Monday, June 19, 2017

June 5th - The iPad saga begins...

Hey everyone!! So funny news haha I took my iPad in to get it fixed and just to my luck they broke it more!!  So I am emailing from a computer haha I feel like I'm in the dang MTC again. Luckily they have a computer at the church so I can just chill here. So yeah I don't have an iPad right now lol. When putting on the new screen, the guy damaged the LCD Display screen which is directly below the touch screen so the coloring was all weird I guess. The good news is that they are fixing that part free of charge, the bad news is that I have to wait until Tomorrow evening to get my iPad back because the part doesn't come in until tomorrow morning. 

Other good news, the replacement screen I got for my iPad is white so I will be the only missionary in the mission with a white iPad because they are replacing the home button too I know thats not actually that cool but for me it is because I wanted a white iPad haha. So I haven't had an iPad for the last 4 days and I've actually loved it. I have had to teach and study out of paper scriptures again and its been good for me. I started reading Jesus the Christ because its one of the few paper books I could find in the apartment and its super good, I am already on chapter 6.  I will send both of my weekly emails next week because the draft is typed up on my iPad and I really don't want to go back through and rewrite my whole week. But other than them jacking up my iPad, things have been good! We found some new investigators this week and we did a ton of service but it was good because it was sunny all week so I got a nice tan ha. 

Church was good, last night we knocked on this door and these drunk hispanics let us in and it was the funniest thing of my life. They thought we were immigration at first but then they ended up telling us their stories about crossing the border(drunk version) then they told us to read them a scripture so I stood up and just told them all to listen up like Abinadi in the middle of King Noah's court. haha except these guys actually liked us. they kept saying "de donde son?" because they couldn't figure out why we spoke spanish   they told us to come back every sunday though so maybe if we go back next week they wont be drunk. it was hilarious though, we were joking around with them so much. Im trying to remember if anything else crazy happened... idk I will tell more about this week next week when I have my iPad again but things here are good! 

Thanks for your emails! I will probably be terrible at emailing today because I don't want to sit in front of this computer all day but I will respond as best as I can. I love you guys!

-Elder Nelson

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