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May 15 - Mother's Day and other fun with the Trio

I know I talked to most of you yesterday but here's my week  

Monday- Día de preparación. On Monday we just did our normal stuff in the morning like shopping, write letters, post office etc. Then we went to a couple shops downtown and then we went over to the church to play basketball. A bunch of the Elders in the area went down to Point State Park but it wasn't warm so we didn't want to go. So we ended up being by ourselves for a lot of the day but the rest showed up later. For dinner we went and got Chipotle and then we headed over to the closest Elder's apartment and hung out there for a little bit and showered and then we dropped off Elder Halls at ESL class and Elder Condie and I went to go see Dorothy and a referral. Well this is where the day gets crappy. Dorothy was asleep so she couldn't come to the door but her roommate answered and I guess she's been really sick and struggling these last couple days. (of course because that's what happens when you're supposed to be baptized) So things weren't looking good for her. Then we headed over to try a referral that Don gave us but the guys wasn't home. However, Don was outside on his porch so we went and talked to him. His doubts have gotten worse and he said he's having a hard time feeling that the Book of Mormon is true. He had some other skepticisms with Joseph Smith too. We think he might have read some Anti-Mormon literature online or something because all these things just kind of came out of no where. We were bold with him though and we just bore testimony and said that we would come back and talk more with him on Wednesday so that's our plan. So it was kind of a rough night  

On a happier note: Carter made banana bread this week! He said it turned out great.
He sent us a picture to verify. Haha. Looks pretty good! 

Tuesday- Tuesday was okay. We visited a couple less actives in the morning and actually shared some good messages with them   Then we went and had language study at the park because it was a beautiful day Then we tried contacting a bunch of potential investigators but none of them were home. We talked to some people on the street though. It's just hard to be productive at 3 in the afternoon, no one is home. After that we went over to the Reyes house for Dinner and we had Jorge come join us! It was really fun and it was good for Jorge to see how a strong Hispanic family in the church acts and behaves and stuff. During dinner and our spiritual thought, Jorge acted like he was already a member so that was a good sign haha but it went really well! After dinner and stuff we went to Dorothy's house for our lesson with her. The lesson was good, we cleared a lot of things up and she was happy to see us! We decided to push her Baptism back a week because of a few different reasons but we are still on track and she is excited! 

Wednesday- On Wednesday we woke up at 6 AM and headed over to the apartment of one of the Elders who's birthday it was. It was like Mission Impossible, haha I had to find all these hidden spare keys in order to sneak into their apartment complex and then to actually get into their apartment. I called the other Elders the night before to let them know about our plan and they told me where the spare keys were so that we could sneak in. Then we told them to meet us at a restaurant for breakfast. It all worked out perfect though! We got into their apartment at like 6:25 and jumped on the bed and woke him up and said happy birthday and all that and then we took them to breakfast and met the other Elders there. We went to this place called Pamela's and it was so dang good  even President Obama recommended their pancakes I guess haha but I got these strawberry pancakes and they were so delicious. It was fun, after breakfast we headed over to the church to do our morning studies. While we were there, this kid showed up with his girlfriend and she wanted to learn from the missionaries about the church. The boyfriend plays football at SUU and she used to be a gymnast there so that's how she knows about the LDS church and stuff but idk how she ended up in Pittsburgh  cause the boyfriend was just here to visit her. Anyways, we talked to them for a little bit and the girlfriend actually lives in Southside but we don't get to teach her because she is a "Young Single Adult" so the other Elders get to teach her . Lol at least she is getting taught though! It was cool to talk to the boyfriend because I knew a couple of the kids that he plays football with at SUU  After that we went and tried to visit some Hispanic less actives on the other side of the city but they weren't home. Then we went to the Morningside Elder's apartment and had lunch with them and then we went over to Days for Girls to do service. I'm increasing my sewing machine skills every week. After that we went and tried a couple more people on that side of town but they weren't home  then we headed back to the apartment for dinner because our dinner appointment canceled. After that we had our lesson with Don. We were scared going in because of our previous visit with him but we brought a member with us who has been a good fellowship. The lesson went really well though, we helped to calm some of his concerns and the member just brought a really chill spirit and showed how understanding of the church comes with time. One thing Don kept saying was like "yeah I don't know if I believe all of this, but there's just something different about you guys." So that was kind of a relief but at the same time, we were still on edge. After that lesson we tried a few more people and then went home. 

