesthood Ordinances and Missionary work and Enduring to the End. It went well! Then we went to a lesson with Erika and she said for the first time ever, her husband has expressed desire to quit drinking so that was big for her. We want to help her progress and learn and go to church and stuff but her husband had kind of been in the way of everything but things are looking up! After that lesson we had Dinner with the Maxwells and it was good! Then we went to a lesson with Rudy, our new investigator. I didn't know that you could have Spanish Pennsylvania Ramblers but we found one haha that dude knew how to talk  We were able to introduce the Book of Mormon at least and invite him to read it. Half way through the conversation, his neighbor came out and sat down with us. His neighbor was this big black guy that speaks Spanish named DeShawn but he listened to us and accepted a Book of Mormon as well haha and then he told us that he works at the Zoo and would get us free tickets!  So another new investigator✔️ and tickets to the Pittsburgh Zoo✔️ It ended up being a good night. 

Friday- Friday was Zone Conference pretty much all day but it was good! Our President talked about how excited he was for Nairobi, Kenya to get a temple. He's been there before and showed us pictures and it looks exactly like Dal's area right now! It was cool to make the connection. I got called on to give a 3-Minute talk on the First Vision and lots of people told me good job so I think it went well haha. President only picks one elder and one sister out of 80 missionaries and I got picked   but I think it went alright! At the end of Zone Conference President Johnson had us watch Chariots of Fire! It was a good movie and had a super good message  Sister Johnson made us all kettle corn to eat while we watched the movie. It's one of those movies where I would've died of boredom watching at home but because I'm on a mission, it was the greatest thing ever hahaha I enjoyed it. After Zone Conference we rushed over to ESL class to teach and our new students came again and this time we got their numbers  so we are gonna try and teach them the Gospel in addition to English. After ESL, we went out to dinner with a bunch of other Elders. Normally people just go out to eat right after Zone Conference, it's kind of a tradition, but we had 7 Elders wait to go out to eat because they wanted to go out with the Southside Trio  hahaha we are the party! We went to Primanti Bros! (a Pittsburgh favorite). It's where they take your whole meal and put it on your sandwich so I got the pastrami and it comes with coleslaw, pastrami, French fries, and cheese on it and it's actually super good  I couldn't even finish it though, I had to take it home cause I'm weak lol.  And to make it all better, the Cavs and Raptors game was on! So we might have caught a glimpse or two lol. 

Saturday- On Saturday we played basketball in the morning and I balled out! It was the best I have played in awhile  probably cause I was so pumped from catching some highlights the night before haha. After that we went and helped someone move again because everyone is moving. So that took a few hours but it was pretty fun. After that we rushed home and showered and stuff and went to our lesson with Don! Honestly the lesson didn't start out well, he came in with some doubts that had developed but we were able to talk him through them and bring the spirit in. It was really cool, then we were eventually able to introduce the Word of Wisdom and it's going to be a struggle but he said that he would live it! After that we went over to Dorothy's house to check up on her and she was doing good and said that she was excited for church the next day! Then we headed to the church where some members dropped off some food for us and then we went to FHE with Nicky again. We taught the kids about Jesus and who he was. But I guess our lesson last week had a really big effect on the kids because they practiced praying all week and made their own models of Heavenly Father like the one I made! That made me feel good to know that it made a difference  After FHE we saw a couple more people and invited them to church and then we went home. 

Sunday- On Sunday we had Stake Conference so church was at 10 AM so we woke up and headed over there but it was nearly impossible because of the Pittsburgh marathon  Every dang street in the city was closed! We finally found a way there but it sure took awhile. Stake Conference was terribly attended there was like no one there idk if it was because of the marathon or what. Dorothy called us on her way to church and left us a voicemail saying "umm so I'm trying to go to church and I've tried like 3 different streets but they are all closed so I think I'm going to go back home." Gosh dang it, marathon! After church we headed back to the apartment for studies and some lunch. Right when we finished lunch we got a call from our investigator Jorge and he said that he was at church and was wondering if anyone was coming  We didn't have a lesson with him this last week so he had no idea that church was early. Haha so we told him to wait at the church and we rushed over there and had a lesson with him haha we felt really bad but he was a good sport about it and we ended up having a really good lesson! After that we just did the rest of our studies at the church and then we headed to our Dinner appointment with a family named the Waites  it was good. Then after that we went to our appointment with the Colombians! Our lesson with them was so good  Rou (the mom)(shakira) read the first 10 chapters of the Book of Mormon and understood it perfectly and told us all the stories and everything! It was so awesome, then we taught them the Plan of Salvation and invited them to be baptized. Rou said yes so we invited her to pray about a date! Then after that she gave us this Columbian food that had shrimp and jalapeƱos in it, idk but it was good  Then we headed home! Well my week was good! Thanks for your email! I get to Skype this week! Love and miss you all 

-Elder Nelson 

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