Thursday- On Thursday we went and played basketball in the morning and it was actually super fun  we had a good competitive group. Then we showered and studied and stuff and then we had District Meeting and it was pretty good. After DM we went to try and see some people near downtown but we didn't really have any luck so we headed back to the apartment for lunch. Then we had a lesson with Dorothy at Brother Stoddard's home. We watched the Restoration movie with her there and it went really well! Afterwards she kind of bore testimony of everything that we've taught her, it was cool. After that lesson we went to go see some potential investigators on the other side of town. We didn't find the people that we were looking for but we found a promising new investigator through tracting so it all worked out! It was sweet because right before I was like "I feel like we should try that one complex by Target" so we went and then Elder Halls was like "let's try the side apartment" so we tried it and Elder Condie is the one who knocked the door and this lady from Guatemala answered and we started talking to her and she went to an LDS church in Guatemala for 4 months but then she stopped going because the missionaries down there just kept pressuring her in to being baptized. We promised her that we wouldn't do that and she said she'd give us a chance   so we invited her to the ward party that we were having that coming Saturday and she said she'd go! After that we tried a few more people and then we went out to dinner with a member from the Spanish group. He took us to this weird Middle Eastern Restaurant in the middle of downtown Pittsburgh and they were famous for the Cheesesteak but it was made on Gyro Pita bread. I ordered it anyways and it was so dang good  probably the best cheesesteak that I've had so far if I'm being completely honest and it was made at a middle Eastern Restaurant hahaha after dinner we went and had a few visits with people through the door and then we went home. 

Friday- On Friday we went for a run and it was beautiful   then we spent the majority of the day weekly planning cause we have a crazy busy week next. Half way through Daily Planning we heard some crazy noise that sounded like a rocket taking off so we ran outside and then I instantly remembered that there was an Air Show in Pittsburgh over the weekend. But we ran outside and saw this F-22 Jet banking some crazy turns right above our apartment. It was so sick! I become a little kid again when it comes to things like that.   I think they just do a big flyby around the city to start off the Air Show because we didn't hear them again afterwards but it was cool for a second  After weekly planning and stuff we had dinner with Don. So we went over to his house and he made us his chili and it was alright. Nothing really competes with Dad's chili at home but it was still good. We had a good dinner and talk with him, he said he wants his older son to start meeting with us too  Don is going to continue to take it slow but he is still going to come to church and stuff. After dinner, we headed over to ESL class. It was my turn to go help out with the class while Elder Condie and Elder Halls went and tried to see some other people. It was a fun lesson, we had a good group at the class. We have a couple newer Hispanic students and they have come like 5 times in a row now and we gave them a tour of the chapel and stuff so I asked them if we could come meet with them this next week and they said yes! They could be new investigators so I'm excited. After that, the Clarks(Senior Couple who teach ESL) took me back to the apartment to meet back up with my companions. I had a good conversation with them on the way back. It's fun to talk to them because you can get the inside scoop on all things happening in the mission hahaha 

Saturday- On Saturday we woke up and played basketball again  it was good. After that we headed over to one of the other Elders Apartments because they had a surprise waiting for Elder Halls for his birthday. I was in on it but he had no idea. It turned out good and helped him to have a good birthday  After our celebration//breakfast//surprise, we went and saw a couple less actives. We just invited them to the ward party later that night. After that we finally got in touch with a referral named James and set up a return appointment with him. Then we went to go see Dorothy, she told us about her struggle with the Word of Wisdom but her exact words were "I wanna get dunked"🕺 so we reset her date for the 27th of May. She is going to do it, I have confidence in her. She was kind of sad that we had to move it but I take pride in how well I got her pumped again. After that we ate some lunch and then we went and saw Nicky and invited her to the party and talked to her a little bit. Then we headed over to the church to help set up for the Fiesta. Then we went over to the Reyes house and helped her bring all the food to the church. There was so much dang food!!     she made enough to feed the whole ward twice. This Hispanic lady did a better job catering than any restaurant I've ever seen. And it was all her own food too and she has a full time job and 4 kids at home. She's amazing. So we took all the food over to the church(beans, rice, barbacoa, pollo, carnitas, salsas,saldas,chips) and then we got that all set up. Then Jorge met us at the church and we had a lesson with him before the Fiesta. The lesson went pretty good, he had a lot of questions about the Bible and the Book of Mormon and where the Bible came from and everything. It's kind of hard because people expect the missionaries to have the answers to everything  but we did a good job. Afterwards we had the party and it was a success!! Jorge went, Don and Tammy went and Dorothy went! And we had 3 less actives there! They were all mingling with the members and everything, it was exactly what they needed. After the party we helped clean up and stuff and then we headed home. 

Sunday- Mothers's Day!! Sunday was good! We had our studies and stuff in the morning and then we went to church. We had all the Elders in the area sing a song for the Spanish group so we practiced it right before church. We actually sounded surprisingly good  So we had our services and we had a few new investigators there at the Spanish group! It was good, after church we warmed up the rest of the food that Sister Reyes made and had a linger longer with the Spanish Group  Then we went and contacted a couple referrals and set up return appointments. Then we stopped by the apartment and headed back to the church to call our Moms and families.Calling was so fun!! It was so good to see you all, I love and miss you guys so much  Thanks to those who went over to my house!! Thank you for your emails, I will respond to them throughout the day!

-Elder Nelson 

Enjoying the new ride with the Trio! It's a 2017 Chevy Malibu. Too nice for missionaries! Hahaha

PD Fun :) 

New Shoes

We love service! 

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